Remembering romance icon Rajesh Khanna:

A heart throb of millions of people in the country and abroad, Rajesh Khanna has since breathed his last leaving behind hundreds of thousands of his admirers in the Bollywood and elsewhere throughout the world, besides his family, mourning and weeping. The super star of 1970s was born in 1942 starting his career in the films in 1966 with his first picture ‘Aakhiri Khat’ followed by several other big hit films including ‘Anand’ where Amitabh Bachhan was his co star playing the role of his friend. When ‘Anand’ was released I was in Nainital and couldn’t resist the temptation of seeing it in a local cinema hall despite my otherwise a tight schedule. The film, as I felt that time itself, was a master piece in all respects with Rajesh Khanna playing a dominant role as the hero. His fan following was tremendous forming a record. Many a girls fell for him at the first sight and there were several who wrote to him their love letters in blood, and yet there were many who married him by placing his photograph by their bed side. He had the distinction of being recognized as the first super star in Bollywood. Although his reputation as a super star feigned at the later stage of his life and he felt ignored as if he was obliviously forgotten by the people, he remained the one whose fan following did not dwindle the least even. He bade adieu to this world on 18/7/2012 with his last words, as quoted by Amitabh Bachhan,  ‘…it is time to pack up’.

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5 thoughts on “Remembering romance icon Rajesh Khanna:

  1. Rajesh Khanna deserves all praise.


  2. shyammohanmisra July 20, 2012 — 2:24 pm

    Great tribute. Films after Rajesh Khanna had every thing except that soft romance. Tomorrow people may not believe that there had been a silver screen hero like him who was romance personified.


  3. Indeed Rajesh Khanna was a great actor, first Superstar of Indian Cinema. My all time favourite after Raj Kapoor (first Showman of Indian Cinema). There was none and there won’t be any like Kaka. He very rightly said in a commercial recently that no one could steal his fans from him. He will be missed by one and all. A great loss to the Indian Cinema and Nation as well. RIP.


  4. Rajesh Khanna was great hero.


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