What a curse?

There is already no dearth of catastrophic disasters on earth like earthquakes, volcanoes, epidemics, famines, horrifying floods and so on, but areas like these are reconciled by the people on the pretext that they are all created by Nature where none has any control. One can at the  most address a sarcasm like Shakespeare did when he said ‘….as flies are to wanton the boys, so are we to gods, they kill us for their sport’. Worst is when havocs like the kind of these are man made. One such instance is terrorism where not the Nature but the man himself is involved. It is exclusively man made entrapping the people by creating panic all around. Who are they? What do they gain by striking the terror and killing men, women and children?. In the language of every religion in the world they are called Satans (devils) and they are the kind who enjoy killing, raping and looting. Who permits them to indulge into such barbaric practices?. Their oft repeated and readily available answer is that it is all the will of God and they are only performing their duty as His obedient devotees. This explanation is just silly and absurd as they have no answer to the question as to how they themselves would react if some body else does the same acts against them, killing, raping, looting and terrorising. Courtesy begets courtesy and so does love, and equally hatred. Why people can’t love their fellow beings and get the same in return which is far more soothing and serene?

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4 thoughts on “What a curse?

  1. shashi kant sharma July 10, 2012 — 1:35 pm

    Terror worldwide is creating panic, as the minds of peoples involved leave no opportunity for the oppressed/effected people to get respite from it. An act of cowardice . To create terror they treat that they are retaliating but forget that ‘action create reactions’ .What will be the fate. I view many terror videos when a truck moving on the suddenly disappears in a cloud of smoke & many die in that act. I do not know whether I am right or not but console that this was bound to happen with the affected ones.


    1. My sincere thanks for a good comment.


  2. It is a curse for the society as a whole in whole world.


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