Prithviraj Chauhan -It’s a virtual clash on views !

prithvi_raj_chauhan1Many a views, many a comments on my posts on Prithviraj Chauhan/ Sanyogta are there which are violently directed against each other turning into a virtual clash. History knows Prithviraj Chauhan as a great Indian hero as Indians recognize him. He is described as the one too who miserably lost to Mohd. Ghori. Since it is a matter hundreds of years old, it is not easy to establish a fool proof authenticity of facts and naturally therefore difference of opinion on several counts is bound to be there. What is more embarassing is the mode of address in respect of certain comments where it appears like the commentators have developed a personal disdain against me as if all the comments talking ill of Prithviraj Chauhan and Sanyogta are made by me only ignoring that I am the author and am not supposed to pass comments on my own posts. Several comments I had to delete or mark as spam as they contained so much of an abusive language with explosive slangs retaining of course several others which could be tolerable. All are free with every right to express themselves and I do admire the many commentators who came out with a powerful data and substance to prove their view point for or against Prithviraj Chauhan and such comments are certainly praise worthy as they help in studying the history more closely. I have regard and respect for my readers but at times feel some what guilty as if it is me who made my readers quarrel among themselves at times in too aggressive a manner. I am continuing to work at my best to study and find out the true facts making a note to elaborate them for my readers after I feel satisfied on their authenticity and hopefully they may appreciate my approach.

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  1. On an “auspicious day” in A.D. 1192 — Mohammed Ghori started for Hindustan at the head of 12,000 Muslim warriors mostly Turks, Afghans, and some Arab soldiers of fortune. His 12,000 soldiers, 2,000 horses and 100 camels were given coats of leather, fur and thick cloth, respectively due to lack of steel and iron Armour!

    When the Muslim army besieged Bhatinda fort, the battle raged for just 3 hours since it was not a major town fort like Ajmer or Delhi . The fort fell since all the 20,000 rajputs soldiers were killed and Dheep chand, the incharge of Bhatinda, surrendered. Carnage followed. And so did rape of Hindu women.

    At a time when the muslims were short of both food and fodder, Dheep Chand surrendered that fort but there was neither a grain of food nor fodder in that fort because Dheep Chand had burnt them before surrender. Qutub-ud-din Aibak, Ghori’s slave general butchered Dheep Chand into pieces. Undaunted Ghori left 2,000 Muslims soldiers in the captured fort to hold it and crossed the river with the remaining 10,000 Muslim soldiers to kill Hindu Raja Prithviraj Chauhan. Ghori now began to predict the “inevitable victory of the Muslims”. But Prithviraj still continued to be over-confident because of the size of his very large army. Prithviraj’s Hindu army had 5,00,000 horses, 50,000 elephants, 50,000 camels and five million Hindu soldiers. Since plenty of steel and iron ore were available in Hindustan, Hindu soldiers, their horses and elephants were all well protected by iron and steel Armour. Contrary to Samrasi’s advice, he allowed the Muslims to cross the river to be able to fight. Ghori said to his slave Aibak, “lest it be imagined by fatty Prithviraj that we are in perplexity and have become very weak and powerless.”

    As the battle raged between the Muslims and the Hindus, Usman Khan, a lieutenant of Ghori, went over to the Hindus and told them of Ghori’s plans. Even so, the Muslim army fought so well that, says the ‘Prithviraja Vijaya’, “the army of Islam became irresolute and their lines were broken up in great confusion. It was generally believed that the Muslims were defeated, and put to flight.”
    At this stage traitor Usman Khan with some Ghori’s men ran away from the battlefield. Mohammed Ghori was then “so perplexed that he called out for water”. Simultaneously a cry went up that the Queen Samyukta in the Hindu army had been cornered by Aibak and some Muslim rapists. This led to confusion. Prithviraj was heard by the Muslims shouting something like “aluth aval marbai, aluth aval suthai”, (meaning “press her breasts, press her buttocks”). Prithviraj lost his heart. Then a fiery arrow from Ghori hit Prithviraj’s howdah and set it on fire. Soon after, another arrow from Ghori hit Prithviraj but it did not pierce his heart because Prithviraj was luckily protected by his steel armour. And Prithviraj jumped down from his howdah, mounted a fast horse and ran to protect his wife from being raped by the muslims. Seeing their King’s howdah empty, confusion broke among the Hindus and they lost all their hopes. Millions of Hindu soldiers were butchered by the Muslims. Prithviraj saw Ghori and Aibak raping his lovely Queen. Prithviraj fought with Ghori. But Aibak continued to rape beautiful Samyukta. Prithviraj got dishearted on seeing the rape of his wife by aibak and he was no match for Ghori. Soon he was defeated and captured by Ghori. The Hindus were killed in large numbers. More than four million hindu soldiers were killed by muslims in the battlefield. Other one million hindu soldiers were severely wounded by the muslims and they ran away from the battle. Ghori cut down Prithviraj’s coupling reproductive organ. Then Ghori raped Samyukta in front of her beloved husband Prithviraj. Ghori forced Prithviraj to convert to Islam. But Prithviraj refused. Ghori pierced Prithviraj’s eyes and placed Prithviraj’s removed testis in the place of his eyes. Still Prithviraj refused to accept Islam. Enraged Ghori beheaded Prithviraj. It was on the evening of Saturday the 8 December A.D. 1192. the Muslims had conquered India. It was one of the saddest days in history of Sub-continent. Mohammed Ghori captured Prithviraj’s harem and raped all his beautiful wives. Prithviraj wives were converted to Islam and they became Ghori’s favourite concubines. Prithviraj’s most beautiful young wife, Rani Samyukta who had been raped in the battlefield by Ghori and Aibak, now accepted Islam and married Mohammed Ghori. Soon Samyukta became Ghori’s chief Queen.

    When Prithviraj’s severed head was presented to Khwaja Chisti, he sang: “we have conquered Hindustan after enormous trouble…. Betrayed is Prithviraj by Mohammed Ghori’s masterly strategy. Rejoice, the evil doers are disgraced. Their wealth has been brought away . . . They are now solitary and brittle as eggs and their women, fair and fragrant as musk-deer, are now asleep in our harems.”


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    2. My dear friend, can u tell what was the religion of parents of so called prophet Muhammad?


  2. Sanyogita was the most beautiful women ever in this world. She was chanted by the historians as 50 kgs Golden Lady. Every man who ought to see her will have his lust aroused. She loved handsome and fat emperor Prithviraj Chauhan very much. Prithviraj was very much infatuated towards beautiful Sanyogita. So they eloped and married. They continued their honeymoon endlessly. But soon Muhammed Ghori defeated and killed Prithviraj Chauhan and captured Prithvi’s lovely Queen Sanyogita. Sanyogita never committed Jauhar. Ghori RAPED her in 1192 after he butchered her beloved husband Prithviraj in the second battle of Tarain and made her his Queen. She was converted to Islam and was given the name Mallika-e-hind by Ghori. After Ghori, his general Qutub-ud-din Aibak dragged her to his harem and made her his wife. After Aibak’s death in 1210, Iltutmish married Sanyogita. Razziya begum was the daughter of Iltutmish and Sanyogita. Sanyogita had 7 issues. One was a male child born to her and Prithviraj. Ghori had two female children through Sanyogita. Aibak also had two female children through Sanyogita. Iltutmish had one male and one female child through Sanyogita. Sanyogita died at the age of 39 in 1214, as begum of Iltutmish. She had four husbands, Prithviraj, Ghori, Aibak and Iltutmish. She was also once raped by Khwaja Chisti in 1191, when she went to pushkar temple, after her marriage and suhaag raat with Prithviraj Chauhan. Among her husbands only Prithviraj was young (23 years), handsome, fair and fat with mustache. Ghori (41) and Aibak (40) were very ugly, balded, bearded and black. Iltutmish (38) was some what better and bearded. Khwaja who raped Sanyogita after her suhaag raat with Prithviraj Chauhan was not only ugly and long bearded but also old (61). Sanyogita was happy only when she was Prithviraj Chauhan’s wife. After that she led a miserable life in Islamic harems as she was raped daily by the Muslim Sultans. All this informations were given in postgraduate indian history books. Go and refer. Only after seeing Sanyogita’s fate, other rajput queens committed jauhar in the future to save their honour from the raping muslims.


  3. Mohammed Ghori proposed a peace treaty to Prithviraj, while he was invading the other parts of the country but the proud Rajput refused to enter into any alliance with him. But in second battle of Tarain 1192 A.D, Mohammed Ghori killed Prithviraj Chauhan.
    Ghori killed the adult male Hindu inhabitants for the glory of Islam, set flowing rivers of blood, sent the women of the chauhan’s harem with all their gold, silver, and jewels, to his own home, and made about twenty thousand maidens his private slaves.
    Ghori dug up the foundations with the greatest care and the heads of Brahmins, Rajputs and idolaters danced from their necks and fell to the ground and their feet and blood flowed in torrents.
    Prithviraj Chauhan was “Fatty, Fair & Handsome”.
    It’s true that Prithviraj had many Queens, the youngest being Sanyogita. His Queens were very beautiful and Sanyogita was the most beautiful among them. Ghori after capturing Prithviraj’s harem was amazed to see Chauhan’s beautiful wives and uttered, “lotus to moons likes wives of Prithviraj”. Ghori raped all of them. He repeatedly raped Sanyogita again and again.

    Reference Books: Prithviraja Vijaya written by Jayanka, Hammira Mahakavya, Taubiq-i-Nasir written by Ghori’s historian Hasan Nizami, Ghori-Allah-i-Nama by Alburuni.


  4. I think the person who wrote above comments is mentally ill , thats what its very much evident .

    This idiot is saying that 12000 pigs faught and conqured india … ooops biggest lies of history .

    Did you forgot that same Ghori was captured and released by Prithviraj just one year ago in 1191 .

    By the way Prithbviraj was bravest and he was taken to Afghanistan alive where he killed ghori yes he killed ghori and still there are two tombs one for Ghori and next to it for Prithviraj .

    Even after 900 years tribals abuse tomb of Prithviraj because he killed ghori in his own land .

    Ans thats the bravest son on india …
    Forget about catching his wife, they did Johar as soon as they came to know about prthviraj


    1. I totally support you, my brother….#ppb


  5. Yes…
    I agree with ppb, that the person who wrote above comments is mentally ill….


  6. Historians have debated over the cause of the defeat of Hindus at 2nd battle of tarain with much enthusiasm. Apart from epigraphal analysis, historians also have at their disposal writings of many foreign travellers to the kingdom around the time of the war.
    It has been suggested that though the Rajput armies had very large number of cavalry on horseback, they depended on commanders riding war elephants making them slower on battlefield. But the Muslim armies had some swift Persian horses used by key sections of the army and commanders. This gave the them an edge.
    It is also well known that all the three main commanders of the Rajput army including Prithviraj himself were young commanders compared to the aged commanders of the Muslim armies who were experienced. Prithviraj was just 26 years of age whereas Ghori was 46 years old.
    While the Muslim infantry depended on bows made of bamboo, the Rajput armies used crossbows made of metal which were much more effective in accuracy and distance. But, the Rajput armies used 7 feet (2.1 m) long spears and javelins while the Muslim armies used 15 feet (4.6 m) long spears while riding horse back. This gave them a clear advantage.
    The Rajput armies were much better protected by armours manned by Indian blacksmiths and goldsmiths, who were at that time considered the best at making armours while Muslims depended on Turkestan armours which were made of poor quality metals. Muslims lacked metal ores and also their blacksmiths were not as well trained. So most of the Muslims used animal leather as a protective armour.
    There were some initial chaos in the Muslim army due to the betrayal by two key Muslim commanders, the Shah brothers who had hundreds of soldiers under their command. These commanders were defectors from the Ghaznavi kingdom and later employed by Muhammed Ghori. The Shah brothers were known to had fled the battlefield at a key juncture after seeing the huge strength of the Hindu army. This has been strongly supported by the writings of two European travellers, Frendricci and Frenchman Anquetil Du Perron who visited Lahore in 1192 C.E.
    In spite of all these advantages, historians agree that the biggest reason for the collapse of the rajput army was sensual pleasure of the rajputs who were always amorous with their beautiful ladies. Prithviraj was also the king of these amorous activities as well. He kept on matting with his young beautiful queen Samyukta inside his tent in the battlefield of Tarain during this second battle. When the satanic Muslims attacked the Hindus in early morning hours, every Rajput soldier was matting with his lady. What was worst is that Prithviraj didn’t stopped matting Samyukta even after the Muslims commenced their lethal attack. He came hours after the attack after matting Samyukta atleast some twenty times. But still the rajputs gained considerable success initially merely due to their huge numbers. But soon the Muslims started raping rajput women who were like musk deer. The Hindus got distracted and they now concentrated in protecting their wives from being raped by Muslims. Ghori and Aibak captured beautiful queen Samyukta and started raping that heavenly Venus. Prithviraj distracted by this move ran away from his bodyguards towards his beautiful wife to protect her from being raped by Ghori and Aibak. Now Having Prithviraj in their trap, Ghori butchered Prithviraj in head to head combat as fatty Prithviraj was no match for Ghori physically. After killing Prithviraj, Ghori cut down his coupling organ and head. Aibak holded Prithviraj’s head at his spear tip and waved it in front of Hindus. Ghori continued to rape beautiful Samyukta. Seeing their Kings head at the Muslim’s spear tip and their holy amorous queen being raped continuously by Ghori, the remaining rajputs who survived the Islam’s lethal attack now took to their heels and ran away from the battlefield. Thus the Muslims massacred and crushed the Hindus.


  7. Facts from history book “prithviraj chauhan and his times” written by Professor Dr. R.V. Somani M.A. hons(history), Phd(on Prithviraj Chauhan III):

    1. The size of Prithviraj’s army in first battle of Tarain was 3,00,000 horses, 30,000 elephants and 20,00,000 soldiers. The size of Ghori’s army in first battle of Tarain was 70,000 soldiers on horses.

    2. The first battle of Tarain took place before the marriage of Prithviraj & Samyukta.

    3. The first battle of Tarain took place in january 1191 A.D.

    4. Prithviraj and Samyukta married in February 1191 A.D., i.e, one month after the first battle of Tarain.

    5. Prithviraj made Samyukta Pregnant very soon and she gave birth to a male child in October 1191 A.D.

    6. Prithviraj made Samyukta Pregnant again in December 1191 A.D.

    7. The second battle of Tarain took place in February 1192 A.D. i.e, after the marriage of Prithviraj & Samyukta. Samyukta was 3 months pregnant(2nd pregnancy) at the time of this second battle.

    8. The size of Prithviraj’s army in this second battle of Tarain was 5,00,000 horses, 50,000 elephants, 35,00,000 soldiers, 15,00,000 ladies. Out of this 15,00,000 women, 12,00,000 ladies were wives of the soldiers and the other 3,00,000 women were either simply concubines or prostitutes. The size of Ghori’s army in this second tarain battle was 1,20,000 ugly muslim soldiers in horses.

    9. Jaichandra Rathod was angry with Prithviraj since Prithviraj had eloped with Jaichandra’s daughter. So Jaichandra didn’t help Prithviraj. But at the same time he never gave any sought of help to the Muslim invader Ghori because Ghori was a Muslim.

