Prithviraj Chauhan–a stage to sum it up:

I feel so very thankful to my readers who not only sumptuously responded to my write-ups on Prithviraj Chauhan and his love Sanyogta along with different aspects of their life, but gave me a very valuable feed back on the subject by way of their solidly rich comments, at times forming a big volume. I certainly felt overwhelmed with their response encouraging me from time to time to work further in the matter with necessary research. Now that there has been enough of exchange of views on the topic

Prithvi_Raj_Chauhan[1]with varying expressions at times the readers clashing amongst themselves on different narratives disagreeing with each other, it is time for me to sum up the topic and close it. On giving a second thought to my idea I felt it is essentially needed to take my readers into confidence who did contribute immeasurably to my article in question based on history, hence trying to reach you through this post of mine seeking your reaction in the matter. Whatever opinion of yours it elicits on the subject shall be the basis for me to take a final decision in this regard.



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  1. Prithviraj Chauhan was a fat king who spent most of his life in his heavenly harem making his gorgeous concubines pregnant.
    But there were some shortcomings and serious mistakes he committed for which he cannot be forgiven.
    During Sanyogita Swayamvar, Prithviraj was fighting against Ghori in the first battle of Tarain 1192. Ghori lost the battle because his army was too small and he escaped from the battlefield. Prithviraj lost the most valuable moment to chase and capture Ghori. Though he sent his entire army to chase Ghori and he himself rushed to marry Sanyogita. But this is not the grave mistake that historians and his critics are taking about. Prithviraj became a prey to the feminine charms of Sanyogita. Prithviraj was so overpowered by her carnal beauty that he matted Sanyogita day and night. Sanyogita’s stunning beauty and her fat husband’s lusty love reached the ears of dangerous Ghori. Prithvi also got the news of Ghori’s preparation for the second invasion. But Prithvi was careless as he was overconfident of his vast army and he was too lost in his amorous coupling with Sanyogita.
    Ghori again captured bhatinda fort and had committed horrifying crimes of raping all women and killing their male populace. It was the duty of Prithviraj to punish him as Prithvi was a king but Prithvi was involved in continuous coitus with his bosomy bride Sanyogita making her pregnant for the second time. Prithviraj could no longer hide his face under the butt-pillows of Sanyogita as Ghori was moving towards his fort. Prithviraj went to fight Ghori’s small band of Muslim soldiers with his vast Hindu army. But he committed a blunder by carrying gorgeous Sanyogita along with him even to the battlefield. Prithviraj’s lust led to his defeat and death at the hands of cruel Ghori. Ghori not only raped beauteous Sanyogita but he also ruined India. It was because of Prithviraj’s erotic lust for Sanyogita that India suffered for the next 900 years under the alien rule.
    Had Prithvi been less amorous and kept national security in mind, India would have been saved. He did not perform his duty as a king. Prithvi was involved in continuous coitus with his pregnant wife Sanyogita even in the battlefield inside his golden tent. Prithviraj was so sensuous but not sensible.
    Prithviraj Chauhan lust for charming Sanyogita made millions of Indians suffer horrific crimes for 900 years.
    Prithvi was a rajput, and all rajput men are sensuous.
    Maharaj Prithviraj Chauhan was great, fat, but the blunder he had committed was “round the clock, day and night, he struck up the hole of Sanyogita with his big fat rod”, and the suffering it led to among whole of India does not forgive Prithviraj Chauhan and his LUST.


    1. Well received. Thanks for the comment.


  2. In 1190 Muhammad Ghori attacked the kingdom of Prithviraj and captured the frontier fort of Sarhind. While he was busy garrisoning the fort and arranging for his return to Ghazni, Muhammad learnt to his consternation that Prithviraj with his vast army was already marching against him.

    Though his army was small, Muhammad Ghori resolved to strike the first blow and marched south to intercept the Chauhan army. At Tarain, near modern Thanesar, the two armies met in 1191. In the head-on fight the Muslim cavalry charged and killed thousands of Hindu soldiers. The superior swordsmanship of the Muslims gave them a rapid initial victory and the two routed wings of Prithviraj Chauhan fled for their lives. In the center the Hindu elephants and cavalry came up to the contest—a javelin struck Muhammad Ghori in the shoulder when he tried to kill Prithviraj and a Khalji soldier carried the swooning Sultan away to safety. When their commander fled the Muslim army broke down and fled after him.

    The combined arms (elephants, cavalry, infantry) force of Prithviraj chased after the enemy but the Turkish cavalry easily outpaced them. Prithviraj rushed to Kannouj to marry gorgeous Sanyogita. A large division of Chauhan army under general Skanda surrounded the important fort of Sarhind—after 13 months when the food supply ran out the Turk garrison surrendered. Prithviraj returned to his capital with his bosomy bride Sanyogita, while his other generals returned to their forts and towns to rest their army and replenish their equipment, elephants, and horses. They also needed to enjoy the winter and the upcoming spring by making love with their charming concubines. After his marriage, Prithviraj became a prey to the feminine charms of Sanyogita. Prithviraj was so overpowered by her carnal beauty that he matted Sanyogita day and night. Prithvi also got the news of Ghori’s preparation for the second invasion. But Prithvi was careless as he was overconfident of his vast army and he was too lost in his amorous coupling with Sanyogita. Prithvi was involved in continuous coitus with his bosomy bride Sanyogita making her pregnant. Sanyogita gave birth to a male child but Prithviraj continued his amorous activities. “round the clock, day and night, Prithviraj struck up the hole of Sanyogita with his big fat rod” and as a result Sanyogita became pregnant for the second time. Sanyogita’s stunning beauty and her fat husband’s lusty love-making reached the ears of dangerous Muhammad Ghori.

    In all this time Muhammad Ghori collected a fresh army and returned to the Punjab. Once again he captured the bone of contention Sarhind and sent a message to Prithviraj to submit his beauteous Queen Sanyogita and convert to Islam. Prithviraj could no longer hide his face under the butt-pillows of Sanyogita as Muhammad Ghori was baying for his blood. Prithviraj had by then learnt of the loss of Sarhind and of a small but sturdy cavalry with Ghori—he used diplomacy to buy time so that his other generals could join him with their large forces. He told Muhammad to be content with Sarhind and withdraw his army to Ghazni. The Chauhans were then involved in spring festival with their wives but all his generals joined him quickly. Prithviraj boldly collected his vast army and marched to Sarhind—Muhammad Ghori again intercepted him at Tarain. Prithviraj went to fight Ghori’s small band of Muslim soldiers with his vast Hindu army. But he committed a blunder by carrying gorgeous Sanyogita along with him even to the battlefield. Prithvi was involved in continuous coitus with his pregnant wife Sanyogita even in the battlefield inside his golden tent. Prithviraj was so sensuous but not sensible.

    Shihab-ud-din went along since the earlier defeat at this same place was heavy on his mind. He pointed out that his brother was the real ruler and without consulting him Muhammad could not take any major political decision—he too was playing for time and for information on the enemy. The two armies camped in sight of each other—one night Muhammad Ghori left the campfires burning and took his army by a roundabout route to attack the Chauhans. Prithviraj was matting with Sanyogita inside his golden tent and so were his soldiers matting with their concubines. Muslims attacked them suddenly in the early morning and so thousands of them were killed and their women raped.

    Muhammad Ghori’s plan to make Prithviraj panic had succeeded and he retired to his own camp but he now had a correct estimate of Prithviraj’s army and had realized how vast it was. Forming his cavalry into four divisions of 10,000 he sent them to harass the Chauhans from all sides. The Turks were now in their element with hit-and-rape cavalry maneuvers and horse archery—the combined Hindu army of 5,00,000 cavalry, 50,000 elephants and 30,00,000 infantry along with 2,00,000 beautiful concubines in the centre could not chase after one and repel another division simultaneously. The order of the Chauhan army broke down, along with the communications between its various elements, and Ghori charged with his main division of 12,000 soldiers, broke the centre of Hindu army and captured the heavenly Hindu concubines. Muslim army completely destroyed the Hindu army. In the personal combat Muhammad Ghori defeated, captured and castrated Prithviraj. Sanyogita fell in the hands of Muhammad Ghori and she was repeatedly raped by him. Ghori forced her into his Harem and later married her. Her beloved husband Prithviraj was killed by Ghori, immediately or little later – according to the different accounts.

    Why spend so much time discussing about Prithviraj Chauhan you may ask?

    Prithviraj was responsible for the most momentous turning point in Indian History. Prithviraj was the false hero of the most important battle in Indian History, which led to the rape and rapine of millions of beautiful Hindu women. Because of Prithviraj’s poor military skills and tactics, Hindus lost their Independence and we must hold Sanyogita responsible for this.


    The most popular accounts about Prithviraj were written by a Muslim (the book Gulshan-i-Ibrahimi by Ferishta) and by a Hindu (the book Prithviraj Raso by Chand Bardai). Ferishta’s book is full of facts.

    According to Ferishta, during Tarain II, Prithviraj had an army of 5,00,000 cavalry, 50,000 elephants, and 30,00,000 infantry. Ghori had an army of 52,000 cavalry. Ferishta states that in Tarain II, the vast Hindu army was totally destroyed by the sturdy Muslim army. Ghori castrated and killed Prithviraj. Ghori raped Prithviraj’s pregnant wife Sanyogita in front of her castrated and dying husband. Later Rajput Kingdoms (when cavalry had become the least important formation in the army) of a small size had 2,00,000 cavalry. By this comparison Prithviraj could have easily had more than 10,00,000 horsemen which is confirmed by the book Prithviraj-Vijay.

