Mine is a romantic relationship with the blogs:

When I surf a blog, more so my own, going through different posts I do draw a pleasure as if I am doing some thing so compatible to  my mental set up and this pleasure doubles up when I get engrossed with its design and settings to make my posts more appealing which exercise is quite cumbersome at times but even in that event too my interest does not get dwindled in any manner, it rather enhances. It is equally interesting when I peruse the posts on the blogs of others when it gives me a feel as if I am travelling through the whole world. It all gives me the satiation of the nature of a romance so lively and inspiring. Whenever I am under some mental strain and some kind of tension overtakes my thought process I readily resort to such an exercise and this mode of my approach does give considerable relief to my mind. My pleasure doubles when I am able to come across some avenues of commercial interest emerging from blogs/ posts. Thanks to those who made such a mechanism available on line.

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2 thoughts on “Mine is a romantic relationship with the blogs:

  1. One man lost India to Islam
    PRITHVIRAJ CHAUHAN – Rajput hero, the last Hindu King of India.
    Prithviraj (also known as Rai Pithora, hence Pithoragarh) was a powerful ruler of India. His reign has been chronicled by his court poets Chand Bardai and Jayanka.
    The Afghan ruler of Ghazni, known as Mohammad Ghori (who succeeded Mahmud Ghazni, the Gujarat invader and sacker of Somnath) invaded Punjab and conquered his way up to very close to Delhi. However, his forces were defeated by the huge forces of Prithviraj Chauhan in the first battle of Tarain in 1191 AD. Ghori was badly wounded and his small army was thrashed. However Ghori managed to escape from the battlefield. The heavy numerical superiority of Prithviraj’s army was too strong for the Muslim enemy.
    As per the history, Prithviraj was infatuated with Samyukta, the beautiful daughter of the rival king Raja Jaichand of Kannauj. Gorgeous Samyukta was also in deep love with Prithviraj and she fancied Prithviraj very much. After the first battle of Tarain, Prithviraj abducted Samyukta on horse-back (with her hearty consent) further uniting the kingdom of Raja Jaichand with his Hindu empire.
    Prithviraj married Samyukta and made her as his Queen. The amorously erotic couple had a very long endless honeymoon. Prithviraj and Samyukta were always erotic and they never came out of their golden harem. Fatty Prithviraj was so enthralled by the beauty of his new-bride Samyukta. Day and night, the newly married couple had non-stop coitus in their flower-bedroom. Soon gorgeous Samyukta became pregnant and gave birth to a male child. Prithviraj never came out from the bedroom of his young bride Samyukta. The newly wedded lovers continued their erotic coupling and endless coitus in their own lustful ways. And so, lovely Samyukta became Pregnant for the second time. Beautiful Samyukta girdled Prithviraj too much and she never allowed her fatty husband to go out from her bedroom. The intricacies of the love-lore of this young couple should be read by each of us as they are so fascinating.
    The very next year, in 1192 AD, Ghori came back with an attack. He attacked so soon because he want to capture and rape Prithviraj’s beauteous bride Samyukta at any cost. Alarmed by this news, Prithviraj sent orders to all Rajas of Hindustan to join him with their army. It is said that all Rajas of hindustan gave military support to the Chauhan king.
    Prithviraj was accompanied by his pregnant wife Samyukta while going to this second battle of Tarain. Seeing the huge Hindu army of Prithviraj, Ghori lost all his hopes. His Muslim army was too small when compared with the Hindu army. He decided to retreat. At that time Ghori got a letter from Prithviraj requesting a cease-fire. Ghori cunningly replied that he won’t attack till next morning. Haughty Prithviraj laughed at this reply and declared that Ghori would run back. Amorous Prithviraj carried his sexy Samyukta erotically into his golden tent. Following their King, the Hindus started to celebrate this victory with their wives and concubines in the battlefield. For Hindus morning starts from 6 A.M. but for Muslims morning starts from 3 A.M. Ghori played his trick using this difference.

    Prithviraj and his Hindus spent the whole night by matting with their beautiful wives. Early in the morning the Hindus slept smooching their concubines. But their fat king Prithviraj continued to pump his hot semen into Samyukta’s sweet vagina. Fatty Prithviraj struck up his fat penis into slender Samyukta’s sweet vagina and screwed her into the heavens. Sexy Samyukta was nursing her fatty husband continuously with her sweet milk which was overflowing from her heavy beautiful breasts to give him energy. The erotic couple never slept that night and had non-stop coitus. Ghori attacked in the early morning by 3 A.M. and took the Hindus by surprise. Muslims caught the penis and testes of Hindus and crushed them to death. Muslims caught the entire Hindu womenfolk and raped them in front of their emasculated and castrated husbands.
    Ghori hurriedly entered Prithviraj’s tent. He was surprised to see Prithviraj was engaged in erotic matting with Samyukta in fear. Since fatty Prithviraj was involved in coitus with slender Samyukta, he could not fight with Ghori. Ghori caught Prithviraj’s testes and crushed them with his hard hands. Prithviraj’s testes were liquefied by Ghori’s hard crush. Ghori pulled out Prithviraj’s fat penis from Samyukta’s sweet vagina. Then Ghori rooted out Prithviraj’s fat penis from his body. Seeing the fate of her fatty husband Samyukta tried to run away. But ugly Ghori caught her and raped her repeatedly in front of her emasculated and castrated husband. Ghori raped and sodomized Samyukta many times in front of her dying husband.
    Since Ghori uprooted Prithviraj’s penis and testes from his fat body, Prithviraj bleeded heavily and was dying in pain. When Ghori was raping Samyukta heavily in front of Prithviraj, Chauhan shouted ugly words on Ghori and Islam. Irritated Ghori beheaded Prithviraj and butchered his fatty body into pieces in front of his charming wife. Ghori converted Samyukta to Islam by repeatedly raping her and married her. Soon Samyukta became Ghori’s favourite wife and so Ghori made her as his Queen. The entire Hindu army was massacred; their women were raped and converted to Islam by force. Prithviraj Chauhan lost his life and wife to Ghori in the second battle of Tarain in 1192 AD due to his heavy lust and infatuation for his beauteous Queen Samyukta. Finally India fell at the foot of Islam.
    Thus the lust of Raja Prithviraj for his gorgeous Rani Samyukta caused the downfall of India which went under Islamic rule for nearly eight Centuries.
    One man lost India to Islam.


  2. Interesting.


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