Is it that there’s no end to atrocities on women?

Perpetration of atrocities on women is not a new story; since ages this has been happening at abnormally a large measure and the sequence continues unabated. Only a few days back a teen aged girl in Uttar Pradesh (India) was forced to drink her own urine as a punishment for the crime that she used to inadvertently pass urine in the bed making it wet. Such a problem is normally in the case of aged people but it is a sort of an ailment to which even the youngsters are no exception in certain cases. The girl was suffering from this very problem and one can well imagine how perturbed and miserable she might have been feeling herself on this count. It was, in no way, her fault. She was just helpless. The torturers were none else but her own family members themselves. They first started beating her up black and blue with fists, blows and sticks forcing her to attend to the entire house hold jobs all the time without any rest or sleep followed by stopping any food to her. Such a measure of brutality continued for a long time and at one stage the matter was reported to the police. The case is now in the hands of the local police from whom the chances of any relief to her are just remote as they are the kind who are hardly of any help. They are the people who are notoriously well known in State of Uttar Pradesh who rather create more problems for the victims instead of redressing them. Such a heinous crime warrants nothing less than a death penalty to the torturers concerned.

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2 thoughts on “Is it that there’s no end to atrocities on women?

  1. The conditions are really bad.


  2. Bad conditions.


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