    Chand Bardai states that after the first Battle of Tarain Prithviraj carried away and married Sanyogita, daughter of Jaychand Rathor of Kannuaj. His lust for her carnal beauty caused the defeat in the second battle, which is borne out by the facts related above. According to contemporary literatures and inscriptions, “Prithviraj’s non-stop continuous coitus with Sanyogita was the reason for his defeat and death at the hands of Ghori”.

    The more contemporary, and accurate, account is the Prithviraj-vijay written by Jayanka. This man was a Kashmiri who had settled down in Ajmer and was a poet in Prithviraj’s court. Jayanka clearly records the time-line of Prithviraj’s life. According to this book, “Tarain I was fought in early 1191, for thirteen months after this, a part of Prithviraj’s army was busy in the siege of Sarhind (early 1192); Tarain II was fought two months later. Within a week after Tarain I, Prithviraj married Sanyogita and for the whole fifteen months till Tarain II, Fatty Prithviraj was busy in matting with Sanyogita, making her pregnant twice and becoming father for her infant. During Tarain II, Sanyogita was pregnant for the second time – carrying three months. In Tarain II, Prithviraj was defeated and castrated by Ghori and his gorgeous Queen Sanyogita was repeatedly raped by Ghori. Within a month after Tarain II, Prithviraj was butchered and killed by Ghori and his young wife Sanyogita was forcibly married by Ghori”.

    There are two other books that mention these events in passing. The Prabandha-chintamani by Merutunga Acharya claims that during Tarain II, Prithviraj’s penis and testes were severely wounded by Ghori and he was taken prisoner but was restored to the throne of Ajmer by Ghori as Prithvi converted to Islam and submitted his busty bride Sanyogita to Ghori. On a visit to Ajmer the Turk chief happened to see into the palace of Sanyogita. Ghori was shocked to see Prithviraj involved in oral sex with Sanyogita and she was licking her fat husband’s wounded sex organs. Ghori could not tolerate this treason and he charged like a wild boar crushing the erect penis and testes of Prithviraj. Ghori tore off Prithviraj’s testes and rooted out his big penis from his fat body, thereby castrating Prithviraj. The humiliated Ghori beheaded Prithviraj and thus killed him. Ghori repeatedly raped Prithviraj’s pregnant wife Sanyogita and forcibly married her, thereby converting her to Islam.

    The Viruddhavidhi-vidhvamsa by Laksmidhar describes one of the main Chauhan generals Skanda was killed in battlefield by Ghori while he tried to protect the womenfolk. But it goes on to say that Prithviraj was emasculated and killed by Ghori when he ran away from the battlefield with his pregnant Queen Sanyogita and his gorgeous wife was repeatedly raped by Ghori.

    The Hammir-Mahakavya of Nayachandra Suri claims that Prithviraj was emasculated and taken prisoner but to Delhi and his pregnant wife Sanyogita was raped again and again by Ghori—Jaichand, the King of Kannouj sent his Bengali general Udayraj to attack Delhi to rescue his pregnant daughter and her beloved Husband. But Prithviraj died in captivity and Udayraj was killed in battle. This work confirms that pregnant Sanyogita was constantly raped by Ghori and later Ghori forcibly married her.


  3. Battle of Tarain – estimate of forces on both sides in the two battles
    Let’s look at the condition of the Chauhan kingdom and their forces after the second battle. Punjab was a new acquisition that they had made by defeating the Ghaznavid sultanate; hence this area was lost very quickly. But even their main bases which were in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh also could not hold out against the Muslim arny of Ghori because their king Prithviraj was castrated and killed by Ghori. Mohammed Ghori’s major strategy was in moving on towards the Gangetic plains, as he had completed the conquest of the Kingdom of Ajmer within few days.
    Generals of Prithviraj
    1) Chauhans of Ranthambhor: the founder of this kingdom named Govindraj and his grandson Bhimraj was a devoted vassal of Prithviraj and was therefore fought in the two battles against the Muslims. Bhimraj was killed by Kutubuddin in Tarain II. His kingdom luckily survived under his progenies and became a thorn in the side of the Delhi Sultanate, and was destroyed by Alauddin Khilji. During Prithviraj’s reign, this kingdom had a large army to serve him.

    2) Govindraj of Delhi: He and his son Chandraraj held Delhi. In the first battle he was mounted on an elephant and had his teeth knocked out by the spear of Ghori. Govindraj immediately hurled back a lance at Ghori, which caused such bleeding that the sultan fainted on his horse, and was carried off to safety by a Khalji soldier along with the rest of the fleeing Turk cavalry. Govindraj was killed in the second battle by Ghori while his son Chandraraj was killed by Kutubuddin when he unsuccessfully defended the fort of Delhi.

    3) Bhuvanik Malla: According to the contemporary Hindu text Prithviraj Vijay, the brothers Prithviraj and Hariraj were like Rama and Lakshman, while the general Bhuvanik Malla was the incarnation of Garuda (who saved the princes of Ayodhya from the serpent noose of Meghnad). This general defeated the Bharasiva Nagas of Central India. He fought the two Tarain battles and was killed in the Tarain II by Kharmil, when he tried to protect Prithviraj.

    4) Skanda: the descendants of this general wrote the Viruddhavidhi-vidhvamsa in which they assert that he fought the first battle of Tarain bravely but ran away from the second battle of Tarain. After the cruel death of Prithviraj, he helped Hariraja in capturing Ajmer temporarily but soon he was killed by Kutubuddin in the battlefield.

    5) Udayaraj: This general was from Gauda (Bengal) according to the Prithviraj Vijay. Another text, the Hammir-Mahakavya, also confirms his existence and asserts that he attacked the city of Delhi in an attempt to rescue the captive Prithviraj. He was absent at the first Battle of Tarain and he ran away from the second battle of Tarain because he lost the courage after seeing Prithviraj running away from the battle with his pregnant wife Samyogita.

    6) Hariraja the brother of Prithviraj: he temporarily liberated Ajmer and launched an attack on Delhi with the help of Solanki army. He maintained close relationship with the Solankis of Gujarat by marrying Kamla Devi, the beautiful sister of Bhimdev Solanki. But he was defeated by the Turks in 1194. Both Hariraja and his young wife Kamla Devi were captured by Kutubuddin. Hariraja was emasculated and his pregnant wife Kamla Devi was raped by Kutubuddin infront of Hariraja. Unable to bear the disgrace of repeated rapes made on his new wife by Kutubuddin, Hariraja killed himself. Hariraja’s short rule is confirmed by archaeological evidence in the shape of his inscription dated 1194, and those texts which record his name have a greater value than others.

    So we have these twin pieces of evidence to show that Prithviraj had a much larger army in the Second Battle of Tarain:
    1) the participation of all his generals like Skanda, Udayaraja, and Bhuvanik Malla. Each general had the power to lead separate campaigns and must have commanded large forces.
    2) The inability of the Chauhans of Ranthambhor to defy the Delhi Sultanate, the inability of the surviving Chauhan generals to counter-attack the Turks in Delhi, and the inability of Hariraja to defeat Aibak, all suggest that though the Chauhan army was very vast. But the Chauhan soldiers were fatty and had excessive libido for their beautiful women. So they could not make a stand against the Muslims who though smaller in numbers were muscular and sturdy.
    Estimate of forces in the Second Battle of Tarain – 1192
    The conventional method in calculating the cavalry forces in the medieval era, when cavalry was the non-dominant element of most armies, is to assign 1,00,000 horsemen to any prince or general named prominently in the records. In India cavalry-dominant armies emerged in the 10th century itself. The contemporary texts describe the forces of Prithviraj as 5,00,000 horse cavalry and 30,00,000 infantry, 50,000 elephants and 1,50,000 camels. Infantry was in greater numbers to cavalry, which in turn outnumbered camels, which were more than elephants. (The proportions were: infantry>>>cavalry>>>camels>>elephants). Ghori’s forces were described as 52,000 cavalry, 48,000 infantry and 20,000 camels. For the Muslims, the proportions were cavalry>>infantry>>camels.
    The Muslim sources state that in the Second Battle of Tarain Ghori divided his army into four units of 10,000 horse keeping the fifth of 12,000 under his own command, giving a total of 52,000 cavalry. The Chauhan army was very vast and Prithviraj himself was a haughty and proud king. But still both Hindu and Muslim accounts state that Prithviraj tried to buy peace by negotiating with Ghori so that he could avoid heavy bloodshed of the Hindus. The major chieftains commanding units had thousands of soldiers. Prithviraj had 20,00,000 soldiers under his direct control. All great historians conclude that the Chauhan army numbered atleast 30,00,000, with the all-important cavalry atleast 5,00,000. This explains the total rout of this huge Hindu army by the thirty times smaller Muslim army.