    10. The main reason for Prithviraj’s defeat was that after his marriage with Samyukta, Prithviraj never came out of his Harem. This Handsome King lost himself in the beauty of his beauteous new wife Samyukta. Slender waist, soft & sexy Samyukta too lost herself in the charmness of Fatty Prithviraj. Since Prithviraj was coupling with his lovely queen all the time, he became soft. Softest Samyukta always needed her husband Prithviraj to mate with her non-stoppingly. Prithviraj even carried second time Pregnant Samyukta with him to the second battle of Tarain. When Ghori attaked in early morning hours, every Rajput soldier was matting with his wife like their king and queen. But what was worst is that Prithviraj & Samyukta never stopped matting and they continued matting even after Ghori attacked their army. Prithviraj & Samyukta remained inside their tent and were engaged in coupling continuously. They never came out since they were in the peak of their matting. Prithviraj & samyukta matted several times when Ghori was attacking & killing hindus. Finally Ghori went inside Prithviraj’s tent and found Prithviraj & samyukta were matting fastly. Prithviraj struck up his Penis inside Samyukta’s vagina & Samyukta locked herself with Prithviraj. Prithviraj fought with Ghori but at the same time he was also matting with Samyukta continuosly by holding her butt with his one hand. Ghori saw Prithviraj’s Penis pumping inside Samyukta’s vagina. Ghori chopped of prithviraj’s ever coupling big penis and crushed highly verile testis of Prithviraj. Finally Ghori beheaded and killed Fair and Fatty Prithviraj. Prithviraj could not even make a single injury to Ghori because Prithviraj was now very soft since Prithviraj was always coupling with his beautiful wife Samyukta. Hard muscular Ghori butchered Prithviraj’s body into pieces and thrown it away in the dust. Ghori captured Samyukta and raped her repeatedly, continuously, harly & cruelly then and their with her husband Prithviraj’s dead body laying aside.

    11. Ugly Ghori attacked India because he was very much infatuated on Beauteous Samyukta and Ghori wanted to rape Samyukta.

    12. Towards the end of this second Tarain battle, Ghori and Prithviraj met in head to head personel combat inside Prithviraj’s golden tent in which fatty, handsome and double chinned Prithviraj was proved to be no match to ugly, tall and rigid muscular Ghori.

    13. Ghori pierced Prithviraj’s head with his spear & waved that head in front of Hindus. Already 30,00,000 hindu soldiers were killed by Muslim Soldiers in the battlefield & all the wives & concubines of Hindu soldiers were captured & raped by Muslim. Now on seeing their fatty king Prithviraj’s head in Ghori’s spear tip, remaining hindu soldiers who were already panic sticken, now took to their heels. Hindus ran away from the battlefield. The fleeing Hindus were chased and cut down by the muslims. Not even a single Hindu soldier escaped with his life & not even a single hindu lady was left chaste. Not even a single muslim soldier was killed.

    14. All 35,00,000 hindu soldiers were killed in this battle because following their fatty handsome king Prithviraj as an example all the rajput men married their beautiful women & were matting with their wives & concubines repeatedly. Rajput women also had very heavy libido for their handsome men. So the soft Rajputs now became softest hindus. They could not stand before ugly & muscular muslims who were sturdy mountaineers. Muslim women were ugly andso muslim men wanted beautiful rajput women as their wives. But Hindu women never liked ugly muslim men and Hindu ladies were very much infatuated towards their handsome hindu men. Rajputs who were always matting with their sexy women will never allow muslims to rape their beautiful women. So muslims killed the rajputs and raped their beauteous wives.

    15. Ugly Ghori captured & repeatedly raped very fair, very beautiful & pregnant Queen of Prithviraj, i.e, Slender Stunning Sexy Samyukta. But Samyukta never committed suicide because Ghori never gave her any chance to committe sucide. Ghori never left Samyukta alone & repeatedly raped her. Since Samyukta was softer already & now since she was pregnant, samyukta was the softest lady in the world. Her soft, sexy & pregnant body could not tolerate the repeated heavy rapes made on her by Muslim Ghori. Ugly Ghori was raping pregnant Samyukta continuously for some months hardly and one night when Ghori was raping her hardly, her pregnancy was aborted. But Ghori didn’t stop raping her even after she was bleeding heavily due to abortion. Samyukta lost her life in this final rape made on her by muslim sultan Ghori due to severe pain & shock. Thus ended Queen Samyukta’s terrible intolerable agony of rape which caused her heavy disgrace & pain. Cruel Muslim Ghori even raped Samyukta’s dead body for 8 days. After that he graciously allowed the hindus to burn Samyukta’s dead body.


  8. Ajmer is an ancient and beautiful city in Rajsthan. It was founded by Raja Yudhisthir in Samt. 202. Certain historical and political factors are mainly responsible for its growth and development. The different historical names Ajmer was known at different times are Jai-Meare, Haidrag, AaoMear, Jia Nagar and Jalopur. According to various authors, Raja Yodhisthir ruled over it. Raja Yudhisthir, also known as Chatur Bhuja, founded another State formerly known as Nehrula and now called Patan Gujrat. Because Ajmer was a historic city, remarkable for its picturesque situation and its strategic importance, some prominent Kings founded certain spots and developed them. As Raja Jai Pal selected the city spot on the Hill, Raja Visal Deva selected Anand Kote.
    In short, beginning with Raja Yodhisthir upto Raja Prithvi Raj Chauhan, as many as one hundred and twenty Rajas have ruled over this town during a period of four thousand eight years. Raja Prithviraj Chowhan ruled for 13 years. Then after the second battle of Tarain, which witnessed heavy bloodshed by Hindus, it came under the Muslim Sultan Mohammed Ghori.

    Emperor Prithviraj Chauhan ruled from 1179 to 1192 AD. He was a legendary figure in the Rajput history of India. He was the son of Raja Someshwara who ruled from 1169 to 1179 A D over a big northern part of India. Raja Somdshwara was the 29th ruler in the lineage of Raja Vasudeva who descended form Chahuman the founder of the “Chauhan” clan of Rajputs whose date is untraceable. Raja Vasudeva is however reported to have flourished in Vikram Samvat 608 or 551 AD according to the genealogical tree given at the end of Prabhandakosh.

    Emperor Prithvi Raj was the last Hindu Emperor of India who ruled over a mighty empire from Taragarh Fort of Ajmer and Delhi. He enjoyed the unique distinction of being the “flower of Rajput chivalry and human beauty” of his time. Prithviraj Chauhan was fair, fatty & handsome king with an excessive appetite. He drank 12 litres of milk daily and weighed about 15 karkal i.e, over 90 kgs. His famous bard, Chand has described his heroic exploits and romantic career in “Prithvi Raj Raso,” a rare but historic documentary on the contemporary history of Rajputs in India. It was during the reign of this emperor Prithvi Raj that Hazrat Khawaja Moinuddin Chishty arrived in Ajmer on his holy mission in 1191 AD. The Khawaja Sahib had to resist all the stubborn opposition of Prithvi Raj.

    Politically Ajmer was the pivot of a mighty kingdom that swayed over the most prominent part of India. Geographically it was the heart of India from which the life blood flowed through all the vital veins of the country and socially and economically it was at the zenith of Hindu superiority and power during the time of Khawaja Sahib’s arrival in India. There could, therefore be no other suitable place for the seat of his mission to pilot the movement of Islam in this country.
    At the time, when Khwaja Sahib entered India, King Shahabuddin Ghauri was defeated by Prithviraj, the king of Delhi and Ajmer and his army retreated to Ghazni. Muslims asked Khwaja Sahib (R.A) and his companions not to proceed further as the Muslims had been defeated. But all the Saint said: “You were dependent on swords but we have faith in Almighty.” Thus the caravan reached Multan, at the bank of Ravi. Across the Ravi was located Lahore the capital of Punjab and the high rise spires of temples were telling the tales of splendor of the city.

    After leaving Lahore, Khwaja Gharib Nawaz (R.A) reached Samna (Patiala) and stayed there. Though apparently, people there were sympathetic but in reality they were enemy to him and wanted to harm him. The mother of Prithviraj, King of Delhi and Ajmer was an astrologer and after having knowledge through her astrology, she informed her son about signs of a person who will be the cause of his destruction. She predicted that a Muslim Dervesh would one day arrive in his kingdom. She warned her son that Muslim Dervesh’s entry would bring dishonor to Prithviraj’s wife’s chastity and Prithviraj himself would be killed soon and his kingdom would perish. Prithvi Raj was very much astonished to hear such words from her mouth. In view of this prediction, the king asked the artists to sketch the person who resembled Khwaja Gharib Nawaz (R.A) and sent these sketches to all the border areas. He also ordered his men to kill the person resembling with sketch as and where found. Twelve years after the prediction was made, Prithvi Raj was informed that a Muslim Dervesh had indeed arrived in his kingdom as predicted by Raja’s mother.

    Thus when Khwaja Gharib Nawaz (R.A) reached Samna, Raja’s men seeing the resemblance, tried to kill him. But Khwaja Sahib (R.A) comprehended their inner feelings through Divine inspiration. So he along with his companions slipped from the hands of their enemies safely and reached Ajmer.
    When Khwaja reached Ajmer, Prithviraj was newly married and was honeymooning endlessly with his new beautiful wife, Queen Samyukta. Rani Samyukta was the most beautiful women ever in this world. She was chanted by the historians as 50 kgs Golden Lady. Every man who ought to see her will have his lust aroused. She loved handsome and fat emperor Prithviraj Chauhan very much. Prithviraj was very much infatuated towards beautiful Samyukta. After defeating Ghori in the first battle of Tarain, Prithviraj eloped with this very beautiful young lovely lady, Samyukta, the princess of Kanouj. Prithviraj married Samyuktha and the royal couple continued their honeymoon endlessly. Prithviraj forgot his duties as an emperor and spent all the valuable times with his lovely wife Samyukta and he never came out of her harem. Nor did Samyuktha remember her husband about his duties. They forgot themselves in their love and lust.
    After extensive tours and travels to Kirman, Baghdad, Hamdan, Tabrez, Astrabad, Bukhara, Kharqan, Samarqand Chisht, Harat, Sabzwar and Afghanistan, the Great Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Hassan Chishty (R.A.) entered India in 587 Hijri (1191 A.D.) through Shadman, Multan and Lahore. Historians have noted that before the second attack of Sultan Shahabuddin Mohammad Ghori to Prithvi Raj, the Great Hazrat Khwaja Baba (R.A.) was already in Ajmer and judging the day of victory of the Islamic forces in 588 Hijri. This means that the Sultan attacked India in 588 Hijri (1192 A.D.) and became victorious by blessings of the Great Khwaja Garib Nawaj (R.A.).
    The Great Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Hassan Chishty (R.A) reached Ajmer in the year 587 Hijri. While in Ajmer the Great Hazrat Khwaja Baba (R.A.) had to face many troubles created by the Raja Prithviraj Chauhan and his subordinates. The bad treatment received by Hazrat Khwaja Baba (R.A.) compelled him to pay the Raja back in the same coin according to the Islamic ethical rules.
    It is a historical fact that the Great Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Hassan Chishty (R.A) was the greatest preacher as well as founder of Islam in India. Mohd. Bin Kasim raided Sindh. Muhmud Ghazni entered India, captured up to Lahore and also plundered many cities including Ajmer. But they left without sowing any seeds of Islamic doctrines. It was now during Prithvi Raj’s reign, Mohammed Ghori was defeated, and the Great Hazrat Khwaja Baba (R.A.), the Holy Saint of Allah, arrived at Ajmer with his few followers and camped in a grove of shady trees where Alamgiri mosque is now situated. Raja’s camel keepers objected to their halt at the camels resting spot. The Raja’s camel keepers insisted that the place was meant only for Raja’s camels. Thus these strangers must vacate immedi¬ately and go somewhere else. On hearing such angry and rude instructions from the camel keepers, the Great Hazrat Khwaja Baba (R.A.) became angry and replied. “We are leaving this place, but the camels must not get up.” The Raja’s staff took this remark as a joke. The next day, when the camels did not get up in spite of all efforts to make them move, this incident was brought to the notice of Raja Prithvi Raj Chauhan. The Raja became very perturbed and he asked his people to apologize to the Saint. When the camel keepers did so, Hazrat Khwaja Ghareeb Nawaz (R.A.) said, “Now the camels will get up.” On their return the Raja’s men were surprised to see the camels standing.
    Moinuddin Chishti reached near the Annasagar Lake at Ajmer, where a number of holy shrines of Hindus were located. The Great Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty (R.A) caught fish from the ana Sagar and slaughtered cows and cooked beef kebab daily at the sacred place surrounded by many temples.
    These activities were repugnant to the sentiments and religious feelings of the Raja. Around Ana Sagar there were many temples. The Brahmin priests of these temples complained about such anti-Hindu activities to the Raja. The Raja immediately ordered the removal of this Muslim dervesh and his companions from the Ana Sagar Hill.
    Raja Prithvi Raj’s servants not only demanded the removal of Hazrat Khwaja Baba (R.A.) and his followers but also arrogantly insisted on their vacating the Ajmer soil. This notice of leaving Ajmer was made in a very indecent and improper tune. In no circumstances could the Great Hazrat Khwaja Baba (R.A.) agree to the withdrawal from Ajmer with his companions because he was there under the instructions and command of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) and by the will of Almighty Allah.
    When all these temple Brahmin priests mobbed and attacked the Great Khwaja Baba (R.A.) with the ultimate aim of murdering him, Hazrat Khwaja Baba (R.A.) took some dust in his own hands and threw it upon these cruel Brahmins which made them retreat and some of them lost sense and some of them lost eye sight and a few even ran away in terror. Khwaja made the idol of the Hindu temple near Annasagar recite the Kalma.
    When the Raja noticed this he became very perturbed and disheartened. Then he took a very inhuman step against the Muslim Faqir and his companions. The Raja in accordance with the Brahmins request, ordered that the water from Ana Sagar be stopped for the Great Khwaja Baba (R.A.) and his followers.
    Khwaja Gharib Nawaz (R.A) and their companions used to take bath sometimes and performed ablution daily on the bank of Anna Sagar. Now, the Muslims were stopped by the King men for taking bath on the bank of the Anna Sagar and threatened them violently, the Muslims returned to Khwaja Sahib and informed him about the happening.
    Raja Prithvi Raj Chauhan raised the alarm and posted his army on all sides of Ana Sagar and strictly ordered the soldiers that Muslims should not be allowed to carry water from the Ana Sagar. When Hazrat Khwaja Baba’s (R.A.) followers came to take water from Ana Sagar, they saw that the Ana Sagar water was totally banned for them and the Military was posted there. The Muslims became very much irritated. Khwaja Baba’s (R.A.) followers returned with an empty jug to Khwaja Baba (R.A.) and explained whatever they had seen.

