Patience, faith, friend and wife

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It is the different individual faculties of a person which control and command his/her activities. Such activities are further based on factors, besides patience and faith, like the company of friends one has and also the life partner. The great poet Tulsidas has elaborately highlighted these areas in his Ram Charitra Manas emphasizing that in the event of some crisis or the other a man has to test his own amount of patience, he has to trace the remedy to the problem in his religious faith, he has to see whether his friends are really faithful to him and that he has to try his trust in his wife. He said it in a particular context of the story but the narration holds good for every body. All may look good, friends or relatives, but the factor as to how serious they are in conducting friendship as a true relationship can be tried only in times of crisis. Reference of wife covers a woman associate and there again the real test takes place only when there is some grave problem confronting an individual. One’s own faculties like patience and faith intact, a person is lucky if he/she has a company of trusted friends.

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4 thoughts on “Patience, faith, friend and wife

  1. to be a good friend ,i hold my friend dearer than myself.


    1. I do admire your reaction on friends. My thanks for the comment.


  2. iam young man saved looking for serious friend.Being akenyan ilove the word of GOD so much am also like games,creative


  3. I am josepe ettienne from Ghana, Iam 26 years of age. I am about 6.8 feet tall. Iwanta serious penpal from all over the world for a Relatioship.


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