Too much of a craze for recognition:

Any one in any position, any age, any where -all aspire for being listened to all the time hankering for being noticed by others. Getting noticed, getting more noticed and then getting noticed even beyond that is not only a fancy but a craze, craze to the extent that one is prepared to cross limit for this. Watching TV some time back I could come across a comedy film where two men enter a bath room -one is shown undressing himself trying to ease in the commode and the other one offers him sanitary paper. Obviously all this just to cultivate audience to enjoy their attention. Many a people including ladies keep themselves almost naked to invite the looks from the passers by. Whatever little many a ladies wear is only a signal to indicate as if they do have something to hide and naturally this acts as a provocation to onlookers to be attentive to the part they pose to hide.Many a film stars already so much in lime light are not satisfied with the level of notice they get and to accelerate their recognition many of them are now resorting to blogging to personally monitor their individual recognition through their posts.Leaders too are like that.While surfing various blog posts I very often come across in writers profile the words like ‘an idiot’, ‘sinner’, ‘I wait for you’, ‘a wicked person’. Sadhus,mahatmas,priests all are almost always found well dressed to attract their disciples.There used to be one Com.Dixit in Kanpur who travelled the streets of the town riding a horse, even while doing things like some shopping.He was quite sharp and intelligent. He contested for the post of President of India and there was hardly any election when he didn’t contest to become a Member of Parliament.Once asked by the press men as to where he will park his horse if elected to Parliament, his prompt reply was that ‘there are many a donkeys in Parliament and why should there be any problem for me for my horse’.There could possibly be hardly a person who doesn’t suffer from the lust for some recognition or the other,this way or that.

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1 thought on “Too much of a craze for recognition:

  1. Every one is interested in his reputation.


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