    On hearing the events, Hazrat Khwaja Baba (R.A.) felt deeply hurt and he himself took the Mashkiza (a small water-skin) and went down towards Ana Sagar. As soon as Hazrat Khwaja Baba (R.A.) came across the Hindu soldier, they prevented him from taking water from the Ana Sagar tank. The soldiers could not tolerate Hazrat Khwaja Baba’s (R.A.) angry face. Few became nervous and fell down on the ground unconscious and dropped the sword from his hand. Other soldiers started to attack Khwaja. Khwaja killed all those men by cutting down their coupling organ. The Great Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty (R.A) absorbed and fetched the whole water of the Ajmer city in the Mashkiza (a small water-skin) including the Anna Sagar water. Khwaja had dried the 2 holy lakes of Annasagar and Pansela by the magical heat of Islamic power. All sources of water for the city mysteriously disappeared. Prithviraj’s beautiful wife Samyukta had given birth to a male child then, and she was nursing her baby. Her breasts secreted milk heavily that both her baby and her husband Prithviraj drank it to their full stomach whenever needed. She was proud of her busty breasts which secreted litres of sweet milk. The milk in the breasts of nursing Samyukta and other concubines of Prithviraj dried up. The milk in the breasts of all nursing Hindu women dried up. Even milk in the animals dried up. Prithviraj and his infant could no more drink sweet milk from the breasts of Samyukta. Samyukta felt humiliated as she could not feed milk to her baby and husband. She asked Prithviraj to Kill Khwaja and to restore back milk in her breasts. On hearing Samyukta’s desire, King Prithviraj went to kill Khwaja with his army. But Muinnudin Chisti escaped from there. Prithviraj immediately returned to his harem and started matting with Samyukta as he could not curb his libido. Prithviraj and Samyukta had no problem for water as the Hindu army swiftly brought thousands of litres of water from the holy river Ganges, thousands of litres of milk from Delhi and tones of Ice-Rocks from Himalayas and stored them in Prithviraj’s huge palace. But Samyukta could not tolerate that her beautiful, rounded breasts stopped secreting milk. Samyukta wanted her breasts to be always full of milk and she wanted to feed her baby and husband continuously with her breasts milk. Prithviraj told Samyukta that he would soon restore back milk in her beautiful breasts and carried her to their royal golden bed. Prithviraj and Samyukta matted repeatedly again and again and quickly Samyukta’s breasts began to secrete sweet milk heavily even more than before. Samyukta’s breasts were now over-flowing with sweet milk. Prithviraj continuously sucked Samyukta’s beautiful soft breasts which were now over-flowing with sweet milk. Prithviraj drank Samyukta’s sweet breasts milk to his full stomach and told her that in future if he felt thirsty, he would not drink water but only beautiful Samyukta’s sweet breasts milk, as her breasts now started to over-flow with sweet milk. Prithviraj told Samyukta that even if there were no water it would not affect him, because he was lucky to have a beautiful wife like her with her busty breasts always over-flowing with sweet milk. Prithviraj told Samyukta that he would drink sweet milk from her beautiful soft breasts whenever he felt thirsty. On hearing this, Samyukta was delighted. Samyukta fed her baby happily. Soon she again started to mate with her fatty husband continuously. Now Samyukta was very much proud of her husband because it was prithviraj who bravely pumped his virile semen into her again and again and made her breasts to secrete sweet milk again.
    Prithviraj asked the Hindus to mate with their wives again and again as it was the only way to restore milk back in their wives breasts. The Hindus followed their king’s advice and successfully restored milk back in their wives breasts. The Hindus were proud of their virility and they thanked their proud king Prithviraj. The Hindus made their cattle’s to mate repeatedly and succeeded in restoring back milk and the teats of their cows were now fully developed with litres of milk. Since the Hindus restored back milk in their wives breasts, Khwaja became angry. He felt jealous of Prithviraj’s virility. Khwaja was astonished at the power of Prithviraj’s semen and Samyukta’s fertility, because they were the first couple to break his black-magic through their repeated coupling and matting activities.
    But Prithviraj could not restore back water in Ajmer. This disappearance of water was noted by Prithviraj’s people with consternation. This miracle caused a great change in the sentiments and ambitions of the public. The population of Ajmer was thirsting unbearably for water because of its mysterious disappearance. Consequently, a large number of people embraced Islam at the hand of the Great Khwaja Baba (R.A). Khwaja gave enough water to drink from his mashkiza to the people who embraced Islam. The strength of the opposition to him decreased owing to this unprecedented miracle. Raja Prithviraj desperately wanted to stop this mass scale conversion to Islam. Rani Samyukta suggested her husband Prithviraj to bow to the Muslim saint temporarily. Raja Prithviraj accepted his beautiful wife’s suggestion. Raja Prithvi Raj was criticised by the public for the disappearance of the water. In spite of his best efforts and tactics water could not be restored. At last, as per Samyukta’s suggestion, Raja Prithvi Raj Chauhan personally went to the Great Hazrat Khwaja Baba (R.A.) and said that in future he would not ban the use of water for any Muslim. Prithviraj sought his forgiveness and begged him to return the water of Ajmer for its thirsting population. In response to this appeal Khwaja Muinuddeen asked Prithviraj to bring the water-skin in which he had filled the water of the Anasagar Lake. But Prithviraj could not lift it up despite using all his powers. When Prithviraj admitted his helplessness rather shamefully, Khwaja Muinuddeen told him, “This water-skin belongs to the humble servants of Almighty Allah. You Hindu people woefully immersed in worldly greed, riches and temporal powers cannot pick it up.” He then ordered one of his followers to pour back the water from the water-skin in the Anasagar Lake. To the amazement of all present, the disciple had no trouble in lifting up the water-skin and complying with his master’s order. As soon as the water was poured back into the lake, it swelled up as usual, and the normal life of the city was thus restored in a few minutes. Prithviraj apologised to the Saint and the water facility was restored to all instantaneously. Prithviraj felt very much humiliated as he had bowed down to a Muslim saint. Rani Samyukta could not tolerate the humiliation of her proud husband. Samyukta told Prithviraj that she had an excellent plan to kill Khwaja and soon Islam would be eliminated from India. After hearing that, Prithviraj became very much proud of his beautiful wife, as she was intelligent too. Prithviraj and Samyukta started matting again and continued their coupling for many hours.
    Prithviraj soon declared that he just pretended to bow to Khwaja and he would not rest until he eliminates Islam from the soil of Ajmer. Prithviraj vowed that he would soon kill Khwaja and Sultan Ghori. On hearing this, Khwaja cursed that Prithviraj would become impotent and he could not hold up his big penis erectly. Prithviraj told Khwaja that a Muslim’s curse would not affect a pure Hindu like him. Prithviraj and Samyukta went to pushkar temple after their very long honeymoon to thank their God for bleesing them with a male child. The Ugly old Khwaja stealthily entered the temple as the Hindu army was guarding outside the temple. Prithviraj had inserted his big penis in between the two soft butts of Samyukta and his penis was trying to reach out to Samyukta’s lovely vagina. Prithviraj was pressing the soft breasts of Samyukta gently and firmly with his soft hands. Samyukta was holding Prithviraj’s big penis with her tender hands and she was helping Prithviraj’s big penis to reach out to her vagina. By doing so, in front of their God’s idol they prayed for the well being of the Hindus and for the destruction of Muslims. Khwaja came in front of the amorous couple suddenly, and kicked hardly at Prithviraj’s big penis and testis which was now in between Samyukta’s lovely thighs. Prithviraj cried in severe pain. Panicked Samyukta tried to save her husband but Khwaja crushed Samyukta’s soft rounded breasts severely with his hardened hands. Since Samyukta’s breasts were over-flowing with milk, sweet milk was pumped out of her soft beautiful breasts, when Khwaja crushed her soft busty breasts with his hardened hands. Khwaja drank the over-flowing milk from Samyukta’s breasts. Khwaja kissed licked, sucked and had severely bitten Samyukta’s soft sweet rounded breasts. Samyukta cried in agony and severe pain. Khwaja pushed Samyukta down and tried to rape her. Khwaja had bitten Samyukta’s butts and lips hardly. Prithviraj bearing his pain, came back to save his wife Samyukta from being raped by Khwaja. Khwaja again gave another hard kick to Prithviraj’s penis and testis and told now his curse would work. Khwaja crushed Prithviraj’s penis and testis with his hardened hands. Prithviraj cried in severe pain and shouted for help. Khwaja removed the jacket of Samyukta partly and was trying to rape her. Soft Samyukta resisted the hard Khwaja, but she could not stop him. Now both Prithviraj and Samyukta shouted for help. Hearing their King’s and Queen’s shout for help, the Hindu army guarding outside the temple rushed in. Khwaja knowing the situation escaped from there. The Hindu army came quickly and saved their Raja and Rani.
    Prithviraj and Samyukta went back to their fort and they rushed to their golden harem. Prithviraj carried his charming, lovable wife Samyukta with him to their royal golden bed. Prithviraj started to pump his big penis into Samyukta’s beautiful vagina. Prithviraj fired by his lingering wrath, thought of hurting the Khwaja terribly but as soon as this evil thought occurred, he lost erection of his big penis and could not penetrate deeply into his beautiful wife’s vagina. But when his Queen Samyukta licked and sucked his big penis with her lovely mouth, his heart suddenly softened and he regained the erection of his big penis. By that night, he had such miraculous experiences no less than 8 times. When Prithviraj’s inserted his sweet tongue into Samyukta’s lovely vagina, Samyukta licked and sucked her husband Prithviraj’s big penis continuously. At last Prithviraj got back his virility and he poured his honey like semen into Samyukta’s lovely mouth. Prithviraj completely sucked out Samyukta’s vaginal fluid. Prithviraj was encouraged by Samyukta to drink her soft breasts sweet milk often as he would get continuous energy to pump into her. Prithviraj became more virile than before and his Penis became bigger than before. Prithviraj’s penis was now over-flowing with sweet semen and he pumped his semen continuously into his wife’s vagina. Prithviraj and Samyukta never left their bed. Prithviraj and Samyukta were continuously matting and coupling with each other endlessly. Samyukta drank Prithviraj’s over-flowing honey like semen poured in her mouth by Prithviraj’s big penis continuously and Prithviraj drank Samyukta’s soft rounded breasts sweet milk continuously. Soon Samyukta was made Pregnant for the second time by Prithviraj. On knowing about Prithviraj’s over-flowing semen from his very big penis, Khwaja felt humiliated, as his black-magic could not stop Prithviraj’s ever growing virility. Actually Prithviraj became even more virile after Khwaja’s curse because of Samyukta’s soft licks and sucks. On hearing about Samyukta’s second pregnancy, Khwaja felt severely humiliated as his powers could not even stand before potent Samyukta’s ever growing fertility and virile Prithviraj’s powerful potency. Seeing their King’s and Queen’s potency, which humiliated Khwaja, the Hindus became proud of their religion.
    Few days later, a person met the Great Khwaja Baba (R.A.) and said that he had come to pay homage. Khwaja Baba (R.A.) replied “Here I am, but first fulfill your promise that brings you here.” The man trembled on hearing this and soon admitted that he was sent by Rani Samyukta to murder Great Khwaja Baba (R.A.) as she could not tolerate the mass conversion of Hindus to Islam under Khwaja. He begged to be pardoned by the Saint who forgave him. This person then embraced Islam and became one of his mureed for the rest of his life. After this incident, Khwaja uttered, “Rani Samyukta will cry soon. Her soft, rounded, busty breasts will be pressed hard and her swan like butts will be bitten hard by the Muslim Sultan Ghori. Rani Samyukta will be raped repeatedly by Ugly Mohammed Ghori and her handsome husband Prithviraj will be mercilessly killed by Ugly Ghori.”
    One day an old woman tearfully came to the Saint who was at that time performing his prayers. She told him that Prithviraj had murdered her son because her son had embraced Islam and was sighting at Rani Samyukta, when she was bathing with her husband Prithviraj. She begged the Great Khwaja Baba (R.A.) for help. He, taking his walking stick asked the woman to show the place where the body of her son was lying. Some Muslims also followed him. Placing the dismembered head in its proper position on the corpse, he prayed to Allah to restore the life of the dead man as he was innocent and all the Muslim men were having the rights to rape beautiful Hindu women even if she was the Rani of the Raja. The young man got up whole and hearty and the very next moment both he and his old mother fell down at the feet of the Saint of Ajmer out of gratitude. Hearing about this miracle, Prithviraj and Samyukta panicked.
    One day, while sitting on the back of the Ana Sagar lake at Ajmer, the Great Khwaja Baba (R.A.) saw a cowherd (boy) passing before him with a herd of cows. The Great Khwaja Baba (R.A.) asked the boy for some milk. The cowherd replied that he was a Hindu and a follower of king Prithviraj, and he was unable to give milk to a Muslim. The Great Saint smiled and told the young boy that the cows would become immature and at once the cows became immature. The boy tried his best to milk the cows but they secreted no milk. The young lad was so awe-struck by the holy Saint and his miracle that he became an ardent devotee of the Great Khwaja Baba (R.A.).
    One day a Mureed (disciple) of the Great Khwaja Baba (R.A.) came to him and complained that a General of Raja Prithviraj had subjected him to incessant harassment as he kissed the breasts of that General’s beautiful wife and that day he had also banished him from the confines of the city. The Great Khwaja Baba (R.A.) told his Mureed to return home telling him that the Hindu General had already been punished by God. When the man returned home, he heard of that General’s death owing to a fatal fall from his horse while returning home hastily to have love with his wife.
    In spite all of his efforts, plans and tortures perpetrated on Hazrat Khwaja Baba (R.A.) Raja Prithvi Raj was unable compel the Great Khwaja Baba (R.A.) or bring him under his control against the supreme divine will. He could not succeed in arresting or killing the Great Hazrat Khwaja Ghareeb Nawaz (R.A). Even after such misbehavior on Raja Prithvi Raj’s part, the Great Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty (R.A) several times invited him directly and indirectly to embrace Islam, but he always rejected the proposal.
    Among the many temples there was a magnificent temple wherein the Raja and his wife Samyukta used to offer their worship. The chief priest of this temple was a very learned Brahman named Shadi Dev who was a bitter opponent of Khwaja Muinuddeen’s stay in Ajmer. Rani Samyukta told Shadi Dev about the atrocities of Khwaja and the humiliations suffered by her husband. Samyukta ordered Shadi Dev to kill Khwaja at any cost. Rani Samyukta gave 20,00,000 gold coins to Shadi Dev and told that if he succeeded in killing Khwaja, she would give him 20 villages as a reward. When Shadi Dev heard this he told to the Rani that he would soon bring the severed head of Khwaja soon. Shadi Dev approached Khwaja stealthily when he was doing Namaz and tried to kill him. But as soon as he was face to face with Khwaja Muinuddeen, he was so over-awed by the Saint’s power, that he forgot himself and could not resist the spontaneous urge to offer his obeisance to the great Saint. Asking for forgiveness for his misbehavior, Shadi Dev at once embraced Islam and became a disciple of Khwaja Muinuddeen in Ajmer.
    Prithvi Raj consulted with his priests and his trusted counselor Ajai Pal. Ajai Pal had a large number of chelas (disciples) in the field of magic, black arts, witch craft and astrology. The Raja told his most worthy magicians to remove and kill this Muslim Faqir along with his followers to save their religion. The Raja also repeated the prophetic words of his mother about the fall of his kingdom. On hearing this Guru Ajai Pal assured the Raja that he should not worry at all, and that the Faqir was only a fake person. He would turn him out of Ajmer and in future no such type of Muslim would dare come here.
    The next day Ajai Pal and a group of disciples arrived at the spot. Ajai Pal, the Guru of the several chelas as well as Raja Prithvi Raj Chauhan, started the maiden attack on Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty (R.A) who was unarmed. The Great Saint was busy in meditation and contemplation. When Hazrat Khwaja’s Baba’s (R.A.) disciples informed him of the situation, he got ready to repulse their attacks.
    He drew a circle on the ground around him and his followers for protection against Ajai Pal’s magical attacks. Firstly, Ajai Pal launched a number of Chakras into the air through a whirlwind. The fundamental function of these chakras was that they cut everything it touched or came across into pieces. But these did not harm either the Great Khwaja Baba (R.A.) or his followers. These chakras, whirling violently in the air went back to Ajai Pal and his chelas. They got furious because their magic proved useless. Thus Ajai Pal’s first attempt failed.
    Hazrat Khwaja Ghareeb Nawaz (R.A) instructed his followers that nobody should go out of that circle around them. Whatever would come either magical or material would fall outside of that marked circle.
    After this failure, Ajai Pal became very angry and he attacked the Great Khwaja Baba’s (R.A.) little group with a large number of horrible boas, venomous snakes, scorpions poisonous and dreadfully injurious worms. All these sprang up and rushed towards Great Khwaja Baba (R.A.) and his party from all directions. But as soon as they proceeded near the Great Saint’s protective circle, they all perished. This dreadful attack also failed and Ajai Pal got even more furious because his second attack was repulsed by the Almighty’s humble servant.
    At last Ajai Pal and his chelas made the last attack by raising a cloudy storm cyclone, with fire, water and stones. All these ran towards the Great Khwaja Baba (R.A.) causing an intolarable noise. Even this had no effect on the Holy Saint and his companions. Instead it turned back to wreak havoc among Ajai Pal’s followers.
    These failed attacks on the Great Khwaja Baba (R.A.) and his followers were being watched carefully by the general public and made them think carefully as to which side possesses Allah’s blessings. Ajai Pal and the Raja Prithviraj were faced with a seemingly hopeless and desperate situation. The frustrated Raja Prithviraj threatened Ajai Pal with dire consequences if he did no save the honour and religion of the kingdom. Ajai Pal made the last bid to recover his ruined prestige and honour.