    Estimate of forces in the First Battle of Tarain – 1191
    In the First Battle of Tarain, the Rajput army had 20,00,000 infantry, 3,00,000 cavalry, 30,000 elephants and 1,00,000 camels. Muhammad Ghori left 1,200 soldiers of his army to garrison the fort of Sarhind, and the Muslim army had 40,000 cavalry, 40,000 infantry and 5,000 camels. The Rajput army placed the cavalry in the wings and kept the infantry and elephants in the center. The Hindus hesitated and the Muslims struck the first blow, the momentum of their charge breaking up Prithviraj’s wings which eventually gave way in the ensuing sword fight at close quarters. Meanwhile Ghori was holding on in the center as the elephants and infantry of the Rajput center slowly came up to join the battle, and as described above injured Govindraj mounted on his elephant, seriously wounded Ghori, sending him flying with the rest of the center. After the victory the Hindu army gave a hot chase but were easily outpaced by the Turk cavalry; Prithviraj rushed back to the Swayamvar of Samyukta. A strong force under general Skanda besieged Sarhind and forced its surrender after a long siege of more than one year.
    Causes for Ghori’s Failure:

    Many Turk soldiers in Ghori’s army had not even seen elephants before the first battle of Tarain. Ghori’s horse cavalry was unable to hold its own against Prithviraj’s huge elephant cavalry. There was ample of elephant cavalry! Prithviraj’s kingdom covered the fertile regions of Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. Elephants were excessively available since the Chauhan kingdom was more densely forested. Even small petty chiefs sat on elephants in the center, with other elephants and infantry, while cavalry made up the wings. The vast Rajput horse cavalry from the two wings routed the small Muslim cavalry opposite them. As the battle continued, the Ghori’s army, exhausted, shorn of water, and unfamiliar with the scale of its opponent, retreated. The two wings were routed by the Rajputs, broke down, and fled. While the center also fled after the sultan was wounded and fainted on his horse. Ghori was himself wounded in the battle and was rescued by his Turkic slave, Qutb-ud-din Aibak.


  4. After Tarain Tragedy:
    Delhi, Hansi, and Sarhind too were governed by Rajaputra princes who died fighting for their King Prithviraj Chauhan at Tarain II. Muhammad Ghori was able to capture the Chauhan capital easily and Hariraj ran away to Gujarat. In the south-east the chief of Ranthambhor, who as related above had a devoted vassal to Prithviraj, was killed by the Muslims in Tarain II. Delhi was attacked next and was quickly captured by Muhammad Ghori. Its prince Chandraraj had to submitt his young beautiful wife to Muhammad Ghori to escape from Ghori’s sword. Ghori left his slave Qutb-ud-din Aibak to watch over these vast conquests and returned to Ghazni.

    But many of the lesser chieftains and soldiers of the Chauhans were not so fortunate. The prisoners from Tarain II, the landowners who lay in the path of the advancing Turk army, and those now under the sway of Ghori’s lieutenants in the conquered region were converted to Islam. The men and their male children underwent circumcision, their women were raped repeatedly and forcibly married, and they were all robbed of their ancient traditions and were taught strange new modes of worship in a foreign language. But, they were not given equality of status with the Turks.

    Some families were converted on their own will to protect their women from Islamic rapes. The complete alteration in the proportion of Hindu women populace left a deep impression on the minds of the Chauhans who escaped from the hands of Muhammad Ghori. They were determined not to let such a calamitous fate fall on their own women.

    Immediately after Ghori’s departure Hariraj raised a vast army and attacked the Muslims. Aibak rushed down to the scene and forced Hariraj to retreat. Hariraj was not able to fight the Muslims and ran away. Gajraj of Ranthambhor did not allow the Muslims to enter his fort and so Aibak attacked and killed him. In his absence, Chandraraj had made a bid for independence and Aibak laid siege at, and easily won, the fort in Delhi—Aibak butchered Chandraraj.

    Prithviraj’s general Skanda joined hands with Hariraj who was helped by the Chalukyas of Gujarat. The two fat men even attacked Delhi, released thousands of raped Hindu women from clutches of the Muslim army. This audacious attack prodded Qutb-ud-din to chase after the Chauhans who were cut-off near Ajmer. Aibak next besieged the Chauhan capital —having lost his best general Skanda and many soldiers, Hariraj and his lovely Queen Kamla Devi tried to escape from the fort. But unfortunately, they fell in the hands of Qutb-ud-din. Qutb-ud-din castrated Hariraj and repeatedly raped his gorgeous wife Kamla Devi in front of Hariraj. Unable to bear this disgrace, Hariraj killed himself. Aibak forcibly married Kamla Devi and made her as his Queen. And so in 1194, Ajmer was occupied by the Turks along with all the wealth and women of Hariraj.

    The dejected followers of Skand, Hariraj and other Chauhan princes ran further south as they could not make a stand before the invaders’ army. They had allied with the Chalukyas of Gujarat to repel the Turks, and though severely weakened, had managed to protect their women from the Muslim rapes. The worst manner of fighting of their kinsmen at Tarain II left a deep impression on the minds of these Rajaputra families. They started building new fortifications; recruited new soldiers to rebuild their destroyed army and cavalry to protect their women from the Turks.

    The future battles of these kingdoms with the Turks have been described here. What was common in all these conflicts at the end was the immolation on a massive funeral pyre of the warrior families, the destruction of all their wealth, and the final death ride of the warriors into the heart of the enemy forces to get killed by them. They were determined to prevent the capture, rape and conversion of their heavenly womenfolk to Islam.
    Prithviraj implemented some new laws in his huge Empire which protected his Rajput clans even after his tragedic death. Prithviraj Chauhan instituted certain rules to preserve the ancestral Hindu culture. All those women who were converted to Islam by rapes were included into the Hindu society and again married with their husbands. If her husband was killed by the Muslims, she was willingly married to the person of her wish. Clan identities were given back to all the raped women—this deterred the Turks from gaining any new converts. The fanatical force of Islam was met by the immovable object of a solid and vigorous resistance by Prithviraj. All the newly formed Rajput kingdoms applied these laws of Prithviraj to protect and save their women populace.

    The valiant defence by these Rajaputra families and their refusal to submit and convert to Islam placed the word Rajput (modified through repeated use of Rajaputra) at the forefront of North Indian society—it practically replaced the word Kshatriya.

    The lessons of the battles at Tarain were also learnt quickly by the Rajputs. The only way to escape from the Muslim army was to reside in lands protected by chains of huge mountains. This deprived the Muslims from hand to hand combat in which they were masters. As was illustrated so clearly in the first Battle of Tarain, a vast Hindu army could defeat a small Muslim army. So like Prithviraj Chauhan, these new Rajput kingdoms maintained vast armies and cavalry. The mass tumultuous charge on horseback remained the proud preserve of the Rajputs. From the Tarain example it is clear that the Rajputs avoided fighting the Muslims on terms that were advantageous to Turks, which was a contest of sword-against-sword in a packed field—the heavily-armored Rajputs would be unable to ply their swords with the same energy and ferocity as the Muslims.

    The use of elephants was changed. Previously a very large corps of elephants formed the center of the Hindu armies, while the vast cavalry manned the wings. But now the large corps of elephants was placed in the vanguard. These elephants were cleverly used by the Rajputs when the Muslims surrounded the Rajput forts. These elephants would be sent ahead to create gaps in the enemy formations—the vast rajput cavalry would then escape with their womenfolk in the gaps of the enemy lines.

    Prithviraj Chauhan used catapults and ballistae to recapture his Sirhind fort from the Muslims. He also changed construction of his forts by using huge strong rocks. His military reforms were followed by the new Rajput kingdoms to protect their rebuild forts. The new techniques in building forts introduced by Prithviraj Chauhan were followed by these new Rajput kingdoms to protect their womenfolk from Islamic rapes.


  5. Thank you for your elaborate and meaningful comments, but you have not given your necessary feed back whether the topic be now wound up or be still continued as I have mentioned in my relative post. Please react to this.




    2. Students of Indian History have often expressed their angst over Prithviraj Chauhan’s mistake after the first Battle of Tarain—he did not chase Ghori himself and sent two of his generals with 1,00,000 Chauhan Cavary to chase Muhammad Ghori. Well, he certainly had the opportunity, but it is equally certain that he lacked the means to grab that opportunity.

      The different formations of the huge Hindu army (elephants, infantry, cavalry) prevented them from chasing down and destroying Ghori’s army. It can be speculated that Prithviraj should have avoided rushing back to Kannauj for marrying Samyogita, while Shihab-ud-din was running home to Ghazni. Prithviraj also sent his general Skanda with 1,00,000 soldiers and 1000 catapults to capture Sarhind fort. But then the 1200 Musims in Sarhind fort did not sit idle—they suddeny swooped down to raid the seighing Chauhan Army and cut-off thousands of Hindu heads. The Musims harassed the Chauhan Army with cavalry maneuvers for several months kiling thousands of Hindu soldiers. Finally they surrendered after thirteen months since general Skanda blocked the stream supplying water to the fort. Prithviraj ordered to kill them all.

      The Chauhans who went in chase for Ghori were trapped and massacred in Sind, which is now an alien land. Sind had been under Muslim occupation then for more than 200 years… Its forts had small garrisons of Muslims and many converted Hindus. Such a land could not be safe for Chauhans. Secondly the Chauhans were not physically strong like the Musims. Though the Chauhans were focusing exclusively on gaining weight by eating more, it made them only fat but not strong. Thus the fatty Chauhans were no match for fighting against the muscuar Musims. With these circumstances it appears that Prithviraj did the right thing in going step-by-step by first eloping with Samyogita and then sending a huge army for liberating Sarhind and acquiring a base for future operations in the north.

      The second mistake of Prithviraj is that after marrying gorgeous Queen Samyogita, he continued his honeymoon endlessly with her and he never came out of Samyogita’s harem. Prithviraj was so much enamored by Samyogita’s beauty that he never left her bedroom and was always matting with her amourously. Soon Samyogita became pregnant and gave birth to a male child. But the charming couple continued their coitus and coupling endlessly to satisfy each others carnal pleasures.
      Prithviraj had degenerated into a debauchee to the extent that he frequently had oral sex with Samyogita. Apart from having continuous coupling and coitus, Prithviraj and Samyogita spent their time frequently in kamasutra’s 69 position to fulfill their sensual needs. Fatty Prithviraj and busty Samyogita were so much infatuated on each other to the extent that they even answered the calls of nature together. Again Samyogita became pregnant for the second time. Delighted Prithviraj continued his amorous revelries with his ravishing wife Samyogita.

