No abuses, please !

Needless to reiterate that I am extremely thankful to large number of readers who go through my posts on and emerging from ‘Prithviraj Chauhan -an answer to Yashika Singh’s question’ giving their comments, most of them so elaborately running into several pages. These comments have enabled me to realise how the great hero of Indian History, Prithviraj Chauhan is still loved by the people. He was certainly a legend and continues to be so even now with strong potentials of being taken as such by the future generations till eternity. But there is no dearth of those too who take liberty to ridicule him and his love Sanyokta in whatever can be the worst possible manner. After all all are free to express themselves. There are comments supporting Prithviraj Chauhan as a kafir (a slang describing a person as anti religion) contributing lot many factors by way of comments coming out with parallel versions like Prithviraj Chauhan was a coward, that he was badly defeated by Mohd Ghori, that his beloved wife Sanyokta was raped infront of Prithviraj Chauhan himself and that Ghori took her away to Ghazni himself getting married to her. Such versions lack authetication and may be they are nothing more than concoctions. These are the expressions which certainly require more of research in the matter to ascertain as to what extent the author(s) of such comments could be justified in their narrations. I am to take up the issue more elaborately in a separate post on this very site.

A very large number of readers sumptuously covered the topic much more at length giving reasoning and facts against adverse comments on Prithviraj Chauhan/ Sanyokta. It was an indepth coverage but there are certain comments which are full of slangs and abuses of a worst order against those talking ill of the hero. Expression with anguish is OK, nothing wrong in opposing some one’s remarks but I humbly make an appeal to my conscious readers to take due care of the language. Any amount of thoughts can after all be abundantly exchanged without being aggressively offensive.

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2 thoughts on “No abuses, please !

  1. On an “auspicious day” in A.D. 1192 — Mohammed Ghori started for Hindustan at the head of 12,000 Muslim warriors mostly Turks, Afghans, and some Arab soldiers of fortune. His 12,000 soldiers, 2,000 horses and 100 camels were given coats of leather, fur and thick cloth, respectively due to lack of steel and iron Armour!

    When the Muslim army besieged Bhatinda fort, the battle raged for just 3 hours since it was not a major town fort like Ajmer or Delhi . The fort fell since all the 20,000 rajputs soldiers were killed and Dheep chand, the incharge of Bhatinda, surrendered. Carnage followed. And so did rape of Hindu women.

    At a time when the muslims were short of both food and fodder, Dheep Chand surrendered that fort but there was neither a grain of food nor fodder in that fort because the Dheep Chand burnt them before surrender. Qutub-ud-din Aibak, Ghori’s slave general butchered Dheep Chand into pieces. Undaunted Ghori left 2,000 Muslims soldiers in the captured fort to hold it and crossed the river with the remaining 10,000 Muslim soldiers to kill Hindu Raja Prithviraj Chauhan. Ghori now began to predict the “inevitable victory of the Muslims”. But Prithviraj still continued to be over-confident because of the size of his very large army. Prithviraj’s Hindu army had 5,00,000 horses, 50,000 elephants, 50,000 camels and five million Hindu soldiers. Since plenty of steel and iron ore were available in Hindustan, Hindu soldiers, their horses and elephants were all well protected by iron and steel Armour. Contrary to Samrasi’s advice, he allowed the Muslims to cross the river to be able to fight. Ghori said to his slave Aibak, “lest it be imagined by fatty Prithviraj that we are in perplexity and have become very weak and powerless.”

    As the battle raged between the Muslims and the Hindus, Usman Khan, a lieutenant of Ghori, went over to the Hindus and told them of Ghori’s plans. Even so, the Muslim army fought so well that, says the ‘Prithviraja Vijaya’, “the army of Islam became irresolute and their lines were broken up in great confusion. It was generally believed that the Muslims were defeated, and put to flight.”
    At this stage traitor Usman Khan with some Ghori’s men ran away from the battlefield. Mohammed Ghori was then “so perplexed that he called out for water”. Simultaneously a cry went up that the Queen Samyukta in the Hindu army had been cornered by Aibak and some Muslim rapists. This led to confusion. Prithviraj was heard by the Muslims shouting something like “aluth aval marbai, aluth aval suthai”, (meaning “press her breasts, press her buttocks”). Prithviraj lost his heart. Then a fiery arrow from Ghori hit Prithviraj’s howdah and set it on fire. Soon after, another arrow from Ghori hit Prithviraj but it did not pierce his heart because Prithviraj was luckily protected by his steel armour. And Prithviraj jumped down from his howdah, mounted a fast horse and ran to protect his wife from being raped by the muslims. Seeing their King’s howdah empty, confusion broke among the Hindus and they lost all their hopes. Millions of Hindu soldiers were butchered by the Muslims. Prithviraj saw Ghori and Aibak raping his lovely Queen. Prithviraj fought with Ghori. But Aibak continued to rape beautiful Samyukta. Prithviraj got dishearted on seeing the rape of his wife by aibak and he was no match for Ghori. Soon he was defeated and captured by Ghori. The Hindus were killed in large numbers. More than four million hindu soldiers were killed by muslims in the battlefield. Other one million hindu soldiers were severely wounded by the muslims and they ran away from the battle. Ghori cut down Prithviraj’s coupling reproductive organ. Then Ghori raped Samyukta in front of her beloved husband Prithviraj. Ghori forced Prithviraj to convert to Islam. But Prithviraj refused. Ghori pierced Prithviraj’s eyes and placed Prithviraj’s removed testis in the place of his eyes. Still Prithviraj refused to accept Islam. Enraged Ghori beheaded Prithviraj. It was on the evening of Saturday the 8 December A.D. 1192. the Muslims had conquered India. It was one of the saddest days in history of Sub-continent. Mohammed Ghori captured Prithviraj’s harem and raped all his beautiful wives. Prithviraj wives were converted to Islam and they became Ghori’s favourite concubines. Prithviraj’s most beautiful young wife, Rani Samyukta who had been raped in the battlefield by Ghori and Aibak, now accepted Islam and married Mohammed Ghori. Soon Samyukta became Ghori’s chief Queen.