    Ajai Pal brought out a Tiger-Skin, sat on it and flew into the sky. In a few moments he disappeared in the air. Up till now, every feat was judged patiently by the followers of Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty (R.A). One of them, not being able to tolerate these types of feats of Ajai Pal, invited the Great Khwaja Baba’s (R.A.) attention to the problem. He urged him to intervene and do something against those horrible feats and the Great Saint smiled and ordered his Nalain (leather Sandals which Muslim faqirs wear like chappals) to go up in the air and bring Ajai Pal down to the ground. As Great Khwaja Baba (R.A.) ordered his nalain, both of them went into the air flying and instantaneously brought the flying magician down to the Great Khwaja Baba’s (R.A.) feet by continuously striking Ajai Pal’s head. Ajai Pal was shocked to see the great power of the Holy Saint’s leather sandals. He totally surrendered himself to the Great Khwaja Baba (R.A.) after losing his final attack. Ajai Pal was now at the mercy of the Great Khwaja Baba (R.A.). He lay there waiting for the Holy Saint’s orders. The Great Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty (R.A) then asked him to embrace Islam and accepted his apology. Ajai Pal immediately embraced Islam and became a devoted disciple. The Great Hazrat Khwaja Baba (R.A.) named him Abdullah Bayabani.
    The Great Hazrat Khwaja Baba (R.A.) did not yield to the Raja Prithviraj inspite of his continuous efforts and tactics. Consequently, Raja Prithviraj failed to realize the supreme powers of Islam through which the Great Hazrat Khwaja Baba (R.A.) was asked to visit Ajmer. Finally, Hazrat Khwaja Baba (R.A.) turned to action and thus, the Raja’s active supporters, Sadi Deva and Ajoypal, embraced Islam.
    These two Hindus-Sadi Deva and Ajaipal were later devoted followers of the Great Khwaja Moinuddin Hassan Chishty (R.A.). Impressed by his teachings they embraced Islam. They made a request to the Great Khwaja Baba (R.A.), asking him to shift from Ana Sagar to the city in order to enable the citizens of Ajmer to derive full benefit from his divine preaching.
    The Saint’s missionary work flourished. It has been recorded that he performed more than 5,000 miracles during his stay in India. His followers turned up in a large numbers from the neighbuoring areas and embraced Islam. At this juncture, the Great Hazrat Khwaja Baba (R.A.) once again extended his cordial invitation to Raja Prithviraj Chauhan to follow his teachings and embrace Islam. But the offer was turned down by Raja Prithviraj.
    The conversion to Islam of Shadi Deva and Ajaipal had adversely affected the power and prestige of the proud and ambitious ruler Prithvi Raj. He started persecution and harassment of the new followers of the Great Khwaja Baba (R.A.) out of revenge. He continuously insulted a courtier, who sought the help of the Great Khwaja Baba (R.A.). When this malpractice of the courtier was brought to the notice of the Raja Prithviraj, he was terribly enraged and ordered a Durbar to be held. At this Durbar, the Raja Prithviraj explained the Saint’s attempt at polluting their religious beliefs and also inciting the people to gain influence in the political affairs. But his attempt proved futile and he could not kill the newly converted Muslim people & the Muslim Saint. The Raja called the Saint a Melacher Rapist and Khwaja was not liked by the public. The Raja who had not been tolerating the presence of the Great Khwaja Baba (R.A.) so far concluded the Durbar by saying that soon he will kill Khwaja and will get Muslims out of Ajmer.
    When the news about the Durbar reached the Saint’s ears, the Great Hazrat Khwaja Baba (R.A.) simply remarked; “We will kill Raja Prithviraj and hand over his beautiful wife Samyukta to Sultan Ghori.” These utterings of the Great Khwaja Baba (R.A.) confused his followers as they knew well that Khwaja Baba (R.A.) being a Holy Saint, had neither political ambitions nor any army or equipment to kill Raja Prithviraj and to capture his beautiful Queen Samyukta. They, however, soon realized that Khwaja Baba (R.A.) was a man of Allah. His utterances would have serious consequences and hence they waited for the results. The Khwaja had a burning desire to destroy the rule of the handsome Rajput king, Prithviraj Chauhan, and to rape his beautiful wife, Queen Samyukta. Khwaja said, “Muhammad Ghori will soon kill Prithviraj and will rape his wife beautiful Samyukta. Ghori will seize Pithaura’s beautiful wife Samyukta and will rape her repeatedly. Ghori will hand over Pithaura’s beautiful concubines to the army of Islam. The army of Islam will rape his concubines again and again.”
    His utterances would always mean the general well-being of Muslims and would consequently prove true sooner or later any how. The very day the Great Khwaja Baba (R.A.) utterred these grave words, Sultan Shahabuddin Ghori, who was sitting in his chamber at Ghazni; pondering over his defeat at the hands of Prithvi Raj in a gloomy atmosphere, suddenly felt giddy and retired to bed. Immediately thereafter he saw a venerable aged person in his dream, commanding him to: “Get up. Raja Prithviraj was newly married and was continuously matting with his beautiful wife. He completely luxuriated himself for coupling with his amorous Queen Samyukta. It is the right time to attack his huge force. The Almighty has granted you the beautiful wife of Prithviraj. The breasts of Samyukta, the beautiful wife of Raja Prithviraj are yearning to be kissed by your holy lips, and Prithviraj’s penis and testis are waiting to be crushed out by your holy hands. Come on Ghori.” This dream made the Sultan restless and gave him will and strength; an eternal power again and again urged him to attack Prithviraj Chauhan. Immediately, as a result of the divine order of the dream and in order to avenge his previous defeat at the hands of Raja Prithvi Raj, the Sultan started preparations for attacking Raja Prithvi Raj once again. No one could contemplate such a daring venture so soon after a defeat. However, the strange voice was ringing in his ears continuously, calling upon him to attack India immediately and kill Raja Prithvi Raj, as the Raja’s beautiful wife was waiting for him.
    As the Sultan could no longer resist the urge, he mobilized his army to march towards India. The goal was to rape Prithviraj’s beautiful wife Samyukta. But it was kept Secret. Even his trusted Generals did not know the final destination. While the Sultan was camping at Peshawar, a closely related gentleman to the Sultan enquired about the urgent preparation and the final destination of attack. The Sultan, while replying to the old man referred to his earlier defeat at the hands of Rai Pithora (Prithviraj Chauha) and said that ever since his defeat he had neither changed his blood-stained clothes nor slept in his bed chamber nor visited his Harem nor matted with his wife. He added further that he had not seen even the faces of women. Khiljis and Afghans had betrayed and deserted him on the battle-field. The old man realized the delicacy and seriousness of the whole situation and advised the Sultan to act very prudently and before going to the battlefield to forgive his soldiers and seek their co-operation and alliance by giving them the assurance of rewards of beautiful Hindu women & gold. The Sultan accepted the advice and accordingly issued orders to the Soldiers to meet him at Multan. At the Durbar held at Multan he appealed to them in the name of Islam to be prepared to fight up to the last man and erase the blot of disgrace owing to their previous defeat. He impressed upon them that they should be loyal and faithful and do their best to win the battle. He assured them that they would be rewarded with beautiful Hindu ladies and gold if they win this battle. The Soldiers were greatly motivated by his rewards and bowed in obedience, expressing their loyalty to the Sultan by placing both their hands on the scabbard of his sword.
    Ghori collected his force and again invaded India not only to kill Prithviraj but also to rape his charming and lovable wife Samyukta. Prithviraj was alarmed by this news and the Chauhan ruler was fully alive to the rise of this “beef-eating Mlechha named Ghori in the north-west who ruled Garjani [Ghazni]”. Prithviraj again formed a vast army that was many times greater in numerical strength than that of Ghori.
    The army of Islam returned to Lahore from there the Sultan sent a message to Raja Prithvi Raj at Ajmer through his able and loyal ambassador, Syed Qawamul Ruknuddin Hamza. The message read as follows:
    “I, on behalf of my elder brother who is the king of all Musalmans from Panjab to Khorasan, have arrived in India for the military campaign. Therefore, I write to Rai Pithora (Prithvi Raj) who is the Maharaja of all Indian Rajas asking him to accept Islam and submit his beautiful Queen to me, thus saving his country from destruction and bloodshed.”
    Raja Prithvi Raj on receipt of the above message was greatly enraged as it was not at all possible for him to tolerate this humiliating message, being a victor in the last war. He immediately issued orders to his 150 confederates for mobilization. Within a short time, a mighty Hindu army of 30 lakhs (30,00,000) soldiers, 5 lakhs (5,00,000) horses and 50,000 war elephants was ready to face and beat back the attack. Most of the soldiers in Prithviraj’s army were newly married, including Raja Prithviraj himself. Prithviraj could not curb his libido. So Prithviraj carried his beautiful wife Samyukta, while going to the battlefield. Seeing their brave handsome Raja carrying his beautiful lovely Rani with him, the newly married soldiers carried their beautiful wives to the battlefield. Other young Hindu soldiers who were not married carried either their concubines or the prostitutes along with them to the battlefield. Thus this Hindu army also consisted of 30 lakhs (30,00,000) beautiful Hindu women. The Hindu women helped their husbands by preparing food for them, helping them in making tents in the battlefield and mainly by accompanying their husbands in bed regularly in nights and sometimes also in the daytime inside their tents in the battlefield. The Sultan had a Muslim army comprising only 1 lakh 20 thousand (120,000) soldiers. This army had already advanced from Lahore and camped at Tarain (Tarawri), which is 14 miles from Thanesar or 40 kms from Delhi. This historic battle was a turning point in both the Islamic as well as Indian histories. In reply to the Sultan’s ultimatum Raja Prithvi Raj wrote as follows:
    “That the Commander-in-Chief of Islam must have heard by now through his spies that for the sake of protecting our ‘Women’, and yet more reinforcements are arriving from all over the country. Every Rajput soldier of our army is so brave and courageous that no Muslim can touch our women. It is better for you to take care of your Tartars and Afghan soldiers. Your purpose is to capture, rape, and marry our women, which cannot be fulfilled and we swear by our youth and you must remember, that at this moment we will not allow even a single Muslim to go back alive.”
    On receiving the above communications, the Sultan was greatly perturbed because the number and strength of the enemy’s army was far greater than that of his own. He, in spite of this, did not lose courage. After very careful consideration, the Sultan sent a very tactful and diplomatic reply to Raja Prithvi Raj Chowhan, which reads as follows:
    “You have given us very decent advice of affection and favour, but you know I am unable to act unless I get a command from the Capital, which requires time. Perhaps, the terms and conditions of the treaty would be that the borders are under our control, the rest of India shall remain in your hands and we will never rape your women again in future.”
    Raja Prithvi Raj did not realize the significance of this letter and took it on its face value. In fact, he laughed at the enemy’s weakness expressed in the letter. This resulted in a general relaxation in the Rajput Camp, followed by rejoicing, happiness, dancing, and merry making. The Rajputs were coupling and matting with their beautiful wives throughout the night in the Rajput camp. Proud Raja Prithviraj thought the Muslims would run away, and he rushed to his golden tent. Inside his golden tent, slender Rani Samyukta dressed in golden saree and jacket was waiting for her fatty husband Prithviraj. Fatty Prithviraj carried his beautiful sexy wife Samyukta to his golden bed and the couple started to mate continuously. Prithviraj and Samyukta matted and coupled several times throughout that night. They slept tiredly in early morning, with Prithviraj’s big penis completely occluding Samyukta’s lovely vagina and continuously pumping sweet semen into her vagina. Prithviraj’s mouth was continuously sucking the over-flowing sweet milk from Samyukta’s soft lovely rounded breasts and Samyukta’s lovely vagina was over-flowing with Prithviraj’s sweet semen pumped into her vagina continuously by his big penis. However, in the Sultan’s camp it was not so. Everybody was terribly busy in secret preparations for a surprise and sudden attack on the Rajput army. The Sultan himself led a portion of the army under cover of darkness through a long and circuitous route, involving some units and surprised Raja Prithviraj in a dawn raid. This resulted in complete confusion in the Rajput soldiers, who enjoyed all night by coupling & matting with their beautiful wives. The rajput army was enjoying sensual pleasure and the Hindu soldiers were amorous with their beautiful ladies. Prithviraj kept on matting with his young beautiful queen Samyukta inside his tent in the battlefield. When the Muslims attacked the Hindus in early morning hours, every Rajput soldier was matting with his lady. What was worst is that Prithviraj didn’t stop matting his beautiful young wife Samyukta even after the Muslims commenced their lethal attack. Prithviraj came out of his tent only after three hours, only after matting with Samyukta for atleast some twenty times in panic, after the Muslims commenced their cruel attack. But still the rajputs gained considerable success initially merely due to their huge numbers. Still Raja Prithvi Raj kept his presence of mind; Prithviraj gathered his army and tried to resist the onslaught.
    The Sultan organized his army into four parts, each under a commander, and ordered them to attack immediately at his signal. Inspire of great confusion that prevailed in the Rajput camp, the brave Rajput soldiers fought valiantly. The Muslim soldiers started losing their moral and started losing ground, the Sultan then made a clever move by retreating. The Rajput soldiers, seeing them flee, chased them. At other points, the Sultan signaled his reserved units to attack the Rajput soldiers from the rear, but he could not succeed and the Sultan’s army suffered some losses.
    At noon, the battle remained drawn. Raja Prithvi Raj Chauhan gathered his troops and persuaded them into taking an oath to fight the enemy to the bitter end to save the honour of their women. On the other hand, when the Sultan saw no sign of victory, he removed his bejeweled steel helmet and wrapped his coffin cloth on his head. He drew his sword from its sheath; which he smashed into pieces. He then selected 12,000 fresh swordsmen and ordered them to act strictly as he died. This meant for them victory or death but no retreat from the battlefield. With this determined preparation, the Sultan’s forces charged the Raja’s army like lightening and succeeded in capturing the rajput women. There was complete confusion in the Hindu column, who were scattered all around. The Rajputs ran to save their wives and were killed mercilessly by the Muslims. Raja’s army was tired as it was fighting since morning. The Sultan sensed the opportunity. He launched a very strong attack with his 20 strong warriors who all of a sudden reached in the heart of enemy’s army and captured many beautiful wives of a number of Raja’s. When the other chiefs of Sultan’s army saw the scene, they also pressed the enemy from left and right. In a moment, a million Rajputs were killed and most of their women were captured. The Muslims started raping rajput women who were like soft musk deer. The Hindus got distracted and they now concentrated in protecting their wives from being raped by Muslims. The Rajput army became panic. Meanwhile the elephant’s force, which was the back bone of Raja’s army, was also routed by Muslim soldiers. Rajputs tried their best to face the position but in vain. Gharib Nawaz’s (R.A) words were to be proved true, and they were. It was dusk when the sultan’s army completely destroyed the enemies. Muslims not only defeated but also destroyed the Hindu army. In this onslaught, a large number of Rajput Rajas were killed. Raja Prithvi Raj with great efforts, saved his beautiful wife, Queen Samyukta, from being raped by the Muslims and the couple mounting on a fast steed, ran away from the battle-field. But Sultan Ghori had seen that Prithviraj was escaping with his beautiful wife. The Sultan chased down and captured Prithviraj along with his beautiful wife Samyukta. Ghori captured beautiful queen Samyukta and started raping that heavenly Venus. Prithviraj fought bravely with Ghori to protect his beautiful wife from being raped by Ghori. Ghori butchered Prithviraj in head to head combat as fatty Prithviraj was no match for Muscular Ghori. Ghori killed Prithviraj, by crushing Prithviraj’s big penis and testis with his hardened iron hands. Prithviraj lost his big penis and testis to Ghori, fell down in severe pain and died. Ghori chopped off Prithviraj’s head from his body and holded Prithviraj’s head at his spear tip and waved it in front of panic sticken Hindus. On seeing the cruel death of her handsome fatty husband Prithviraj, Samyukta panicked and tried to run away. Ghori caught and continuously raped the beautiful Rani Samyukta, by the side of her husband’s beheaded and castrated corpse. Seeing their Kings head at the Muslim’s spear tip and their holy amorous Queen being raped continuously by Ghori, the remaining rajputs who survived the Islam’s lethal attack now panick sticken and they took to their heels and ran away from the battlefield leaving away their beautiful wives unprotected in the battlefield as a prey to the ugly Muslims. The beautiful Hindu Rajput women cried for help but were left helpless in the battlefield as most of their Hindu men were killed and the others ran away. Now the beautiful Hindu women prayed to their Gods to save them from Islamic rapes, but alas! Their Gods too left them unprotected like their fatty husbands, only to be raped repeatedly by the Ugly Muslims. Thus the Muslims massacred and crushed the Hindus. The Sultan immediately proceeded towards Ajmer, and on the way, he captured thousands of beautiful Hindu women and distributed those beauties to the Muslim soldiers.
    In the end Shahabuddin Ghauri immerged victorious and the hold of Muslims on northern India became stronger. The Rajputs king-doms like Saraswati, Samana, Kohram and Hansi were captured without any difficulty. Nobody challenged him but the sons of defeated and slain Rajas tried to stop him. But Ghori massacred them in no time. After reaching Ajmer, Ghori marched straight to Prithviraj’s Harem and captured Prithviraj’s beautiful wives & concubines. He raped Samyuktha again and again. She could not bear the disgrace of constant rapes made on her by Ghori. Ghori even killed the new born infant son of Prithviraj and Samyuktha. All other wives of Raja Prithviraj’s harem were also raped.
    The Sultan had the honour at Ajmer of kissing the breasts of Prithviraj’s beautiful wife Samyukta in the Durbar in front of all the Muslim inhabitants and infidels. The evening was falling when Shahabuddin finished his raping in Ajmer. He heard Azan which made him surprised. On inquiring, people told him that some Fakir who had arrived a short time ago, used to call like this five times daily. The king took the direction. The Jamaat for prayers was ready. He joined it. Gharib Nawaz (R.A) was leading the Namaz.