      In Tarain II, according to the historical accounts, the Chauhan army was not only defeated but also destroyed. It is so surprising that Prithviraj was unable to defeat Ghori even though his Hindu army was thirty times larger in numbers than Ghori’s Muslim army. In Tarain II, the army of Prithviraj had 5,00,000 horses, 50,000 elephants, 30,00,000 soldiers and 20,00,000 women (wives, concubines & prostitutes). The army of Ghori had 55,000 horses and 1,20,000 soldiers. To destroy such a huge Hindu army, Ghori attacked the Hindus in early morning. Prithviraj and his Hindu soldiers were smooching with their naked wives & concubines and were sleeping inside their luxurious tents, literally with their pants down. The Muslims killed thousands of Hindus soldiers who were naked with their pants down and raped thousands of naked Hindu women. But still the Hindu army could raise the alarm since their camp very huge. Soon the Hindu soldiers covered themselves from head to foot with their steel armour and formed the army lines as per the orders of Prithviraj. But still the Muslims cruelly crushed the huge Hindu army by killing millions of Hindu soldiers and raping millions of Hindu women. Prithviraj jumped down from his howdah, took his gorgeous queen Samyogita on a fast steed and ran away from the battlefield. Ghori chased down, captured and castrated Prithviraj. Ghori captured and raped ravishing Samyogita repeatedly in front of Prithviraj. Then Ghori beheaded Prithviraj in front of Samyogita. Later Ghori forcibly married Samyogita and converted her to Islam.
      After Tarain II, the Chauhan military strength had evaporated, morale was devastatingly low, and the Hindu garrisons sat fearfully inside the forts while the Muslim army ranged their forts, killed the male populace, raped their wives and circumcised their children—because Prithviraj failed to be aware in the battlefield and spent his time in smooching and seducing Samyogita. In the battlefield, before Tarain II, Prithviraj spent the whole night by having sex with his beauteous wife Samyogita inside his luxurious golden tent.

      Though Prithviraj had some conflicts with his Hindu neighbors, they all sent their armies to help Prithviraj in Tarain II. But Ghori had enemies like the Ghuzz Turks and the Khwarazim Turks who frequently raided his Kingdom to destroy it. After each Indian campaign Ghori had to return to his post in Ghazni to watch over them and support his elder brother.

      The Chauhan Rajaputras never recovered their spirit since their huge army was massacred by the Muslims and millions of their women were captured and raped by Muslims. The Hindu counter-attacks on the Muslims ultimately went in vain and their spirit of resistance was completely broken—all the efforts of Hindus were crushed by Ghori’s Muslim army. Millions of Hindu ladies were raped throughout the Kingdom of Ajmer and Delhi.

      After the death of fat Prithviraj

      From Delhi Aibak attacked the neighboring principalities, which paid tribute to the rulers of Kannauj, and killed thousands of Hindu soldiers and raped their wives. In 1193 Muhammad Ghori came from Ghazni with 50,000 cavalry and joined his lieutenant to follow the course of the Yamuna River for invading Kannauj. Jaychand too advanced with his huge army of one million soldiers to fight the invader at Chandwar—throughout the head-on clash the Gahadval army prevailed until Jaychand was killed by Aibak. The leaderless forces lost their momentum and unity of command—they were defeated and massacred by the Muslims who captured millions of women and raped them at a gallop.

      Once again Ghori returned to his home to watch over the Turks of Khwarazim while Aibak attacked and captured the remaining Chauhan forts—most of the Chauhan forts had been mopped up immediately after Tarain II when they were at their weakest. But the invaders made matters worse by repeatedly capturing and raping Hindu women. The Muslims left behind in Kannauj mopped up the local resistance in that newly-conquered land by capturing and raping the Hindu women in large numbers—the Rajaputra Harishchand (son of Jaychand’s younger brother) had never recovered his father’s domain. He ran away to the deserts of Rajasthan to save his dear life from the sword of Islam.
      Prithviraj’s prime mistake was his excessive libido and enormous sensuality for beautiful young women, especially for the ravishing beauty of his gorgeous wife Samyogita. In Tarain II, Prithviraj fought by sitting inside his mighty golden howdah held firmly on his huge white elephant. Ghori fought by sitting on his black Arabian horse. Prithviraj and Samyogita were too lost in their amorous love-making to the extent that while fighting Ghori in Tarain II, Samyogita was sitting on Prithviraj’s fat lap and smooching with him inside his mighty golden howdah. Prithviraj had created the situation for committing that same mistake and the later Rajas would live to regret these repeated mistakes.

      The tributaries of the Gahadvals, the Rathors of Badaun and the Bhor chieftains, also lost their lands and women to the Muslims. They ran away to hide themselves from the Muslims as they could not resist the Muslim attacks. The same story was repeated in the Chauhan principalities like Bayana, Gwalior, and Narwar. In each case at the very moment of their triumph against a particular fort, the Muslims captured and raped Rajaputra women and again they captured another place and the same cycle of mass rapine of Hindu women was repeated endlessly by the Muslims. All this was the result of Prithviraj’s inability, or a lack of will caused by his overconfidence on his huge army and his excessive libido for his bosomy bride Samyogita. Ghori crushed the power of the Chauhan Rajaputras with just hand full of Muslim soldiers because of the blunders of Prithviraj.

      In 1202 Muhammad Ghori’s became the Amir of Ghor on the death of his elder brother—Qutb-ud-din Aibak became his deputy with the title of Sultan. The new Amir did not long enjoy his exalted position. In 1205 the Ghori’s army was crushed at Andkhui by the Turks of Khwarazim. Ghori ran away from the battlefield. Eventually he was killed in 1206 by a group of Karmathian Muslim soldiers. Aibak and the Muslims continued to rule India.




  7. The military culture of the Hindus, especially Rajputs, was inferior to that of the Muslims—So the Hindus failed to protect their huge womenfolk from Islamic rapes.
    Tarain II was a real-life epic disaster on the mahabharat scale—an entire generation of Hindu warriors died on the battlefield of Tarain.

    Prithviraj Chauhan was not a brave prince as suggested by folklores, but in fact, an amorous prince who did not take advantage of his first victory over the Muslims to either finish them off or to prepare for the next battle, but remained immersed in carnal pleasures by having continuous coitus with his charming cute wife Samyogita after his victory. Lustful Prithviraj fell as a victim to the feminine charms of his sensuous Queen Samyogita. During Tarain II, seeing the immense carnage of Hindu soldiers and sensing a disastrous defeat, faint-hearted Prithviraj panicked. And when Ghori approached to kill him, Prithviraj tried to unsuccessfully flee away like a fugitive from the battlefield with his gorgeous queen Samyogita instead of dying a soldier’s death.
    Prithviraj had the habit of taking opium before any battle with the Muslims, to fight without the fear of death. Prithviraj was a great philanderer and womanizer to the extent that when Ghori captured him in hot chase, Prithviraj was engaged in peak coitus with his beautiful wife Samyogita. Then followed the pornographic death of plum Prithviraj and repeated rapes of his ravishing Queen Samyogita by ugly Ghori.

    As for the battle of Tarain II, history squarely puts the blame of the defeat on Prithviraj, the hot-headed, sensuous, amorous and arrogant commander of Hindu forces at Tarain—it was he who disregarded the advice given by his aged minister, that of keeping the women, away from the battlefield………..the huge Hindu forces on the battlefield were massively hampered by the need to protect their beautiful womenfolk from Islamic rapes, and were consequently not able to fight effectively against the small Muslim army led by ugly Ghori, resulting in disastrous defeat and death of millions of Hindu Soldiers.

    History also blames Prithviraj for leaving the frontiers of the country undefended after his victory at Tarain I…….After Tarain I, Prithviraj rushed to kannauj for marrying the beauteous princess Samyogita. Prithviraj had enormous forces to defend his country. But he invited the disaster by carrying his gorgeous wife Samyogita to the Tarain battlefield. Prithviraj matted continuously with his pregnant Queen Samyogita all night in the battlefield, inside his luxurious golden tent, before Tarain II.

    During Tarain II, the commander of the huge Hindu army Prithviraj became softened up physically because he spent his whole time after the Tarain I by having continuous coitus and coupling with his new young beautiful bride Samyogita. Sexy Samyogita’s softness and delicacy made Fat Prithviraj soft and plumy. The muslim commander Ghori was strong and muscular. After Tarain I, he did not go to his wife nor touched any women. He kept on doing exercises and war practices and his body became hard as rocks and stones during Tarain II. Hard and muscular Muslims attacked the soft and fatty Hindus in Tarain II and the bodies of plumy Hindus were torn into pieces by the Muslims. Thus Prithviraj’s mammoth Hindu army was massacred and destroyed by Ghori’s hand full of Muslim army.


    1. My sincere thanks for good comments you have made on different posts.


    2. Don’t Say False Story Ok.

      Great Prithviraj Chauhan is a fire born Rajput king. Great Prithviraj Chauhan is a Great king Asia. Great Prithviraj chauhan is a brave king of this world but Ghori is not a king is a tarriest. As a front fight rajput is No One.
      Sir Prithviraj chauhan is a Gift of God for this world. Young man are inspire their brave history.

      Great Prithviraj chauhan is a one Golden Name of this World.

      First You Read Real History of Prithviraj Chauhan than you think .


  8. The wealth and splendour of the 12th century Kingdom of Ajmer as described in the contemporary text, Prithviraj Vijay.
    In the opening sarga of Prithviraj Vijay the author, Jayanak from Kashmir, describes his residence in the religious center of Pushkar.