    When Prithviraj’s severed head was presented to Khwaja Chisti, he sang: “we have conquered Hindustan after enormous trouble…. Betrayed is Prithviraj by Mohammed Ghori’s masterly strategy. Rejoice, the evil doers are disgraced. Their wealth has been brought away . . . They are now solitary and brittle as eggs and their women, fair and fragrant as musk-deer, are now asleep in our harems.”


  2. Historians have debated over the cause of the defeat of Hindus at 2nd battle of tarain with much enthusiasm. Apart from epigraphal analysis, historians also have at their disposal writings of many foreign travellers to the kingdom around the time of the war.
    It has been suggested that though the Rajput armies had very large number of cavalry on horseback, they depended on commanders riding war elephants making them slower on battlefield. But the Muslim armies had some swift Persian horses used by key sections of the army and commanders. This gave the them an edge.
    It is also well known that all the three main commanders of the Rajput army including Prithviraj himself were young commanders compared to the aged commanders of the Muslim armies who were experienced. Prithviraj was just 26 years of age whereas Ghori was 46 years old.
    While the Muslim infantry depended on bows made of bamboo, the Rajput armies used crossbows made of metal which were much more effective in accuracy and distance. But, the Rajput armies used 7 feet (2.1 m) long spears and javelins while the Muslim armies used 15 feet (4.6 m) long spears while riding horse back. This gave them a clear advantage.
    The Rajput armies were much better protected by armours manned by Indian blacksmiths and goldsmiths, who were at that time considered the best at making armours while Muslims depended on Turkestan armours which were made of poor quality metals. Muslims lacked metal ores and also their blacksmiths were not as well trained. So most of the Muslims used animal leather as a protective armour.
    There were some initial chaos in the Muslim army due to the betrayal by two key Muslim commanders, the Shah brothers who had hundreds of soldiers under their command. These commanders were defectors from the Ghaznavi kingdom and later employed by Muhammed Ghori. The Shah brothers were known to had fled the battlefield at a key juncture after seeing the huge strength of the Hindu army. This has been strongly supported by the writings of two European travellers, Frendricci and Frenchman Anquetil Du Perron who visited Lahore in 1192 C.E.
    In spite of all these advantages, historians agree that the biggest reason for the collapse of the rajput army was sensual pleasure of the rajputs who were always amorous with their beautiful ladies. Prithviraj was also the king of these amorous activities as well. He kept on matting with his young beautiful queen Samyukta inside his tent in the battlefield of Tarain during this second battle. When the satanic Muslims attacked the Hindus in early morning hours, every Rajput soldier was matting with his lady. What was worst is that Prithviraj didn’t stopped matting Samyukta even after the Muslims commenced their lethal attack. He came hours after the attack after matting Samyukta atleast some twenty times. But still the rajputs gained considerable success initially merely due to their huge numbers. But soon the Muslims started raping rajput women who were like musk deer. The Hindus got distracted and they now concentrated in protecting their wives from being raped by Muslims. Ghori and Aibak captured beautiful queen Samyukta and started raping that heavenly Venus. Prithviraj distracted by this move ran away from his bodyguards towards his beautiful wife to protect her from being raped by Ghori and Aibak. Now Having Prithviraj in their trap, Ghori butchered Prithviraj in head to head combat as fatty Prithviraj was no match for Ghori physically. After killing Prithviraj, Ghori cut down his coupling organ and head. Aibak holded Prithviraj’s head at his spear tip and waved it in front of Hindus. Ghori continued to rape beautiful Samyukta. Seeing their Kings head at the Muslim’s spear tip and their holy amorous queen being raped continuously by Ghori, the remaining rajputs who survived the Islam’s lethal attack now took to their heels and ran away from the battlefield. Thus the Muslims massacred and crushed the Hindus.


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