    As and when the prayers were over, and the king saw Khwaja Shaib (R.A), he was very much surprised, since he recognised the Saint as the same venerable aged person who as had urged him to kill Prithviraj and rape Samyukta in his dream at Ghazni. The Great Khwaja Baba (R.A.) accepted the Sultan as his disciple. He wanted to fall flat on the feet of Gharib Nawaz (R.A) but the Khwaja embraced the king instead. Khwaja Gharib Nawaz (R.A) blessed him and asked him to sit. When he regained, he made a request for Khwaja Gharib Nawaz (R.A) to accept his offerings. Khwaja was pleased. Sultan Ghori offered 12 beautiful concubines of Raja Prithviraj captured from his harem to Khawaja. Khwaja accepted them with great pleasure and raped all those beautiful women on that same evening.

    After staying in Ajmer for few days, Sultan Shahabuddin Muhammed Ghauri marched towards Delhi and captured it. Sultan Shahabuddin plundered Delhi and captured thousands of beautiful Hindu women. He appointed Qutubuddin Aibak (a very trusted and able slave) to construct victory tower at Delhi and went back to Ghazni. Qutubuddin captured rest of small kingdoms in north India in a very short span of time and soon the Muslims got hold of the entire north India.
    With the death of the Raja Prithviraj Chauhan, the Great Hazrat Khwaja Baba’s (R.A.) mission was fulfilled. Khwaja Baba (R.A.), with his headquarters at Ajmer, sent forth his disciples to all parts of the country to preach Islam. The Great Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Hassan Chishty (R.A) being a very pious Muslim saint felt severe enmity towards Raja Prithviraj. He ordered Raja Prithviraj to give up Hinduism and Convert to Islam. It was the Raja Prithviraj’s own proud attitude and belligerence that brought about his down-fall. The Great Hazrat Khwaja Baba’s (R.A.) main aim was to root out Hinduism and idol-worship from the territory of India. In this mission he succeeded largely and now the durbar of the Saint stands firmly on the soil of Ajmer, which was once the proud capital of Prithviraj Chauhan.


  9. One of the main reasons for the defeat of prithviraj is that prithviraj and the hindus of that time were very religious and they were pure vegetarians. On other hand ghori and the muslims eat meat and beef daily and none other than that. Though prithviraj and his soldiers ate lots of ghee and butter, it made them only fat but not strong. But the beef eaters were strong and so even though muslims were smaller in numbers they easily killed very large hindu army of prithviraj. This is one of the main reasons which proved prithviraj was no match to ghori.


    1. saale landoos chutiye gante kuch na pata ho to faltu suggestion mat diya kar yaha tere baap ki baat ni chal rahi…..


  10. India is the only country in the world that remained under foreign rule for eight hundred years.

    Indian history blames Jai Chand for not helping Prithviraj when Ghori to attacked India.
    Muslims blame that Prithvi Raj Chauhan had kidnapped and raped Sanyogita, the minor aged daughter of Jai Chand. (They were cousins)
    Indian history has all praises for Prithvi Raj Chauhan.
    In fact, Sanyogita was Prithvi Raj Chauhan’s wife and he did not need to rape her. And regarding her fleeing away with Chauhan, we have seen many such love affairs in our Hindu society, where the lovers flee away from their parents and marry.
    Sanyogita loved Prithviraj, is written in Raso.
    But the Muslims blame that Sanyogita, a minor loved his uncle Prithvi Raj, who was also a minor and both of them were just 23 years of age when they married, (in fact Sanyogita was 22 days elder than Prithviraj and this is clearly exposed in Raso), and the Muslims believe that it was not love but pure LUST?
    Muslims say that anyhow, India paid a very heavy price for Prithvi Raj’s lust.
    Yes. It is true that India paid a very heavy price for Prithvi Raj’ lust.

    Indian Muslims thank fatty PrithviRaj and slender Sanyogita for what they are today because they gave them and their ancestors their new religion ISLAM. Indian Muslims say that If not for those two they would still be a shivlingum hugging Kaafir Hindu.

    The Muslims say that Prithviraj raped sanyogita and he was her own cousin. It is true that Prithviraj was Sanyogita’s own maternal-uncle.
    It is true that Prithviraj and Sanyogita were of same age but the Muslims must remember that their Old Proph.Mohammad raped and married young girls. Is that ok for them?
    Muslims say that kidnapping a minor girl and sleeping in bed with her, even with her consent is known as ‘rape’.
    Muslims say that Prithviraj raped Sanyogita daily. Muslims say that the Hindus must stop blaming Ghori for raping Queen Sanyogita, as he did the same what Prithviraj did.
    Muslims say that the only difference is Ghori raped Sanyogita against her wishes while Prithviraj raped her with her full permission.
    Hindus are avoiding the main point that for Prithviraj’s lust India paid a very heavy price.


  11. Prithviraj chauhan was the king of ajaymeru (now ajmer ) ,who also ruled over delhi. He was the most powerful king in north India. Huge parts of the north India, including Rajasthan, eastern Punjab, northern MP and eastern UP, were under the rule of prithviraj chauhan who dominated the whole north India.

    By the time of prithviraj, the rajputs had dominated India for a period of 5 and half centuries. They were a people who followed a code of chivalry, did not hurt innocent women and children in war. Indeed, people went about calmly working and tilling their fields while armies fought battles nearby! In short, dharmayudda!

    They also considered death in battle the passageway to heaven if they fought for saving their women’s chastity, and were not at all afraid to die. But the major weakness of this was that to them, the result of the battle was not important, it was more important to fight bravely to save their women from Islamic rapes without caring for their lives.

    In the 11th century, one of the greatest generals of Islam mahmud of ghazni invaded india 17 times, including somnath in gujrat, which he utterly destroyed, and the weakness of the Hindu military power was glaringly exposed to the Muslims.
    But muhammad ghauri, the opponent of prithviraj was defeated by prithviraj himself in an early encounter.

    The chief advantage of the turks was archery, and their main technique was the Islamic parthian shot. This involved turning back while the horse was galloping at full speed, and still be able to fire the arrows accurately backwards on the chasing opponent.

    Thus the opponent could be lured into chasing the Muslim army which feigned retreat, and suddenly the fleeing Muslim army would turn back on their horses and fire arrows on the enemy, surprising the opponent.

    This was not easy, as firing arrows backwards accurately while the horse was moving forwards required a lot of skill and practice, but the Muslims had mastered it.

    Mahmud of ghazni’s invasions resulted in loss of western punjab, the northwest frontier of Hindus to the Muslims, while sind and baluchistan had already gone to Muslims.

    Thus the area that has become Pakistan was under muslim occupation for a much longer time than other parts of India, which explains the greater Muslim population in that area, and resulted in the creation of Pakistan.

    Later mahmuds dynasty was replaced by the ghurids, to whom muhammad ghauri, prithviraj’s principle opponent belonged. As western punjab passed to him from mahmuds dynasty, he already had a foothold in India.

    Now he confronted the brave and fatty prithviraj, the ruler of northern India, with his capitals at ajmer and dhillika (delhi).

    Ghauri decided to invade delhi declaring that ”he would send the cow-faced hindus to hell”. He proclaimed jehad, and advanced with a force of 50,000 horsemen on delhi, which was governed by govind rai, prithviraj’s brother.

    But as luck would have it, prithviraj was in the vicinity of delhi (actually dhillika), not in ajaymeru (ajmer) his main capital. prithviraj had with him a force of three lakhs cavalry (horsemen), thirty thousand war-elephants and twenty lakhs infantry (foot-soldiers).

    The two met at the village of tarain, near thaneswar north of delhi.

    Ghauri’s army was divided into 3 wings, right, left and center.

    The rajputs had all taken opium, which made them forget all attachment to the world, and fight with reckless bravery.

    They attacked in a solid mass onto the muslims. The muslims were overwhelmed by the superior numbers of the hindus.

    The sheer force of the rajput attack seperated the right and left wing of the muslim army from the center, and the muslims began to lose heart.

    Ghauri decided to bolster up his force’s courage and attacked govind rai, prithviraj’s brother with a lance that broke his teeth but undaunted govind rai picked up a spear, and threw with accurate aim, wounding ghauri, who fell from his horse.

    Just as govind rai’s bodyguards began to close in to kill ghauri, a muscular muslim soldier quickly picked him up on his horse, and carried him to safety.

    By this time the rout of the muslims was complete, and the first battle of tarain had gone in favour of the hindus .

    Ghauri had done the mistake of meeting the brave rajputs in frontal charge, where the rajputs excelled due to their large numbers, instead of using archers to attack them from far. Hence he had lost.

    True to their chivalrous spirit, the rajputs tried to destroy the retreating muslims but prithviraj had done a mistake which would cost his dear life in the days to come. Prithviraj was in a hurry to attend the swayamvara of his lady-love Sanyukta at kannouj, as he wanted to elope with her. He ordered one part of his vast army to chase the muslims, the other part to capture the fort of bhatinda and he himself with a part of his army went to kannouj. As the muslims rode on thin horses, they fled with their lives intact, out-pacing stout hindu horses, free to fight another battle.

    Prithviraj successfully eloped with his beautiful lover, princess sanyukta, the daughter of jaychand, the ruler of kanauj and married her. Prithviraj had thus incurred the wrath of jaychand.

    prithviraj returned in triumph to his capital which was gayly decorated for welcoming him by his charming wife sanyukta. Here, prithviraj remained immersed in carnal pleasures and sensual enjoyment with his beautiful young wife sanyukta, and neglected to take part in the siege of bhatinda fort. This was his grave mistake as he should have realized that ghauri would attack again. He should have hastened the capture of bhatinda fort. But prithviraj clearly had become overconfident of his strength and was busy in honeymooning with his beautiful queen sanyukta.
    Instead of leading the siege of bhatinda fort himself, prithviraj stayed in his luxurious harem, coupling with his beautiful wife sanyukta. Prithviraj sent a powerful division of his army consisting of five lakhs soldiers under his brave general khandey rai and laid siege to the fort of bhatinda. This rajput army possessed many siege engines, but still could not capture the fort. Eventually, all the 1200 muslims inside the fort were starved to death and the fort surrendered after thirteen months. But this again exposed prithviraj’s lack of military skills.

    Prithviraj’s achievements were sung by his court poet chanda bardai, who has left us an account from which we know many amorous facts of prithviraj’s romance with sanyukta.

    Prithviraj and sanyukta excelled each other in their cupid skills and soon sanyukta became pregnant. As a result jaichand submitted to prithviraj and merged his kingdom with prithviraj’s pan-empire. This elated prithviraj too much that he imposed Turuksha-Tax on the muslims entering India. Prithviraj spent all the time in his amorous games with his gorgeous wife sanyukta. Not so was ghauri, who was so incensed by his defeat, that he put the generals who had fled from the battlefield in prison, and freed them only when they took an oath to be ready to butcher the hindus on the battlefield if they fought again.

    Next year, he advanced fully prepared, with a force of one lakh and twenty thousand horsemen.

    Such preparations could not go unnoticed, and prithviraj ordered upon all the rajput kings in north India, who rushed to help him. His total forces numbered a mighty army of thirty lakhs infantry, five lakhs horsemen and fifty thousand war-elephants. All the hindu soldiers wore steel jackets and their steel armours were mailed in iron chains to protect themselves from lethal Islamic attacks. Even the steeds and the elephants in the hindu army wore protective iron mails.