    Jayanak is full of praise for the city of Ajmer, ruled by Prithviraja Chauhan, and known originally as Ajaymeru: “Ajayameru is full of golden temples and fully deserves the title of Meru. Lord Kamadev is present in the hearts of men, and Cupid blazes in the hearts of ladies, the amorous glances from whose eyes fan him. The ruler rule over the country as far as the sea and his fame is not confined to the earth.

    Baories (stepped wells), wells, lakes, and water depots are full of water. People sitting in Jharokas enjoy the cool breezes. The water resources being so plentiful, even in the wells on the hill-fort of Ajmer. The perfumed incense burnt by ladies to dry their hair, gathers in thick clouds and hides the moon. The increasing prosperity of the city has laid low the pride of all other cities.

    People get water from Pushkar and revere it. Lovers exchange excellent repartees. Servants laugh at nurses when the latter cry out at children laying their hands on lamps of jewels (which give forth light but don’t burn). The big blocks of golden stones used in building houses in this city make the black spots in the moon appear white by reflected light. The camphor and musk which drop from the bodies of the citizens in the streets make the cloths of the passers aromatic. The cities like Kannauj, Kalinjar, Anhilwara, Mahoba, etc. are not fit to be handmaids of Ajmer. This city is, as it were a city of Golden Mountain.”

    The eighth sarga describes the festivities and rejoicings on the auspicious occasion of the birth of Prithviraja. A wet nurse was appointed for him and a tiger’s claw and illustrations of the ten incarnations of Bhagwan Vishnu were placed in his necklace.

    Prithviraj had constructed in Ajmer the same number of temples as the hill forts he had conquered; in their midst Prithviraj built a temple, which towered above them all. In it he placed “an effigy of his father on horseback, with his own effigy on a mammoth in front, facing his father’s. He built five golden temples, and so Ajmer vied with Meru, which boasted of its five golden towers. He built so many temples in Gaugnak (9 miles north east of Ajmer) and other places that the population of the other cities of Hind dwindled away.”

    The ninth sarga says that during the regency of Prithviraj, the city of Ajmer was so densely populated and there were so many gardens, tanks, and wells, that not more than one-tenth of the earth was visible to the sun. Water in the wells was found only three feet below the surface! Fortunately the manuscript had also shone light on the Second battle of Tarain and busted many myths that have sprung up later.
    Another Sarga says that on the eve of Second battle of Tarain, when Ghori demanded the submission of Prithviraj’s gorgeous wife Samyogita, his aged minister advised Prithviraj to sue for peace. Prithviraj said, “It is a disgrace that you talk of suing for peace. And what a peace could it be when the enemy wants to rape your wives & women, sell your children as slaves, destroy your homes, use your temples as mosques and obliterate Hinduism by circumcising & converting you to Islam.”

    The panicky minister was shamed into silence by Prithviraj’s brave words.

    Preparing for a final fight, Prithviraj took his wives, concubines and women with heavy baggage and himself encamped a few miles from Ghori’s troops. The battle raged for fiercely. Contingent after contingent of Prithviraj’s forces met in a fierce hand-to-hand combat with Ghori’s small band of Muslim soldiers and perished to a Muslim’s sword. It was the month of February 1192 A.D. The site was between Thaneshwar and Sirsuti.

    In this second battle, Ghori used to terrorize Hindu women by rape attempts to mislead and demoralize the Hindu forces. Prithviraj Vijay says, “When the army of Islam made the attack, and most of the infidels were castrated & slain, a noise arose from Prithviraj’s Luxurious golden tent and Prithviraj seeing his own busty concubines were being raped by ugly Muslims”. He cried out, “Come hither, I am here.” The women then raised their voices and said, “Oh, king, we are your women who have fallen into the hands of the Muslims and are captives. Muslims are raping us repeatedly” Prithviraj said, “I live as yet, who raped you?” So saying he urged his elephant against the army of Islam. Mohammed Ghori told the naphtha throwers that the opportunity was theirs, and an ugly powerful man Aibak, in obedience shot the naphtha arrow into Prithviraj’s howdah and set it on fire. The huge elephant made for the water. Prithviraj’s imperial bodyguard converged round him to save him from the shower of enemy arrows and spears and the onslaught of Muslim swordsmen. With the fire put out the mahout brought the royal elephant under control and once again charged on the enemy. Prithviraj ordered a horse to be brought alongside and climbing down from the howdah entered the thick of the fray of Hindu fugitives and ran away from the battlefield with his lovely wife Samyukta. The Muslims charged fiercely and chased the panic stricken fugitive Hindu army. The cruel Muslims surrounded the huge Hindu army on all the sides and were furiously taking a heavy toll of Prithviraj’s mammoth Hindu army, Prithviraj fought with Panic.

    Ghori and Prithviraj met in personal combat. Fatty Prithviraj was no match for muscular Ghori. Soon Ghori caught Prithviraj’s copulation organ and castrated Prithviraj. Overcome with exhaustion and profusely bleeding, Prithviraj ultimately fell on the battle-field with his skull cleft by brutal swipes of Ghori’s sword. It was about sunset when this glorious Sun of Hindusthan set in all his glory. Ghori chopped off Prithviraj head from his fat body. Prithviraj’s fat body was butchered by Ghori, his blood mingled with the soil of Hindusthan and his soul dissolved itself into eternity.

    India lost one of her bravest sons, Prithviraj, who did the fatal mistake of endless amorous copulation with his young sensuous wife Samyogita, even in the battlefield.
    The battle was still raging. The remnants of Prithviraj’s army saved their gorgeous Queen Samyogita from Islamic rapes and fought a rearguard action making its way to Ajmer, the golden walled town.

    Prithviraj’s another wife, Rani Chitrarekha, accompanied by a contingent of Hindu army secretly left Ajmer, now menaced by Ghori, and escaped to Indpat Fort alias Delhi. Rani Samyogita, the favourite wife of Prithviraj, with a garrison of 1,50,000 prepared to defend Ajmer. They were joined by survivors from Prithviraj’s huge army.

    Ghori kept up a steady pressure against Ajmer dividing his army into night and day shifts to hurl naphtha and boulders into the golden walled town of Ajmer. Soon the golden fort town fell.

    Entering the town, Ghori put 10,00,000 Hindu men to the sword, turned all the temple into mosques and took all the remaining women and children captive.

    Rani Samyogita with most of the Hindu women in the town fell into the hands of lecherous Muslims. They were repeatedly raped by the lusty and lecherous touch of Muslim brutes. Among the 30,000 concubines of Prithviraj taken, 30 were wives of Prithviraj. One of the women was the favourite wife of Prithviraj named Samyogita. They were all dumped into Ghori’s harem.
    The Prithviraj Vijay shamelessly recorded: “When Ghori saw the chief Queen of Prithviraj named Samyogita, he was much struck with her beauty and charms and began to bite his finger with astonishment. Aibak desired to take her but Ghori said ‘O my slave! I exceedingly admire the girl, and am so enamored of her, that I wish to keep her for myself’. Saying this, Ghori pounced on Samyogita and raped her repeatedly with his full force over and over again.”

    Prithviraj’s another wife, Chitrarekha, hearing of Samyogita’s tragedy rallied the garrison of Delhi and reminded them of their duty to protect the royal family and the citizens. True to their loyalty all the 50,000 Hindu soldiers in the Delhi Fort fought to the last man.

    Most of the Hindu women of the city fell into the hands of Muslims and faced the harrowing cruelty that was being let loose in the name of Islam. Prithviraj’s wife Chitrarekha, the damsels of great physical beauty was repeatedly raped by Ghori publicly.

    The sun set on a ghastly scene. All temples strewn with dead bodies were now declared to be mosques. The cows in the city’s dairies were slaughtered for the feasting of Ghori’s hordes.

    Ghori’s forces ran berserk over the whole of north India reducing city after city, ransacking every town, raping and kidnapping young Hindu women, putting to the torch all habitations, plundering and slaughtering, converting and taking slaves.

    At Kannauj, the capital of Jaichand, again stiff resistance was met. Jaichand, the father-in-law of Prithviraj, was in command and no one dared utter a word of despair that Prithviraj being dead they were left without a protector. Jaichand, though old, was as brave, unbending and uncompromising as his young Son-in-law, Prithviraj.
    Ghori had come with a force of 50,000 and had encamped on the outskirts of Kannauj. A beautiful golden temple with a well-built tank in a lush orchard was desecrated by Ghori. The defenders of Kannauj shouted defiance at Ghori warning him to be wise and retreat.

    When despite several days of confrontation Ghori found the people of Kannauj resolute, he dragged the chief-wife of Prithviraj, Rani Samyogita, put her on a white Elephant, the one that Samyogita used to ride and sent her with an escort near the city ramparts. She cried out, “Oh people of the Kannauj, I have some matters of importance to tell you. Come near, so that I may speak.” A body of principal men along with King Jaichand assembled on the ramparts. The woman then uncovered her face and said: “I am Samyogita, the Chief-Queen of Prithviraj. Our Fat king Prithviraj has been killed by Ghori and his head have been sent to Ghor. The royal flags and umbrella have also been forwarded to Ghor. Ghori had raped me repeatedly and forced me to accept Islam. Do not you destroy yourselves?” So saying, she shrieked and wept bitterly and sang a funeral song.

    The people on the ramparts were heart broken because Samyogita was Jaichand’s only daughter. She had eloped with Prithviraj and married him after Tarain I. Jaichand replied, “You are my only daughter. You have been raped repeatedly by Ghori, who also killed your handsome fat husband .Though you are polluted by ugly Islamic rapes, as a father, I will save you from the clutches of Ghori and these cow-eaters.” Saying so, angry Jaichand ordered his huge Hindu army to rush out of the Fort and attack the Muslims.

