Wandering with the puzzles

I rely upon and relish interacting with my laptop, it is joyful. Problem ofcourse starts when it starts behaving erratic pointing out errors after errors and working on their solutions gets worse confounded as it hardly leads to any conclusion. I get confused. From compatibility angle I have to use some different internet browser which helps on many counts but results into several new difficulties. These difficulties mainly emerge for the reason that one browser doesn’t tolerate the other. Who is to blame ? Is it that after working on computers for more than three decades I am still an amateur. Search engines, help, support, customer service all fail to deliver me any results. My problem is that my laptop is directly linked to my health and I lose my form feeling uneasy the moment my computer goes out of order or starts behaving irritatingly. Possibly the universal truth that something that interests you so much has a full length potential to equally behave otherwise.

Categories Random, Technology

2 thoughts on “Wandering with the puzzles

  1. This is a general problem with computers


  2. Described in a nice way


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