    Again the two armies came face to face at tarain. It was an year after the earlier battle. The year was 1192, a fateful year that would change the destinies of India.

    The rajputs sent a haughty message telling ghauri of their vast forces; clearly they were overconfident of success. To this ghauri replied by lying that he was indeed impressed by the size of the rajput force, and he wanted to negotiate a peace and return home.

    Prithviraj became so relaxed and excessively amorous by this answer that he spent the whole night coupling with his beautiful wife sanyukta inside his luxurious tent. The hindus spent the night wining, dining, dancing and coupling with their concubines, thinking that no war was going to be fought.

    Next dawn, prithviraj and his hindus were rudely woken up from the vices and amorous slumber with their lovely wives. They didn’t even perform their morning ablutions or obey the call of nature, as muslim cavalrymen charged into their extensive camp.

    This time ghauri had brought along his horse archers, who were unarmoured, and surrounded the rajputs from all sides, firing arrows.

    As the rajputs tried to close in with them for hand to hand combat, they would retreat, and fire the arrows backwards while retreating, the classic Islamic parthian shot.

    The rajputs were frustrated as they could not get into grips with the enemy, and the constant shower of arrows harassed them and began to thin their numbers. This continued for 3 hours.

    As rajputs were dwindling in numbers, and began to tire out, ghauri attacked with his reserve force, the heavy cavalry who were expert in hand -to hand combat, and wore chain armour. These troops were merciless killers and cruel rapists. Rajputs, on the other hand, were tired and above all, they had to protect their charming concubines from ugly Islamic rapes. Prithviraj gathered his remaining vast troops and led them bravely to face ugly ghauri and his muslim troops.

    This Islamic reserve force charged at full gallop into the rajputs, who were tired by now by the constant skirmishing, and did not have the energy for hand to hand combat anymore.

    Slowly but surely the rajputs were cut down.

    Finally, the rajputs began to flee. It was now every man for himself and his charming concubine.

    The muslims did not show them any mercy, a great massacre and rape en masse began.

    prithviraj, the tragic hero of the tale, proved that he was no hero at all, by trying to escape from the battlefield with his beautiful wife sanyukta on his swift horse, instead of dying a true general’s (and needless to say, rajput’s) death, by suffering the same fate as many of his soldiers. But to no avail, prithviraj was chased down, caught and mercilessly killed by ghauri. Ugly ghauri captured and cruelly raped prithviraj’s beautiful wife sanyukta.

    Catastrophe descended on hindustan (as the muslims called it), as the army of islam carried death and destruction with it, plundering palaces, destroying temples, breaking idols, raping women en masse, indiscriminately slaying the male population and taking loads of beautiful women as slaves who would never make it across the hindu kush (killer of hindus) mountains due to constant rapes made on them by the ugly muslims.

    Ghauri repeatedly raped delicate sanyukta and made her his begum. As far sanyogita’s father jaychand is concerned, he did not live long, as the muslims under ghauri soon invaded his domains and killed him, destroying his capital kanauj in an orgy of blood.

    With that this saga had come to an end. But India’s saga of tragedy had just begun….


  12. Excellent articles by Mr.Sundar, Mr.Ashdoc, Mr.Rahul and Mr.Prithviraj.

    Their articles are full of historical truths!

    Bravo! Bravo!!

    Let’s be bold enough to discuss about the tragedy of Prithviraj and Samyukta, so that in future we can prevent our Hindustan from the clutches of Muslims.

    Jai Hind!

    Vande Mataram!

    Long live Maharaj Prithviraj Chauhan!
    Long live Maharani Samyukta!!


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  14. Historians have debated over the cause of the defeat of Hindus at 2nd battle of tarain with much enthusiasm. Apart from epigraphal analysis, historians also have at their disposal writings of many foreign travellers to the kingdom around the time of the war.
    It has been suggested that though the Rajput armies had very large number of cavalry on horseback, they depended on commanders riding war elephants making them slower on battlefield. But the Muslim armies had some swift Persian horses used by key sections of the army and commanders. This gave the them an edge.
    It is also well known that all the three main commanders of the Rajput army including Prithviraj himself were young commanders compared to the aged commanders of the Muslim armies who were experienced. Prithviraj was just 26 years of age whereas Ghori was 46 years old.
    While the Muslim infantry depended on bows made of bamboo, the Rajput armies used crossbows made of metal which were much more effective in accuracy and distance. But, the Rajput armies used 7 feet (2.1 m) long spears and javelins while the Muslim armies used 15 feet (4.6 m) long spears while riding horse back. This gave them a clear advantage.
    The Rajput armies were much better protected by armours manned by Indian blacksmiths and goldsmiths, who were at that time considered the best at making armours while Muslims depended on Turkestan armours which were made of poor quality metals. Muslims lacked metal ores and also their blacksmiths were not as well trained. So most of the Muslims used animal leather as a protective armour.
    There were some initial chaos in the Muslim army due to the betrayal by two key Muslim commanders, the Shah brothers who had hundreds of soldiers under their command. These commanders were defectors from the Ghaznavi kingdom and later employed by Muhammed Ghori. The Shah brothers were known to had fled the battlefield at a key juncture after seeing the huge strength of the Hindu army. This has been strongly supported by the writings of two European travellers, Fredric Lane and Anquetil Du Perron who visited Lahore in 1192 C.E.
    In spite of all these advantages, historians agree that the biggest reason for the collapse of the rajput army was sensual pleasure of the rajputs who were always amorous with their beautiful ladies. Prithviraj was also the king of these amorous activities as well. He kept on matting with his young beautiful queen Samyukta inside his tent in the battlefield of Tarain during this second battle. When the ugly Muslims attacked the fatty Hindus in early morning hours, every Rajput soldier was matting with his lady. What was worst is that Prithviraj didn’t stopped matting Samyukta even after the Muslims commenced their lethal attack. He came hours after the attack after matting Samyukta atleast some twenty times. But still the rajputs gained considerable success initially merely due to their huge numbers. But soon the Muslims started raping rajput women who were like musk deer. The Hindus got distracted and they now concentrated in protecting their wives from being raped by Muslims. Ghori and Aibak captured beautiful queen Samyukta and started raping that heavenly Venus. Prithviraj distracted by this move ran away from his bodyguards towards his beautiful wife to protect her from being raped by Ghori and Aibak. Now Having Prithviraj in their trap, Ghori butchered Prithviraj in head to head combat as fatty Prithviraj was no match for Muscular Ghori physically. After killing Prithviraj, Ghori cut down his coupling organ and head. Aibak holded Prithviraj’s head at his spear tip and waved it in front of Hindus. Ghori continued to rape beautiful Samyukta. Seeing their Kings head at the Muslim’s spear tip and their holy amorous queen being raped continuously by Ghori, the remaining rajputs who survived the Islam’s lethal attack now took to their heels and ran away from the battlefield. Thus the Muslims massacred and crushed the Hindus.


  15. Ramanuja Iyengar March 23, 2012 — 6:59 am

    The humiliation of the defeat in the first battle of Tarain affected Muizzuddin Ghori deeply. Ferishta says that the Sultan was remorse for a long time and abandoned his wife, women and wine. He engaged himself day and night to prepare for a major offensive against the Rai Pithora and then, all of a sudden, after a year’s preparation he was on the road to India. At Peshawar, listening to the entreaties of an old Ghurid officer, he planned to attack the Hindus on their penis and scrotum.
    The Tajul Maasir says that from Lahore he sent Ruknuddin Hamza with a letter to Prithviraj ordering for the submission of his beautiful wife Sanyukta and for his conversion to Islam. Prithviraj replied in the negative and appealed to all the rais of Hindustan for protecting his beauteous Queen Sanyukta from Islamic rape.
    According to ferishta, Prithviraj’s army consisted of three million steel clad Rajput horse-men and fifty thousand war-elephants which are also confirmed by many Sanskrit records. The army of Muizzuddin composed of one hundred and twenty thousand fully equipped soldiers, reported Minhaj. He set up camp in the same place at Tarain where he had suffered defeat a year or so before, facing 150 Rais of Hindustan who came to crush him or be crushed, according to Ferishta.
    Muizzuddin chalked out a very careful strategy for this encounter. His central division consisting of hard-core rapists was left far behind and was instructed to capture the heavenly women-folk of the enemy by attacking them from behind. He advised this contingent to come to his aid only after the other divisions had engaged themselves in the fight. They were required to act as a reserve. The rest of his force he divided into four divisions, and they were to attack the enemy from four sides. A further 10,000 lightly armed also with them and they were specially aim their arrows at the elephant-drivers.
    The strategy worked and the whole line of elephants was disturbed as soon as the elephant-drivers were killed. On seeing the enemy ranks disturbed, Muizzuddin applied pressure from right, left and the centre. Muslims attacked the Hindus on their penis, scrotum and testis and slaughtered them in very large numbers. At the same time, Muslims successfully captured many beautiful wives of the Rais. Seeing their wives raped by the Muslims, the Rais lost their heart and ran to save their wives from Islamic rapes. The Hindu formations were thus broken up and the soldiers scattered in all directions.
    It is said that the elephants of the Indian army Delhi ruler, Govind Rai, attacked the archer contingent under the command of the Ghurid general Kharbak. Kharbak protected himself with a shield known as karwa, a cover made of raw bullock- hide, stuffed on both sides with wool or cotton. No weapon could pierce it easily and the Ghurid infantry was protected by this defensive covering like a wall. Kharbak’s arrows pierced Govind Rai, and he fell down dead from his howdah.
    Anyway, Muizzuddin’s plans were successful in defeating Prithviraj heavily. Dismounting from his elephant, panic stricken Prithviraj took his beautiful wife Sanyukta on his horse and fled from the battlefield, but was caught near Sarsuti. He and his beauteous queen were taken to Ajmer and were subjected to Islamic tortures. Muizzuddin emasculated, castrated and slaughtered Prithviraj. Muizzuddin repeatedly raped beautiful Sanyukta, forced her into Islam and married her. Later, Sanyukta became Muizzuddin’s favorite wife. A contemporary Sanskrit account, Viruddhavidhi-Viddhavamsa refers to the rape of Sanyukta by Muizzuddin and there are many Islamic records which refer that Muizzuddin raped Sanyukta again and again. After his death, Kutub-ud-din raped Sanyukta and made her his wife. The same policy was followed in respect of all other wives of Prithviraj who were captured by Muizzuddin. According to Hasan Nizami, other Rais were allowed to continue to rule after they agreed to submit all their beautiful wives and concubines to Muizzuddin and were ready to submit their daughters to Muizzuddin as soon as they attain puberty. Muizzuddin maintained a lashkar-gah (military outpost) at Indpat to kill the refusing Rais.


  16. Excellent article DR. Iyengar!


  17. Prithviraj Chauhan was the greatest king of Hindus. He ruled whole northern India with his capital at Delhi and Ajmer.
    Fatty Prithviraj Chauhan was defeated by Muhammad Ghori in the Second Battle of Tarain and with this defeat India fell into mighty Muslim hands forever until the British came.
    Now the real thing from the book “Sultan Muizzuddin”
    Prithviraj Chauhan had a beautiful wife called Sanyogita. The romance and love story between Prithviraj Chauhan and Sanyogita is well known.
    Muhammad Ghori also knew about Prithviraj’s beautiful wife so he killed Prithviraj and occupied his kingdom. Prithviraj Chauhan was taken as a prisoner by Ghori when he ran away from the battlefield. Ghori ordered him to undergo Sunnat & submitt his beautiful wife Sanyogita to him. But Prithiviraj said that the Penis of a Rajput will be cut down only in death. On hearing this, Ghori flew into a rage and ordered that Prithviraj’s Scrotum be burnt with red hot coal and Ghori with his own hands cut down Prithviraj’s Big Penis. And the hindu king was beheaded by great muhammad ghori.
    Ugly Ghori captured Prithviraj’s beautiful wife Sanyogita and raped her with full force over and over again. It was really satisfactory. Later his ugly general also raped beautiful Sanyogita. Due to constant rapes Sanyogita commited suicide.


  18. One man lost India to Islam
    PRITHVIRAJ CHAUHAN – Rajput hero, the last Hindu King of India.
    Prithviraj (also known as Rai Pithora, hence Pithoragarh) was a powerful ruler of India. His reign has been chronicled by his court poets Chand Bardai and Jayanka.
    The Afghan ruler of Ghazni, known as Mohammad Ghori (who succeeded Mahmud Ghazni, the Gujarat invader and sacker of Somnath) invaded Punjab and conquered his way up to very close to Delhi. However, his forces were defeated by the huge forces of Prithviraj Chauhan in the first battle of Tarain in 1191 AD. Ghori was badly wounded and his small army was thrashed. However Ghori managed to escape from the battlefield. The heavy numerical superiority of Prithviraj’s army was too strong for the Muslim enemy.
    As per the history, Prithviraj was infatuated with Samyukta, the beautiful daughter of the rival king Raja Jaichand of Kannauj. Gorgeous Samyukta was also in deep love with Prithviraj and she fancied Prithviraj very much. After the first battle of Tarain, Prithviraj abducted Samyukta on horse-back (with her hearty consent) further uniting the kingdom of Raja Jaichand with his Hindu empire.
    Prithviraj married Samyukta and made her as his Queen. The amorously erotic couple had a very long endless honeymoon. Prithviraj and Samyukta were always erotic and they never came out of their golden harem. Fatty Prithviraj was so enthralled by the beauty of his new-bride Samyukta. Day and night, the newly married couple had non-stop coitus in their flower-bedroom. Soon gorgeous Samyukta became pregnant and gave birth to a male child. Prithviraj never came out from the bedroom of his young bride Samyukta. The newly wedded lovers continued their erotic coupling and endless coitus in their own lustful ways. And so, lovely Samyukta became Pregnant for the second time. Beautiful Samyukta girdled Prithviraj too much and she never allowed her fatty husband to go out from her bedroom. The intricacies of the love-lore of this young couple should be read by each of us as they are so fascinating.
    The very next year, in 1192 AD, Ghori came back with an attack. He attacked so soon because he want to capture and rape Prithviraj’s beauteous bride Samyukta at any cost. Alarmed by this news, Prithviraj sent orders to all Rajas of Hindustan to join him with their army. It is said that all Rajas of hindustan gave military support to the Chauhan king.
    Prithviraj was accompanied by his pregnant wife Samyukta while going to this second battle of Tarain. Seeing the huge Hindu army of Prithviraj, Ghori lost all his hopes. His Muslim army was too small when compared with the Hindu army. He decided to retreat. At that time Ghori got a letter from Prithviraj requesting a cease-fire. Ghori cunningly replied that he won’t attack till next morning. Haughty Prithviraj laughed at this reply and declared that Ghori would run back. Amorous Prithviraj carried his sexy Samyukta erotically into his golden tent. Following their King, the Hindus started to celebrate this victory with their wives and concubines in the battlefield. For Hindus morning starts from 6 A.M. but for Muslims morning starts from 3 A.M. Ghori played his trick using this difference.