    Again treachery reared its ugly head. Hindus, noble and unsuspecting, had not realized that Ghori was using Samyogita to incite Jaichand and tricked for an open hand-to-hand fight, in which the Hindus were no match for the Muslims. Soon Jaichand’s huge Hindu army was massacred by the Muslims and Ghori’s axe sent Jaichand’s head rolling down in the dusts of the battle. The hopes of Samyogita were shattered into pieces.

    Ghori’s depredations continued over Hindustan for many long years. His sack of Kannauj brought about a windfall. That ancient city, had a huge golden temple in which were stored 40 jars filled with gold dust, weighing 14,200 maunds (each maund being equal to 40 kilograms approximately). The deity itself was made of red gold and had eyes of bright red rubies. In addition the plunder included many strings of pearls, many rare gems and huge fabulous treasures.

    Hariraj, the younger brother of Prithviraj captured Ajmer back from the Muslims in 1193 A.D with the help of Chalukyas of Gujarat. Bhimdev, the King of Gujarat gave his two beautiful sisters in marriage to Hariraj. Now Ajmer had two young beautiful Queens namely, Padmini and Kamalini. Hariraj like his fat elder brother Prithviraj, wasted his time in continuous copulation and coitus with his two young wives. As the newly married Hariraj was matting continuously with the beautiful Chalukyan princesses, Aibak suddenly attacked Ajmer. Aibak commenced his sudden attack at day-break. Hariraj was matting with his new beautiful wives inside his golden harem. Most of the Hindu soldiers were smooching with their wives and sleeping and some were answereing the calls of nature. The scenario was similar to Tarain II and the result was also similar. In the confusion of the sack, Hariraj panicked and tried to run away with his new young wives. But Aibak castrated and killed Hariraj and captured both his beautiful wives. Ugly Aibak raped those two bewitching damsels again and again for a period of three months. Then he sent both of them to Ghazni for feasting them to Muhammed Ghori.
    The two young princesses were sent to Ghazni in a huge convoy consisting of slaves, women and children. There the two princesses were moved to Ghori’s harem to be taken care of till they were fit to be presented to the Ghori.

    After about two months, the girls were presented to Ghori. The two-month long period indicated the lusty shape they were in after the long and arduous travel from Ajmer to Ghazni. Prithviraj Vijay tells us that Ghori asked the interpreter to inquire of the two girls which of them was elder so that he may ravish her first and send for the second later. Ghori asked the elder one to remain with him and sent back the younger one to the harem. “Sultan Ghori”, says the chronicler, “was enamored of her charms. He laid his hands upon her butts and drew her towards him.”

    The Queen’s eyes flashed anger and revenge. Her honor was at stake. She was in a fiend’s camp where the chastity of women was a matter of sport. Like lightning Padmini stood up and moved away from the Ghori. She made up her mind to kill both the Ghori as well as Aibak at one stroke. Padmini pointedly asked the Ghori, “What kinds of pernicious system have you in which Aibak himself raped us for three montha before passing us on to you? Is it your practice that the seniors ravish women after they had been despoiled by the lackeys?”
    The pointed words didn’t pierce the Ghori’s heart. The smoke of lust had so clouded his mind that he pounced on her and raped her repeatedly for many days. Then he sent for Kamalini who was also raped by Ghori repeatedly for many days. Soon they were converted to Islam and were dumped into Ghori’s harem. Ghori told the two Queens, “Every Muslim has the right to rape any Hindu women even if she is a Hindu Queen. So what Aibak did is right as per Islamic laws. Padmini, you can’t cheat me.”

    Bhimdev, the king of Gujarat continuously helped the Chauhans. So Aibak attacked the capital of Gujarat, Anhilwad Patan. The siege of the city continued for six months. Since the Muslim army outside had raped many country-side women and killed their husbands, the besieged were in great distress. Bhimdev, left the city with a detachment to find his way to South to escape from the wrath of Aibak.

    One night some Muslims stealthily scaled down the fort walls and opened the main door. Taken by surprise when Aibak’s marauders entered the fort shouting Allahu Akbar, the inhabitants of the city flung open the eastern gate so that helpless women and children may escape if possible from the terrible massacre and beastly rapes that always followed Aibak’s entry. But a band of Muslims quickly closed and locked the eastern gate. All Hindu men were killed, their wives were raped and their children were converted to Islam. Such lechery is euphemistically lauded in Indian history as the fusion of Muslim culture with Indian!


  9. As per History, King Prithviraj Chauhan’s sons dedicated their lives to dargah. History says that Prithviraj’s sons came under Gharib Nawaz’s influence.
    According to Prithviraj Vijay, Khwaja had come to Ajmer at a time when Prithviraj Chauhan ruled the kingdom. Prithviraj and his wives had 21 sons of whom only five survived after Tarain II. They were Laikha, Taikha, Saikha, Kola and Bhirda. Laikha, Taikha and Saikha were born to Prithviraj through his beautiful wife Rani Meena. After Tarain II, Ghori captured and raped all the wives of Prithviraj. Ghori gave Prithviraj’s beautiful young wife Rani Meena to Khwaja for the service he did to Islam. Khwaja accepted the gift with great delight and married Rani Meena. Generous Khwaja also accepted Rani Meena’s three little sons as his disciples. They were born to ravishing Meena through her fat husband Prithviraj. They came under Gharib Nawaz’s influence and converted to Islam. They dedicated their lives to his service and after his death looked after his dargah. Their descendants have looked after the dargah ever since. It is a place visited by both Muslims and Hindus.
    Despite of having a very large Hindu army, Fat Prithviraj was not able to stand against the small Muslim army led by Ghori. This Brave PRITHVIRAJ ran off the battlefield with his gorgeous young wife Samyogita. Prithviraj was not capable of being a brave ruler. Despite of being having huge Hindu home ground support, he was unable to defeat a small Muslim army detachment that came from far away.

    The real hero is Ghauri. Yes, the one who defeated the pseudo-hero Prithviraj Chauhan.
    What awe, a hero (false-hero) who deserted the field of battle and ran away in fear with his sensuous wife Samyogita, to save his dear wife’s chastity. Ghori captured Prithviraj and his sensuous wife Samyogita after hot chase. Ghori took them both to Ajmer where he publicly castrated and beheaded Prithviraj. Ghori pounced on Sexy Samyogita and publicly raped Sensuous Samyogita repeatedly. Soon Samyogita accepted Islam and became Ghori’s favourite wife.


  10. The above comment looks strange but good piece


  11. Ha, you people keep on discussing whether who was great, and who killed whom. It matter of fact, rather truth for us Indians to know that Prithvi Raj Chauhan killed Muhmmad Ghouri, when prithvi was defeated by ghouri after seventeen attempts, each time generous privthvi left ghouri.

    Finally when Prithvi Raj Chauahan and his minister (also close friend of prithvi) were under capture of Ghouri, Raja Chauhan was blinded by ghouri.

    Then there was archery competiton held in ghouri’s darbar. Unknowing of Prithvi’s expertise in archery, by ghouri. Prithivi and his minister found this as oppotunity to get ghouri killed. Prithvi’s minister stood up to ghouri in darbaar, and requested that Prithvi Raj Chauhan was much more highly skilled than all of ghouri’s archers. Ghouri unbelieving this, gave Prithivi Raj a permission to show his valour in the darbaar. When it was Chauhan’s turn, his minister game blindfolded Prithvi the location of Muhammad Ghouri in this poetic formation in their own language which was not understood by anyone in the darbaar, except them two.

    “Chaar Gaj, Choubis baan, Angul Ashta Praman,
    eithe pe baita sultan, mat chuke Chauhan”

    At that time Prithvi’s minister requested Ghouri to give Prithvi’s the command to show his valour in archery. Prithvi locating the Ghouri position and following the direction composed in this poem, shot an arrow straight to Ghouri, hitting Ghouri in his neck, killing ghouri on the spot. And so unbearing killing of ghouri, ghouri’s ministers ran to kill to Prithvi and his minister. Prithvi being a Rajput, not wanting to be get killed by evil enemy, ordered his close friended minister to kill him before those moguls would. So his minister following his duty, than also killed himself.

    If there have been any true mistakes then please forgive me, and to all those barbarians gulp it if you can digest it, or vomit it but you can’t modify the substance (story).

    Now its us to Indian’s to know it and for those adharmic people to either accept it or go back to your kazi’s cave.


  12. As a muslim even I am fond of prithvi’s bravery because in us there is a tradition of raping our sister & mothers only.
    I hope éven if I was born as prithviraj.


  13. Prof. Parthasarathy February 6, 2013 — 3:28 pm

    dear neelkanth, as per history the truth is that ghori cut down prithviraj’s lund and repeatedly raped his wife sanyogita in front of him. later ghori killed prithviraj in front of his wife sanyogita and forcibly married sanyogita. this is what given in all history books. even in school books of history it is given simply that ghori killed prithviraj and captured his wife sanyogita at second battle of tarain.

    why you are supporting mere folklore stories like prithviraj killed ghori using arrow which are given only in comic books but never ever in any history books.

    i hope you should support the articles of the author Prithviraj. His articles are some what erotic, but they are nothing but open truth. every one should know the truth and false stories and folklores should not be supported. as gandhiji told sathyameva jeyathae – truth alone triumphs.

    every country in the world teach their true history to their kids, so that their generations are taught to avoid the mistakes again. take the example of japan and korea. they accepted their defeats in the world war and the korean war. now they are again the most powerful nations – back to top from zero.

    but indians fail to tell the truths and history to their generations. that’s why india is not fast growing. we still see many young indians waste their times behind beautiful girls and loosing their ambitions. prithviraj’s real history is an example for the indian youths.

    if they know that india was lost to muslim invaders because of the amorous and sensuous activities of fat erotic prithviraj and beauteous sanyogita, they will atleast stop wasting time behind girls and work hard like veer shivaji and abdul kalam to make India a strong and developed nation. if they were taught false stories like prithvi killed ghori even after he wasted his seminal energy with sanyogita in bed day and night, they won’t become strong and ambitious, but will become prithvi’s and run behind sanyogita’s. then india will again face trouble in the hands of ghori’s.

    please promote the history of prithviraj, not the story of prithviraj. i think you got my point clearly.

    jai bharat mata! jai javan! jai kisan!


