Is there really any thing like rebirth?

There are lot many stories on rebirth. A normal faith people have is that the cycle of birth and rebirth runs as a perpetual phenomenon through ages with transition of the soul from one body to another. This is also their belief that their actions in a particular birth determine their mode and style of activities in the next birth; if they have performed well in their current life, they are guaranteed to go to heaven after their death, or say a comfortable zone of atmosphere in their next life. Those who indulge into nefariously ill deeds, they say, are bound to be allotted a hell when they die or are given a life that is full of agonies on their rebirth. This theory, if elaborated, is to run in several pages as there is no end to narratives on that count. Nirad Chaudhary, an English author of Indian origin, held a view that there is actually nothing like any cycle of birth and rebirth nor is there any element to monitor the acts of humans and other beings on earth. He, as it appears to me, is scientifically correct. Humans and other live beings in this world are like plants and trees, which wither away when they reach a particular level of their age. What later emerges anew in their place is the generation of altogether a new entity of their own doing nothing with their predecessors.

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4 thoughts on “Is there really any thing like rebirth?

  1. What a fantastic exploration.


  2. Very nicely explained Sir.


  3. shyammohanmisra July 20, 2012 — 7:17 am

    What is scintifically correct is as per the experiences recorded so far. Science is a process which keeps on modifying itself. We have seen science reversing its many a theories when a new experience is encountered. That is why we have something like Modern Science. Scientific theories are true only till such time the new research is declared to bid adieu to fellows like Nirad.


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