    Prithviraj and his Hindus spent the whole night by matting with their beautiful wives. Early in the morning the Hindus slept smooching their concubines. But their fat king Prithviraj continued to pump his hot semen into Samyukta’s sweet vagina. Fatty Prithviraj struck up his fat penis into slender Samyukta’s sweet vagina and screwed her into the heavens. Sexy Samyukta was nursing her fatty husband continuously with her sweet milk which was overflowing from her heavy beautiful breasts to give him energy. The erotic couple never slept that night and had non-stop coitus. Ghori attacked in the early morning by 3 A.M. and took the Hindus by surprise. Muslims caught the penis and testes of Hindus and crushed them to death. Muslims caught the entire Hindu womenfolk and raped them in front of their emasculated and castrated husbands.
    Ghori hurriedly entered Prithviraj’s tent. He was surprised to see Prithviraj was engaged in erotic matting with Samyukta in fear. Since fatty Prithviraj was involved in coitus with slender Samyukta, he could not fight with Ghori. Ghori caught Prithviraj’s testes and crushed them with his hard hands. Prithviraj’s testes were liquefied by Ghori’s hard crush. Ghori pulled out Prithviraj’s fat penis from Samyukta’s sweet vagina. Then Ghori rooted out Prithviraj’s fat penis from his body. Seeing the fate of her fatty husband Samyukta tried to run away. But ugly Ghori caught her and raped her repeatedly in front of her emasculated and castrated husband. Ghori raped and sodomized Samyukta many times in front of her dying husband.
    Since Ghori uprooted Prithviraj’s penis and testes from his fat body, Prithviraj bleeded heavily and was dying in pain. When Ghori was raping Samyukta heavily in front of Prithviraj, Chauhan shouted ugly words on Ghori and Islam. Irritated Ghori beheaded Prithviraj and butchered his fatty body into pieces in front of his charming wife. Ghori converted Samyukta to Islam by repeatedly raping her and married her. Soon Samyukta became Ghori’s favourite wife and so Ghori made her as his Queen. The entire Hindu army was massacred; their women were raped and converted to Islam by force. Prithviraj Chauhan lost his life and wife to Ghori in the second battle of Tarain in 1192 AD due to his heavy lust and infatuation for his beauteous Queen Samyukta. Finally India fell at the foot of Islam.
    Thus the lust of Raja Prithviraj for his gorgeous Rani Samyukta caused the downfall of India which went under Islamic rule for nearly eight Centuries.
    One man lost India to Islam.


    1. excellent article!!


      1. My sincere thanks for the comment.


  19. Ghori attacked Prithviraj when Prithviraj was matting with Samyogita. Prithviraj could not fight well because he was pumping his fat penis inside his wife Samyogita and screwing her up into heavens for great delights. Obviously no one could fight an enemy while coupling with his concubine. Ghori using this trap, caught Prithviraj’s big Penis & Testes and crushed it hardly. Even though Prithviraj was very fat, he could not defeat Ghori, as Ghori had caught his fat Penis and Testes. Practically, no one could win an enemy who is attacking on one’s Penis and Testes. Thus treacherous Ghori killed Prithviraj by attacking him in the early morning, when our Prithviraj’s fat penis was struck up inside beauteous Samyogita’s sweet vagina.


  20. In 1190 Muhammad Ghori attacked the kingdom of Prithviraj and captured the frontier fort of Sarhind. While he was busy garrisoning the fort and arranging for his return to Ghazni, Muhammad learnt to his consternation that Prithviraj with his vast army was already marching against him.

    Though his army was small, Muhammad Ghori resolved to strike the first blow and marched south to intercept the Chauhan army. At Tarain, near modern Thanesar, the two armies met in 1191. In the head-on fight the Muslim cavalry charged and killed thousands of Hindu soldiers. The superior swordsmanship of the Muslims gave them a rapid initial victory and the two routed wings of Prithviraj Chauhan fled for their lives. In the center the Hindu elephants and cavalry came up to the contest—a javelin struck Muhammad Ghori in the shoulder when he tried to kill Prithviraj and a Khalji soldier carried the swooning Sultan away to safety. When their commander fled the Muslim army broke down and fled after him.

    The combined arms (elephants, cavalry, infantry) force of Prithviraj chased after the enemy but the Turkish cavalry easily outpaced them. Sensing that the Muslims had escaped from the clutches of the Hindu army, Prithviraj stopped his futile chase. Hurriedly Prithviraj rushed back to Kannouj to marry its peerless princess, the gorgeous beauty Sanyogita. Victorious Prithviraj returned to his capital with his bosomy bride Sanyogita, while his other generals returned to their forts and towns to rest their army and replenish their equipment, elephants, and horses. They also needed to enjoy the winter and the upcoming spring by making love with their charming concubines. Though Prithviraj was honeymooning endlessly with his young new bride Sanyogita, he cleverly sent a strong division of Chauhan army under general Skanda to surround the important fort of Sarhind—after thirteen months when the food supply ran out the Turk garrison surrendered. After his marriage, Prithviraj fell an easy prey to the feminine charm of his new wife Sanyogita. Prithviraj was so overpowered by her carnal beauty that he matted Sanyogita day and night. Prithvi also got the news of Ghori’s preparation for the second invasion. But Prithvi was careless as he was overconfident of his vast army and he was too lost in his amorous coupling with his new Queen Sanyogita. Prithvi was involved in continuous coitus with his busty bride Sanyogita making her pregnant. Sanyogita gave birth to a male child but Prithviraj continued his amorous activities. “round the clock, day and night, Prithviraj struck up the hole of Sanyogita with his big fat rod” and as a result Sanyogita became pregnant for the second time. Sanyogita’s stunning beauty and her fat husband’s lusty love-making reached the ears of dangerous Muhammad Ghori.

    In all this time Muhammad Ghori collected a fresh army and returned to the Punjab. Once again he captured the bone of contention Sarhind and sent a message to Prithviraj to submit his beauteous Queen Sanyogita and convert to Islam. Prithviraj could no longer hide his face under the butt-pillows of Sanyogita as Muhammad Ghori was baying for his blood. Prithviraj had by then learnt of the loss of Sarhind and of a small but sturdy cavalry with Ghori—he used diplomacy to buy time so that his other generals could join him with their large forces. He told Muhammad to be content with Sarhind and withdraw his army to Ghazni. The Chauhans were then involved in spring festival with their wives but all his generals joined him quickly. Prithviraj boldly collected his vast army and marched to Sarhind—Muhammad Ghori again intercepted him at Tarain. Prithviraj went to fight Ghori’s small band of Muslim soldiers with his vast Hindu army. But he committed a blunder by carrying gorgeous Sanyogita along with him even to the battlefield. Prithvi was involved in continuous coitus with his pregnant wife Sanyogita even in the battlefield inside his golden tent. Prithviraj was so sensuous but not sensible.

    Shihab-ud-din went along since the earlier defeat at this same place was heavy on his mind. He pointed out that his brother was the real ruler and without consulting him Muhammad could not take any major political decision—he too was playing for time and for information on the enemy. The two armies camped in sight of each other—one night Muhammad Ghori left the campfires burning and took his army by a roundabout route to attack the Chauhans. Prithviraj was matting with Sanyogita inside his golden tent and so were his soldiers matting with their concubines. Muslims attacked them suddenly in the early morning and so thousands of them were killed and their women raped.

    Muhammad Ghori’s plan to make Prithviraj panic had succeeded and he retired to his own camp but he now had a correct estimate of Prithviraj’s army and had realized how vast it was. Forming his cavalry into four divisions of 10,000 he sent them to harass the Chauhans from all sides. The Turks were now in their element with hit-and-rape cavalry maneuvers and horse archery—the combined Hindu army of 5,00,000 cavalry, 50,000 elephants and 30,00,000 infantry along with 2,00,000 beautiful concubines in the centre could not chase after one and repel another division simultaneously. The order of the Chauhan army broke down, along with the communications between its various elements, and Ghori charged with his main division of 12,000 soldiers, broke the centre of Hindu army and captured the heavenly Hindu concubines. Muslim army completely destroyed the Hindu army. In the personal combat Muhammad Ghori defeated, captured and castrated Prithviraj. Sanyogita fell in the hands of Muhammad Ghori and she was repeatedly raped by him. Ghori forced her into his Harem and later married her. Her beloved husband Prithviraj was killed by Ghori, immediately or little later-according to the different accounts.

    Why spend so much time discussing about Prithviraj Chauhan you may ask?

    Prithviraj was responsible for the most momentous turning point in Indian History. Prithviraj was the false hero of the most important battle in Indian History, which led to the rape and rapine of millions of beautiful Hindu women. Because of Prithviraj’s poor military skills and tactics, Hindus lost their Independence and we must hold Sanyogita responsible for this.


    The most popular accounts about Prithviraj were written by a Muslim (the book Gulshan-i-Ibrahimi by Ferishta) and by a Hindu (the book Prithviraj Raso by Chand Bardai). Ferishta’s book is full of facts.

    According to Ferishta, during Tarain II, Prithviraj had an army of 5,00,000 cavalry, 50,000 elephants, and 30,00,000 infantry. Ghori had an army of 52,000 cavalry. Ferishta states that in Tarain II, the vast Hindu army was totally destroyed by the sturdy Muslim army. Ghori castrated and killed Prithviraj. Ghori raped Prithviraj’s pregnant wife Sanyogita in front of her castrated and dying husband. Later Rajput Kingdoms (when cavalry had become the least important formation in the army) of a small size had 2,00,000 cavalry. By this comparison Prithviraj could have easily had more than 10,00,000 horsemen which is confirmed by the book Prithviraj-Vijay.

    Chand Bardai states that after the first Battle of Tarain Prithviraj carried away and married Sanyogita, daughter of Jaychand Rathor of Kannuaj. His lust for her carnal beauty caused the defeat in the second battle, which is borne out by the facts related above. According to contemporary literatures and inscriptions, “Prithviraj’s non-stop continuous coitus with Sanyogita was the reason for his defeat and death at the hands of Ghori”.

    The more contemporary, and accurate, account is the Prithviraj-vijay written by Jayanka. This man was a Kashmiri who had settled down in Ajmer and was a poet in Prithviraj’s court. Jayanka clearly records the time-line of Prithviraj’s life. According to this book, “Tarain I was fought in early 1191, for thirteen months after this, a part of Prithviraj’s army was busy in the siege of Sarhind (early 1192); Tarain II was fought two months later. Within a week after Tarain I, Prithviraj married Sanyogita and for the whole fifteen months till Tarain II, Fatty Prithviraj was busy in matting with Sanyogita, making her pregnant twice and becoming father for her infant. During Tarain II, Sanyogita was pregnant for the second time – carrying three months. In Tarain II, Prithviraj was defeated and castrated by Ghori and his gorgeous Queen Sanyogita was repeatedly raped by Ghori. Within a month after Tarain II, Prithviraj was butchered and killed by Ghori and his young wife Sanyogita was forcibly married by Ghori”.

    There are two other books that mention these events in passing. The Prabandha-chintamani by Merutunga Acharya claims that during Tarain II, Prithviraj’s penis and testes were severely wounded by Ghori and he was taken prisoner but was restored to the throne of Ajmer by Ghori as Prithvi converted to Islam and submitted his busty bride Sanyogita to Ghori. On a visit to Ajmer the Turk chief happened to see into the palace of Sanyogita. Ghori was shocked to see Prithviraj involved in oral sex with Sanyogita and she was licking her fat husband’s wounded sex organs. Ghori could not tolerate this treason and he charged like a wild boar crushing the erect penis and testes of Prithviraj. Ghori tore off Prithviraj’s testes and rooted out his big penis from his fat body, thereby castrating Prithviraj. The humiliated Ghori beheaded Prithviraj and thus killed him. Ghori repeatedly raped Prithviraj’s pregnant wife Sanyogita and forcibly married her, thereby converting her to Islam.

    The Viruddhavidhi-vidhvamsa by Laksmidhar describes one of the main Chauhan generals Skanda was killed in battlefield by Ghori while he tried to protect the womenfolk. But it goes on to say that Prithviraj was emasculated and killed by Ghori when he ran away from the battlefield with his pregnant Queen Sanyogita and his gorgeous wife was repeatedly raped by Ghori.

    The Hammir-Mahakavya of Nayachandra Suri claims that Prithviraj was emasculated and taken prisoner but to Delhi and his pregnant wife Sanyogita was raped again and again by Ghori—Jaichand, the King of Kannouj sent his Bengali general Udayraj to attack Delhi to rescue his pregnant daughter and her beloved Husband. But Prithviraj died in captivity and Udayraj was killed in battle. This work confirms that pregnant Sanyogita was constantly raped by Ghori and later Ghori forcibly married her.


  21. Students of Indian History have often expressed their angst over Prithviraj Chauhan’s mistake after the first Battle of Tarain—he did not chase Ghori himself and sent two of his generals with 1,00,000 Chauhan Cavary to chase Muhammad Ghori. Well, he certainly had the opportunity, but it is equally certain that he lacked the means to grab that opportunity.

    The different formations of the huge Hindu army (elephants, infantry, cavalry) prevented them from chasing down and destroying Ghori’s army. It can be speculated that Prithviraj should have avoided rushing back to Kannauj for marrying Samyogita, while Shihab-ud-din was running home to Ghazni. Prithviraj also sent his general Skanda with 1,00,000 soldiers and 1000 catapults to capture Sarhind fort. But then the 1200 Musims in Sarhind fort did not sit idle—they suddeny swooped down to raid the seighing Chauhan Army and cut-off thousands of Hindu heads. The Musims harassed the Chauhan Army with cavalry maneuvers for several months kiling thousands of Hindu soldiers. Finally they surrendered after thirteen months since general Skanda blocked the stream supplying water to the fort. Prithviraj ordered to kill them all.

    The Chauhans who went in chase for Ghori were trapped and massacred in Sind, which is now an alien land. Sind had been under Muslim occupation then for more than 200 years… Its forts had small garrisons of Muslims and many converted Hindus. Such a land could not be safe for Chauhans. Secondly the Chauhans were not physically strong like the Musims. Though the Chauhans were focusing exclusively on gaining weight by eating more, it made them only fat but not strong. Thus the fatty Chauhans were no match for fighting against the muscuar Musims. With these circumstances it appears that Prithviraj did the right thing in going step-by-step by first eloping with Samyogita and then sending a huge army for liberating Sarhind and acquiring a base for future operations in the north.

    The second mistake of Prithviraj is that after marrying gorgeous Queen Samyogita, he continued his honeymoon endlessly with her and he never came out of Samyogita’s harem. Prithviraj was so much enamored by Samyogita’s beauty that he never left her bedroom and was always matting with her amourously. Soon Samyogita became pregnant and gave birth to a male child. But the charming couple continued their coitus and coupling endlessly to satisfy each others carnal pleasures.
    Prithviraj had degenerated into a debauchee to the extent that he frequently had oral sex with Samyogita. Apart from having continuous coupling and coitus, Prithviraj and Samyogita spent their time frequently in kamasutra’s 69 position to fulfill their sensual needs. Fatty Prithviraj and busty Samyogita were so much infatuated on each other to the extent that they even answered the calls of nature together. Again Samyogita became pregnant for the second time. Delighted Prithviraj continued his amorous revelries with his ravishing wife Samyogita.