  14. Prof. Parthasarathy February 6, 2013 — 3:38 pm

    You favour a woman, you are lost !

    I think you already know the true history of prithviraj. try to propagate the lustful, amorous, sensuous and erotic activities of prithviraj and sanyogita and it’s tragic effect on indian independence.

    it will be a lesson to the present day indian youths. please do this favour to our great nation.

    Bharath Mata ki Jai


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  16. I don’t know if it’s just me or if everybody else enccountering problems with your website.
    It appears as if some of the text within your posts aree running off thhe screen. Can somebody elsse please comment and
    let me know if this is happening to tthem as well?This might be
    a issue with my browser because I’ve had this happen before.
    Many thanks




  17. Greetings! Very helpful advice within this article!
    It’s the little changes which will make the most important changes.

    Many thanks for sharing!


  18. I every time emailed this blog post page to all my contacts, since if liuke to read it then myy links will too.


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    May be that’s you! Having a look ahead to look you.


    1. AOL stands for Art Of Living. You may write to me in detail about the problem that confronts you. May be I am of some help to you. My good wishes.


    INFANTRY: 10,00,000
    ARCHERS: 7,00,000
    CAVALRY: 3,00,000
    ELEPHANTS: 3000

    INFANTRY: 5,00,000
    ARCHERS: 3,50,000
    CAVALRY: 1,40,000
    ELEPHANTS: 700

    INFANTRY: 4,50,000
    ARCHERS: 3,00,000
    CAVALRY: 1,70,000
    ELEPHANTS: 900

    INFANTRY: 30,000
    ARCHERS: 40,000
    CAVALRY: 50,000


  21. Kanauj King Jayachandra’s huge Hindu army consisted of 5,00,000 infantry, 3,50,000 archers, 95,000 men clad in steel armour, 45,000 men covered with quilted mail (Pakhar), 700 war-elephants & in total about one million men.


  22. Kanauj King Jayachandra’s huge Hindu army consisted of 5,00,000 infantry, 3,50,000 archers, 95,000 men clad in steel armour, 45,000 men covered with quilted mail (Pakhar), 700 war-elephants and in total about one million men.


  23. Many Pakistani sites and muslims proclaim that prithviraj chauhan was killed by md. Ghori and rape his wife…………but there are many facts which proves afgan people’s jealousy towards PRC and spreading fake stories about his death
    First of all if prc was killed by ghori in 1192 and ghori was killed in 1206……then what a coincidence that both were burried at same place. We all know that their graves are few meters apart from each other .it is a big coincidence that ghori was killed at same place where PRC was killed and was buried beside him even after 14 years…why people of ghor buried the dead body of their sultan near PRC who defeated him many times and was the biggest rival of their sultan…
    Second and one of the biggest evidence is that even after 800 years local people use to stab on PRC’s grave. The book “Arms and Armour: Traditional Weapons of India” by E Jaiwant Paul says on the outskirts of Ghazni are two domed tombs… The larger was of Ghori and few meters away was a second smaller tomb of Prithviraj Chauhan.

    “In the centre of the second tomb was a bare patch of earth where the actual grave should have been. Hanging over this spot from the top of the dome is a long, thick rope ending in a knot at shoulder height. Local visitors would grab hold of this knot in one hand and stamp vigorously and repeatedly with one foot on the bare patch in the centre of the tomb,” says Paul, a weapons collector.
    Paul, who saw this on his visit to Afghanistan says on seeking an explanation, he found that the Afghans still stamped on his grave because Prithviraj killed Ghori, 800 years ago. Now the question arises why people of afganistan still show so much anger towards PRC even after 800 years.
    Every king and sultan had many enemies in their entire lifetime. So why grave of PRC is given so much disrespect .why people of afganistan have so much anger in their eyes when their sultan killed PRC….

    These all shows that PRC had done something which was not liked by afgan people .there is something which frustrate them even after 800 years i.e. he killed their sultan.PRC killed ghori in his own house even when he was blind.
    1–No Pakistani site talk much about ghori defeat in first battle of tarain…bcoz that fights hows that ghori was coward who beg for his life ,put his head on PRC feet ,did fake promises
    2–They never talk about other defeats of ghori by PRC….they always talk about the victory of 2nd battle of terrain but they never talk about the way of victory .ghori was coward…PRC was dominating in the 2nd battle too .in fear of defeat ghori cowardly attacked on PRC at night when all were taking rest .but still PRC did not give up… Prithviraj kept his resistance till he was captured. When his arrows were exhausted, he fought with his sword and then with his dagger. It took the might of 40 mighty men to capture him when he was barehanded.
    3–They never talk about the cruel act of ghori about PRC blindness…As a prisoner in Ghor, he was marched in the city, dragged in the court of Mahmud daily and insulted, and tortured to convert to cult islam.
    Prithviraj was presented before Mahmud, wherein he looked Ghori straight into the eyes. The daring act of piercing his boldness by looking into eyes of Mahmud disturbed him a lot.
    One day Ghori ordered him to lower his eyes, whereupon a defiant Prithviraj scornfully told him how he had treated Ghori as a prisoner and he is alive because of the mercy of Prithviraj and further added that the eyelids of a Rajputs eyes are lowered only in death. On hearing this, Ghori flew into a rage and ordered that Prithviraj’s eyes be burnt with red hot iron rods.
    4-And finally they never talk about the archry competition where pig ghori was killed by PRC in herioic style…
    Here many people say fake things about PRC….they said that PRC was a fatty king which is nothing but a rubbish. infact he was a very smart king whose gud physique was his one of the strength while fighting…he was a very personality that’s why he was the only person who knows shabd bedi ban vidya….he was one of the best warrior and was equal to many soldiers and a fatty person can’t fight bravely at battlefield…
    Next thing they said that PRC took SANYOGITA with him at battlefield..let me tell u that no rajput took his wife with him at battlefield…infact rajputs ladies took charge of their rajmahal in the absence of king. They also mention that PRC ignore his kingdom for sanyogita nd this is also a fake story. He love his country , his parents , his people , his family , his friends and his wife….

