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There has been a demand from my readers from time to time to change the design and style of my site (earlier one before change) as it was not easily legible to them, may be because of deep colours. Necessary change has since been made and hopefully this should be in consonance of the desire of my esteemed readers as the current site if plain and appears to be legibly clear. Body of text apart, the two side bars have been retained by changing their location to extreme left and extreme right. If it still fails to tally with the demand so raised by my readers, I shall definitely go for another change. I am extremely thankful to my readers.

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3 thoughts on “In reply to comments

  1. Hi sir,

    My dad is a employee of syndicate bank and he is suffering from dialysis and he wants to get me a job in syndicate bank on behalf of him to do service with bank, please let me know What is the procedure and can I get a job.


    1. Hi sir,

      Please let me know sir.



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