    In Tarain II, according to the historical accounts, the Chauhan army was not only defeated but also destroyed. It is so surprising that Prithviraj was unable to defeat Ghori even though his Hindu army was thirty times larger in numbers than Ghori’s Muslim army. In Tarain II, the army of Prithviraj had 5,00,000 horses, 50,000 elephants, 30,00,000 soldiers and 20,00,000 women (wives, concubines & prostitutes). The army of Ghori had 55,000 horses and 1,20,000 soldiers. To destroy such a huge Hindu army, Ghori attacked the Hindus in early morning. Prithviraj and his Hindu soldiers were smooching with their naked wives & concubines and were sleeping inside their luxurious tents, literally with their pants down. The Muslims killed thousands of Hindus soldiers who were naked with their pants down and raped thousands of naked Hindu women. But still the Hindu army could raise the alarm since their camp very huge. Soon the Hindu soldiers covered themselves from head to foot with their steel armour and formed the army lines as per the orders of Prithviraj. But still the Muslims cruelly crushed the huge Hindu army by killing millions of Hindu soldiers and raping millions of Hindu women. Prithviraj jumped down from his howdah, took his gorgeous queen Samyogita on a fast steed and ran away from the battlefield. Ghori chased down, captured and castrated Prithviraj. Ghori captured and raped ravishing Samyogita repeatedly in front of Prithviraj. Then Ghori beheaded Prithviraj in front of Samyogita. Later Ghori forcibly married Samyogita and converted her to Islam.
    After Tarain II, the Chauhan military strength had evaporated, morale was devastatingly low, and the Hindu garrisons sat fearfully inside the forts while the Muslim army ranged their forts, killed the male populace, raped their wives and circumcised their children—because Prithviraj failed to be aware in the battlefield and spent his time in smooching and seducing Samyogita. In the battlefield, before Tarain II, Prithviraj spent the whole night by having sex with his beauteous wife Samyogita inside his luxurious golden tent.

    Though Prithviraj had some conflicts with his Hindu neighbors, they all sent their armies to help Prithviraj in Tarain II. But Ghori had enemies like the Ghuzz Turks and the Khwarazim Turks who frequently raided his Kingdom to destroy it. After each Indian campaign Ghori had to return to his post in Ghazni to watch over them and support his elder brother.

    The Chauhan Rajaputras never recovered their spirit since their huge army was massacred by the Muslims and millions of their women were captured and raped by Muslims. The Hindu counter-attacks on the Muslims ultimately went in vain and their spirit of resistance was completely broken—all the efforts of Hindus were crushed by Ghori’s Muslim army. Millions of Hindu ladies were raped throughout the Kingdom of Ajmer and Delhi.

    After the death of fat Prithviraj

    From Delhi Aibak attacked the neighboring principalities, which paid tribute to the rulers of Kannauj, and killed thousands of Hindu soldiers and raped their wives. In 1193 Muhammad Ghori came from Ghazni with 50,000 cavalry and joined his lieutenant to follow the course of the Yamuna River for invading Kannauj. Jaychand too advanced with his huge army of one million soldiers to fight the invader at Chandwar—throughout the head-on clash the Gahadval army prevailed until Jaychand was killed by Aibak. The leaderless forces lost their momentum and unity of command—they were defeated and massacred by the Muslims who captured millions of women and raped them at a gallop.

    Once again Ghori returned to his home to watch over the Turks of Khwarazim while Aibak attacked and captured the remaining Chauhan forts—most of the Chauhan forts had been mopped up immediately after Tarain II when they were at their weakest. But the invaders made matters worse by repeatedly capturing and raping Hindu women. The Muslims left behind in Kannauj mopped up the local resistance in that newly-conquered land by capturing and raping the Hindu women in large numbers—the Rajaputra Harishchand (son of Jaychand’s younger brother) had never recovered his father’s domain. He ran away to the deserts of Rajasthan to save his dear life from the sword of Islam.
    Prithviraj’s prime mistake was his excessive libido and enormous sensuality for beautiful young women, especially for the ravishing beauty of his gorgeous wife Samyogita. In Tarain II, Prithviraj fought by sitting inside his mighty golden howdah held firmly on his huge white elephant. Ghori fought by sitting on his black Arabian horse. Prithviraj and Samyogita were too lost in their amorous love-making to the extent that while fighting Ghori in Tarain II, Samyogita was sitting on Prithviraj’s fat lap and smooching with him inside his mighty golden howdah. Prithviraj had created the situation for committing that same mistake and the later Rajas would live to regret these repeated mistakes.

    The tributaries of the Gahadvals, the Rathors of Badaun and the Bhor chieftains, also lost their lands and women to the Muslims. They ran away to hide themselves from the Muslims as they could not resist the Muslim attacks. The same story was repeated in the Chauhan principalities like Bayana, Gwalior, and Narwar. In each case at the very moment of their triumph against a particular fort, the Muslims captured and raped Rajaputra women and again they captured another place and the same cycle of mass rapine of Hindu women was repeated endlessly by the Muslims. All this was the result of Prithviraj’s inability, or a lack of will caused by his overconfidence on his huge army and his excessive libido for his bosomy bride Samyogita. Ghori crushed the power of the Chauhan Rajaputras with just hand full of Muslim soldiers because of the blunders of Prithviraj.

    In 1202 Muhammad Ghori’s became the Amir of Ghor on the death of his elder brother—Qutb-ud-din Aibak became his deputy with the title of Sultan. The new Amir did not long enjoy his exalted position. In 1205 the Ghori’s army was crushed at Andkhui by the Turks of Khwarazim. Ghori ran away from the battlefield. Eventually he was killed in 1206 by a group of Karmathian Muslim soldiers. Aibak and the Muslims continued to rule India.


  22. All these articles are utter bull shit.Lets not not forget the fact that history is always written by perspective of victorious. All these articles suggest that how the foreign invaders fooled us by trickery and treachery. They took full advantage of our innocence and honoured traditions.In those time it was a practice to not fight post suryast,not hitting below waist and several other things.There are many vegetarians who can challenge any other non vegetarian in hand to hand combat.I sincerely urge all people to not fall hands to all these vicarious people vitiating the atmosphere and communal harmony.Lets beware of our enemies such as China and Pakistan and give them a befitting reply with tactics.Lets not divide people on base of race,religion,cast and creed.




  23. N.Shiva Ramakrishna October 26, 2014 — 6:17 am

    How can the arch scoundrel moinuddin chisti be called a saint inspite of his rapes of the hindu women?His dargah at Ajmer deserves to be urinated upon, not venerated.The muslims of the world are now paying with compound interest for the islamic crimes against humanity.For example Iran is having a shortage of radioactive materials for curing cancer patients.This is due to the American sanctions.Islam is not a religion,but a predatory ideology for world political domination and a scourge on humanity.There will come a time when the paedophillic prophet Mohhamed and his lecherous kings of Islam are comfined to the dustbin of history.


    1. Quite scholarly a feedback. My thanks.


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  26. Md. ghori(ghodi) who was impotent and did’nt have his own child ,had raped the queeen…..really

    In 900 years nothing has changed for what so called katwas who were backstabber than and now posting porn stories by hidding there identities.

    Plz stop bragging your religion bcoz world know
    who are u really….


  27. hey Prakhar


  28. kis kanjar ne ye blog likha hai.. Maharani Samyukta, along with her ladies, committed Jauhar and ended their lives instead of surrendering the Afghan invader. जब चंद पृथ्वीराज के कष्टों का समाचार मिला, वह गजनी अपने मित्र तथा स्वामी के उद्धार के लिये अवधूत के वेष में चल पड़ा। वह शहाबुद्दीन से मिला। वहाँ जाने का कारण पूछने पर उसने बताया कि अब वह बदरिकाश्रम जाकर तप करना चाहता था किंतु एक साध उसके जी में शेष थी, इसलिये वह अभी वहाँ नहीं गया था। उसने पृथ्वीराज के साथ जन्म ग्रहण किया था और वे बचपन में साथ साथ ही खेले कूदे थे। उसी समय पृथ्वीराज ने उससे कहा था कि वह सिंगिनी के द्वारा बिना फल के बाध से ही सात घड़ियालों को एक साथ बेध सकता था। उसका यह कौशल वह नहीं देख सका था और अब देखकर अपनी वह साध पूरी करना चाहता था। गोरी ने कहा कि वह तो अंधा किया जा चुका है। चंद ने कहा कि वह फिर भी वैसा संधानकौशल दिखा सकता है, उसे यह विश्वास था। शहाबुद्दीन ने उसकी यह माँग स्वीकार कर ली और तत्संबंधी सारा आयोजन कराया। चंद के प्रोत्साहित करने पर जीवन से निराश पृथ्वीराज ने भी अपना संघान कौशल दिखाने के बहाने शत्रु के वध करने का उसका आग्रह स्वीकार कर लिया। पृथ्वीराज से स्वीकृति लेकर चंद शहाबुद्दीन के पास गया और कहा कि वह लक्ष्यवेध तभी करने को तैयार हुआ है जब वह (शहाबुद्दीन) स्वयं अपने मुख से उसे तीन बार लक्षवेध करने का आह्वाहन करे। शहाबुद्दीन ने इसे भी स्वीकार कर लिया1 शाह ने दो फर्मान दिए, फिर तीसरा उसने ज्यों ही दिया पृथ्वीराज के बाण से विद्ध होकर वह धराशायी हुआ। पृथ्वीराज का भी अंत हुआ। देवताओं ने उस पर पुष्पवृष्टि की और पृथ्वी ने म्लेच्छा गोरी से त्राण पाकर हर्ष प्रकट किया।

    यहाँ पर ‘पृथ्वीराजरासो’ की कथा समाप्त होती है। Kyu hindu aur muslim ko badnaam karte ho tum jaiso ki khatir he bharat aaj tk itna back hai.. Shame on you… Shame Shame Puppy shame


  29. Muhammad Altaf Chauhan May 23, 2015 — 2:29 pm

    although i am a muslim rajput but still i share the same blood as hindu chauhan rajput have.
    its quite bad that you are spreading hoax about prithviraj’s battle style.
    and rani sanyogita committed suicide by jumping into fire, called “Jauhar”.
    it has been around 700 years since my ancestors had to convert and were forced to accept islam on the tip of swords.
    but still i know prithviraj was a great rajput warrior and he maintained his dignity with the fact that he spared ghouri at the first battle of tarouri(tarain).
    so stop spreading hox you dumbass.
    priviraj Chauhan is an ancient rajput hero for hindu rajputs as well as muslim rajputs.


    1. RAJEEV MOHAN SHARMA October 16, 2016 — 12:54 pm










  31. Pancho ungiliyan baraber nhi hoti.
    hindu ache hindu bure
    muslim ache muslim bure
    dono mazhab k log rape b krte h.
    dono mazhab k log madad b krte h.

    to kisi ek insan ki wajah se
    poori society ko badnaam
    naam kro..


    1. I really feel ur sentiments, but if u find the statistics, 99% persons are Muslims from Rapist & terrorists


  32. According to many texts, and esp Muslim texts, Sanyogita was raped after Ghori captured Delhi.

    But I wanted to mention these few facts after the defeat of Prithvi at the hands of Ghori in the Second battle of Terrain in 1192 AD

    He did not run away from the battlefield.
    He did not take Samyogita with him to the battlefield, and the brave Rajput lady took charge of the fort after her husband went to fight the barbaric Muslim invaders.
    Prithviraj Chauhan was not killed by Sutlan or his ministers.–Instead, Pritviraj and Chand than killed each other as they did not want to be left at the hands of those barbaric animals (sultan’s army).

    –thus, Prithviraj raso was completed by one of Chand’s son who also accompanied his father to Ghazni (Afghanistan) were Prithvi died, somehow he managed to escape and come back to India where Prithviraj raso was completed.

    Every one knew that sultan wanted the beautiful Sanyogita and especially came to capture her. He was a beast and had committed many atrocities on the way.
    Many Pakistani websites and books say that Mohammad ghori was successful in capturing sanyogita and he along with his ministers physically abused her ,and than forcefully converted her to Islam renaming her as some Maliq……….
    But that’s not true.

    The movement Sanyogita heard about Prithviraj captivity and the news of his defeat, followed by the Sultan army proceeding to Delhi to capture Pithorgard (Prithviaj Palace), Sanyogita had her acts right. She was aware of Mohammad Ghori intentions and heard about his barbaric acts. Sanyogita realized that return of Prithviraj chauhan was impossible and Sultan was headed straight towards her , she willingly ended her life instead of falling in the hands of that butcher (sultan).

    Thus Mohammad Ghori cruel intentions were not successful.
    Forget abusing her, he could not even touch her either alive of dead.
    Sanyogita deeply loved only Prithviraj Chauhan. and vice versa.
    Sanyogita could not think of anyone else but prithvi as her soul mate , her becoming the Queen of Mohammad Ghori after Prihviraj captivity is absolute nonsense

    Prithviraj Chauhan and Sanyogita’s love was characterized by loyalty, Purity and a strong never ending bond between them, because of which their love story is immortalized, and know as one of the most celebrated love stories in the world, as it grew strong in spite of all odds they faced in life
    No one could separate the lovers ,not even death.


    1. I wish your version of the story was correct. My sincere thanks for giving a nice coverage to the story.


  33. Plz read prithvirajraso who ever is typing the bullshit about prithviraj n sanyugta .He was one of the bravest kings india has ever had .And sanyugta had committed jauhar no sich incidence of mohd.gori even being able to see her . Stop spreading false history about our great king


  34. you motherfucker if i find u i will surely kill you i will cut your genetics and put into your ass


  35. these people who are writing such stupid things have a I’ll mentality ..they are so obsessed with this that they could not even think what is right or wrong…. Human psychology hai ki insaan uss vyakti se jyada jealous feel karta hai Jo bahot imaandar aur prosperous ya kehlo famous ho.
    jaise British and Muslims India se jealous hai….ki India ke paas bahot money hai to looto aur usse neecha dikhao.
    similarly ye neech log …. .mahan Prithviraj Chauhan aur Rani Sanyogita se jalte hai… vo log inn jaise logo ke samne nhi jhuke……veer aur sacche log jhukte nhi….
    So ye log chahte hai ki India ke logo ka dimag kharab karo aisi non sense likhkar taaki ye log apni hi nazron mein gur jaaye…….aur inke proofs pe to hasi aati hai… ki koi insaan itna bewakoof kaise ho sakta hai yaar.
    ek baat bata doon ki Jo bhi yahan prithviraj chauhan. aur sanyogita ke baare mein likha hai vo sab galat hai.
    ye sirf ek sexual joke kar rahe hai yahan inhe history ka koi knowledge nhi Hai…..
    Mahan prem kahani ko aaj ke nazariye se dikhana chahte hai ye log.
    So don’t believe them….because these I’ll mentality people do not deserve your attention ……inke kuch bhi likhne se Prithviraj Chauhan aur Maharani Sanyogita ki mahanta par koi fark nhi padega.

    kutto ko bhokne do.


  36. ANIL KUMAR mourya June 7, 2016 — 6:54 am

    Dear Lalit , thanks for telling truth other wise I was about to weep


  37. very soon mr neelkant would be behind bars for spreading nonsensical communalised history.though ghori was an arabian savage he became impotent when he was wounded by the strike of queen naikidevi of gujarat in it was impossible that he could rape anyone.chisti is revered saint.though it is true that he was once ghori’s spy but he was certainly not a rapist.and ghori could not capture prithviraj’s kingdom immediately after 2nd battle of tarain.prithviraj’s younger brother hariraj succedded him.hariraj was worthless ruler who spent most of his time in harems thereby wasting the state’s treasury which was the reason for his downfall in 1194 against aibak.moreover it was aibak whoconquered kannauj by killing jaichand.since he was technically a slave aibak could not become sultan until 1206 when he became a noble on virtue of marrying shamshad begum


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