    Another question arises about sanyogita and spread fake stories about her…..many says that PRC took her at the battlefield and after his defeat she was abused….many says ghori suddenly capture her and took her at ghor where she became his begum and soon she fall in love with him……..all these are nothing but fake stories totally fake
    1—Mohammad Ghori died without heir …..He totally depend upon his slaves so how can people says that Ghori married Sanyogita………………….
    2–It is not necessary that rani padmini have heard about sanyogita tragedy because after the death of Alauddin Chittor able to recover its independence….that is why we able to heard about Padmini….but Delhi was remain under muslims so it is very easy for them to destroy the true documents and spread fake stories about her…
    If she was the begum of ghori then where she was buried??? There was PRC’s grave, there was ghori’s grave then where was Sanyogita’s grave…..
    3—PRC never took Sanyogita with him at rajput did so….after their marriage and before 2nd battle of tarain PRC also fought against jaichand so why he did not her with him in that battle…this is nothing but non sence
    4–the 2nd battle took place at tarain which was very far from rai pithora…so how is it possible that ghori don’t allow her to suicide….there are many ways to commit suicide… she could jump from palace , she could kill herself by weapons , she could sollow diamond…..
    5–no hindu father can tolerate that his daughter was physically abused by any other person specially the person to whom he helped in the war….he would probably attack on ghori immediately on 1192 or 1193…but muslim people attack jaichand on 1194 where he was killed…infact they say that jaichand also commit suicide and drawn into the river after hearing about his daughter in 1194…if he had to commit suicide he could do it in the same year or in the next year bt he was killed in 1194…moreover there is no strong evidences which proves that jaichand was killed by ghori
    6–moreover they said that Sanyogita fell in love with ghori…..this is totally foolish story…she was a brave lady who love PRC only—the man who took her from her own sawamber infront of every1 even jaichand also…so how she fell in love with a coward like ghori who attacked rajput army at night…
    This is to be noticed that some hindu writers wrote that PRC killed ghori nd Islamic sites said that ghori killed PRC but no book says that ghori abuse sanyogita…there is no evidence of such fake story….this act is spread only nd only by anti hindu people who hate PRC and wants to put a dirt on the name of sanyogita bcoz they donot know how to respect girls…
    actually when she came to know about PRC defeat she commited jauhar as she knew very well about ghori…
    the truth is that PRC defeat ghori in 1st battle nd when he was prisioned he allowed him to go….ghori felt that this was his big insert so he came back with more powerful army….but PRC and his army was still able to defeat them and did do…on seeing his upcoming defeat ghori decided to attack on them at night and did so…and then mighty PRC was captured…then he went to rai pithora to capture his kingdom and his wife…there he capture his kingdom but found Sanyogita dead…he bcame very angry….then he took PRC with him at ghor.. As a prisoner in Ghor, he was marched in the city, dragged in the court of Mahmud daily and insulted, and tortured to convert to cult islam.
    Prithviraj was presented before ghori, wherein he looked Ghori straight into the eyes. The daring act of piercing his boldness by looking into eyes of Mahmud disturbed the mleccha a lot.
    One day Ghori ordered him to lower his eyes, whereupon a defiant Prithviraj scornfully told him how he had treated Ghori as a prisoner and he is alive because of the mercy of Prithviraj and further added that the eyelids of a Rajputs eyes are lowered only in death. On hearing this, Ghori flew into a rage and ordered that Prithviraj’s eyes be burnt with red hot iron rods.After torturing and gouging out his eyes, Prithviraj was again regularly brought to the court to be taunted by Ghori and his courtiers.In those days Prithiviraj was joined by his former biographer Chand Bardai, who had composed a ballad-biography on Prithviraj in the name of Prithviraj Raso (Songs of Prithviraj). Chand Bardai told Prithiviraj, that he should avenge Ghori’s betrayal and daily insults
    The two got an opportunity when Ghori announced a game of Archery. On the advice of Chand Bardai, Prithviraj, who was then at court said he would also like to participate. On hearing his suggestion, the courtiers guffawed and laughed at him and he was taunted by Ghori as to how he could participate when he could not see. Whereupon, Prithiviraj told Mahmud Ghori to order him to shoot, and he would reach his target. Ghori became suspicious and asked Prithviraj why he wanted Ghori himself to order and not anyone else. On behalf of Prithiviraj, Chand Bardai told Ghori that he as a king would not accept orders from anyone other than a king. His ego satisfied, Mahmud Ghori agreed. On the said day, Ghori sitting in his royal enclosure had Prithviraj brought to the ground and had him unchained first time for the event.then chand describe the exact location of ghori to PRC……….” Char bans, chaubis gaj, angul ashta praman, Ta upar sultan hai, Chuke mat Chauhan.” (Four measures ahead of you and twenty four yards away as measured with eight finger measurement, is seated the Sultan. Do not miss him now, Chauhan). At the same time ghori ordered PRC to shoot the target… then PRC immediately turned towards ghori . Prithviraj took aim based only on the voice and on Chand Bardai’s couplet, he sent an arrow racing to Ghori’s throat. Ghori was thus stuck dead instantly by Prithviraj.after that both of them stabbed each other because they did not want to be killed by ghor soldiers… this incidence was mentioned by chand’s son who was also present there in different attire…
    –So these afgans decide that even they was not successful in defeating PRC even when he was blind but they can spread fake stories about his death….so from that time they are taking revenge of killing ghori in his own house nd also spread fake stories about that the popularity of PRC’s bravery and love story…
    –Moreover they try to hide their sultan’s defeat by a blind person who killed him in his own place…
    They buried both few meters apart from each other and then they made a humiliating tradition that who would came to visit ghori’s grave, first he had t insult PRC grave….and this incident is still following by afgan’s people
    Those people says that all the things mentioned in prithviraj raso about his death is wrong…they don’t put up questions on earlier life of PRC which in mentioned in the book…and if this book is wrong than books of all warriors like akbar, babur is also wrong bcoz they were also written by their poet’s…they books written by king’s poet is the base of every research and if people consider that 1 wrong then do not consider other researches to be right…if prithviraj raso is wrong then they also do not have much strong evidences and proofs that ghori killed PRC


    1. I have all praise for your research work. I am thinking of reproducing it on this blog. Let us see. My sincere thanks for an elaborate version of the event.


  24. First of all i would like to thank people like prithviraj(who is spreading fake stories about our king prithviraj chauhan in above comments)…these kind of people remind us that that the era of coward is 1192 it was md ghori and now people like him…
    I read nearly all the blogs of mr. Neelkanth and all the comments and noticed that the person named prithviraj had written most of the comments and all were against PRC and sanyogita…he repeated all the disgusting thing so many times that i was confused whether i was reading clash b/w PRC and ghori or i was reading sex stories…he written so much about them that even historians will also get confuse is this really true…he stupidly repeated the same thing every time with some more and different spice…if he think that prc was killed by ghori and abuse his wife sanyogita then ok just write and that’s all..but writing same thing again and again only show his foolishness, jealousy towars PRC nothing else…
    Moreover he said prc kaafir only Pakistani people or some Indian muslims who hate hindus and INDIA use this word…and if he dislike PRC so much then he donot use prithvi’s name and use his own name for spreading fake stories about him…he shout a lot that sanyogita was the reason behind PRC falling and he use the pic of PRC and sanyogita(where sanyogita is chosing the statue of prc as her husband) as his dp…
    now come to point which story is true—
    people do not consider the prithvirajraso true bcoz in that book it is mentioned that prc killed ghori and sanyogita committed suicide…but why people do not put questions on earlier life of prc….no one questioned about his bravery when he killed lion barehandly , no one put up question regarding his victory against bheemdev, no one put up question about his love life, no one put up question regarding sanyogita swamber then why every1 lost their mind about PRC killing of ghori…first of all let me tell u that sanyogita is mentioned only in prithvirajraso… the historicity of the Samyukta episode remains a matter of debate..there are very less facts and figures about sanyogita as wikipidea says and if every1 consider in prithvirajraso baseless then where did sanyogita come ,when existence of sanyogita is still a big question then why all r saying that she was abused by ghori….
    now first come to ferishta thaught about ghori…according to him The character of Muhammad Ghori as a man was praiseworthy. He was bestowed with various qualities. He was a man of fine nature and his heart was full of the milk of human kind¬ness. muhammad Ghori was brave, courageous firm and an industri- ous ruler. He could not sit idle after his defeat in the first battle of Tarain and after making constant preparations he again invaded India next year to attain success against the Rajputs. Although during his wars he slaughtered several Hindus, broke the idols and devastated the temples, he did not hurt the feelings of Hindus. He never inspired his soldiers for plundering and destroying the temples.Whatever cruelty he perpetrated at the time of war, it was due to political reason and not because of his reli¬gious fanaticism. W. W. Hunter has remarked, “Muhammad was no religious knight errant of Islam like Mahmood of Ghazni but a prac¬tical conqueror. The objects of his distant expeditions were not temples but provinces.
    Now was it really true?? What kind of humanity he showed?? simply aheartless person who did loots, killed innocent villagers for money, kidnapped their wives, killed their children and muslim historians called him a man with full of kindness…they said that he did not play with the feelings of hindus…oh my god so great—he killed people, destroy kingdoms, destroy 1000 of temples and he did not play with their feelings…it is also mentioned here that he did feel bad after 1st battle of tarain and made plans with more excellence for next war…what type of plans?? how to attack on PRC and his army cowardly at night time…and they called him an excellent ruler and brave warrior..
    Now there is also a book prithviraj vijay by jayanka….what is written over their is unbelievable and totally nonscene…that after pRC death ghori took sanyogita to kannauj and put her on white elephant and sanyogita requested his father to save her, they executed PRC…that’s totally non scene…let me tell u that she was a brave lady…if ghori had really killed PRC(though it was true)she might commit suicide or anything else but never asked for help by putting lives of people of kannauj in danger and she did not beg for help from the person who was responsible for prc defeat…. the lady who did not bother about her life during her swayamvar and ran away with PRC would bother about her life after PRC death…and she wanted to live more after prc not at all
    Moreover he also said that bheemdev, king of Gujarat helped PRC bother hariraj and hariraj was husband of bheemdev’s 2 sisters but it is totally wrong evidence bcoz bheemdev was killed by PRC many years ago as bheemdev killed PRC’s father in a battle…so how could he help hariraj when he was killed by PRC…totally nonscence
    Also according to him every queen was abused by ghori…sanyogita, chitrarekha, padmini, kamalini….they all were rajput brave women and as we all know that there is the tradition of jauhar when their men looses in war…so non of them and other queens had the courage to do suicide even when their husband’s were killed, even when they were aware about the evil intensions of ghori…what the nonscence is going here…we r talking about rajput women when the question arises on their pride the can give their lives and can take other’s lives also
    There are many other wrong thing written by haters of prc
    1. Why would Prithviraj take his wife to battle that too when his fort was in delhi and battle was in haryana, 150 KM from delhi. it makes no sense.
    2.And for once we believe that he actually took his wife along, i dont think he was so naive to have her stay in the middle of the battle field. if she was with him she must be well guarded by the best men in his army so it doesnt make sense that during all this while when Qutub raped Sanyogita and Ghori fought and castrated Prithviraj in so gruesome manner, there was no one in his entire army of 20,00,000( as per your article) to come to his rescue. and dont forget that it was a battle hardened army who had already fought many battle and won. who had entire north west india till khyber under their rule. i dont believe that they just collapsed on their knees asking forgiveness.
    3. how come Ghori and his general decided to sneak behind the enemy lines to satisfy their lust for sanjogita rather than lead their armies in the battle when they were fighting an arch enemy who had already defeated them once and had an army almost ten times bigger ( or two time if you count Jai Chand’s army also).
    4. It is written that ghori looked into the tent where prc and sanyogita were involved in each other. How is it possible that he was able to went in enemy’s kings tent when prc had such a huge army. How he was able to misguide 2 lakh people
    5. another thing which begs explanation is that how come Ghori allowed his slave Qutub to rape sanjogita when he himself was enamoured with her. ( you have written that both gang raped her) in some accounts i have also read that she was converted to islam and Ghori took her as his wife naming her “Malik”, now that doesn’t make sense, why would a king first allow his slave to rape the women for who he fought a mighty army and then make her his wife and queen after having her raped by his slave. Am i missing some thing???


    1. I owe you my thanks for acting as an honest historian without any prejudice or bias. You have analysed the episode in a critical order portraying the total spectrum methodically. I do admire the very scholarly touch given by you to the theme. Such contributions amply impress the readers. Once again my sincere thanks.


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