Godparticle or God’s particle?

The very date 4th July’2012 is awe fully historical and is a great land mark in the field of scientific research in the sense that something that was unimaginable till the other day has assumed a physical reality named Godparticle. It’s most complex a research that has revealed something that was a blind secret till now. Godmen all over the world, particularly in India, have already started crying that it is a most unwanted interference in the work of Nature and God. They also maintain that the new theme and thesis directly questions different religions of the world and the very foundation of the Universe. Higgs Boson being the key man behind the work, it can well be termed as Boson factor. Some say that Satyendra Nath Bose of Bengal had completed his DSCF0552spacework in 1924 more or less near the same lines as it has been done now and for that reason his contribution should not have been obliviously ignored and the advocates of this thinking obviously would prefer to include the name of Satyendra Nath Bose behind the discovery. Interestingly the first three letters of Boson and Bose are closely the same.

The theory very much envisages that may be there was nothing like any God in existence to create the Universe, it was rather the Godparticle that was itself capable enough to form life on the planet. May be in days to come the scientists succeed in finally concluding whether the particle is God’s particle or the Godprticle can be taken as the real creator of the universe.

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3 thoughts on “Godparticle or God’s particle?

  1. Praise worthy from science angle.


  2. Very nice article.


  3. Looks like a mystery.


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