Why so much fuss on women?

There are no subjects which are not talked about nor are there individual areas which are not covered as news, story, fiction or other modes of expression but it is the woman that has been given utmost coverage. Long back I read ‘Worst women of twentieth century’ by Bernard O’donnel containing horrifying stories relating to women. If what he wrote is taken in the spirit it is narrated it looks like it is the women who are most corrupt with a level of criminality. Does it mean that it is the women only who commit sins and menfolk are innocent people behaving as angels. Why angels even as they too are a lot committing umerous crimes. Committing a crime, behaving callously or leading  most corrupt a mode of life can not be supposed to be any sort of a solitary area for women, it applies to all human beings, men or women. Those who isolate women for this purpose are themselves obsessed with something highly negative. Divine gestures or satanic conceits both are to be read only in a composite context of all human beings.

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3 thoughts on “Why so much fuss on women?



  2. Women are a normal attraction for all.


  3. Excellent.


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