A visit to Varanasi:

I am a frequent visitor to Varanasi (India) as of all the cities in the country this is the one that attracts me most and is superbly fascinating, more so on the front of a tremendously rich cultural heritage it commands. I have visited several other cities abroad like London, Berlin, Hong Kong, New York, Chicago, Washington, Toronto, Tokyo and Bangkok which have their own charm and beauty, in a way quite captivating, but on home front it is Varanasi that always draws me back so close to it for the reason that it is capable of rendering a sumptuous amount of peace. Sarnath, the top most pilgrimage centre for Budhists, is located nearby at a distance of 7 km where various congregations organised on Budhism philosophy are a routine feature. These programmes are of an immense importance as they are admirably oriented with peace of mind and love for the man kind as a whole. It is a pleasure, sublime and subtle, to attend these functions. Quite adjoining Varanasi at a mere distance of 3 km is Banaras Hindu University (BHU), the great education centre reputedly well known all over the world. There are many who call it ‘Oxford of India’ irrespective of the big difference between the two. The sacred river Ganga (Ganges) is the biggest charm for the visitors to the city. Most, say the majority, of the visitors have faith that one dip into the river is capable of rendering salvation to the devotee who takes it.

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2 thoughts on “A visit to Varanasi:

  1. Nice article.


  2. Varanasi is a holy place worth visiting


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