Was he really not hanged ?

Tantiya Tope, the great lieutenant of Nanaji Deshmukh was tortured and hanged to death by the then British rulers in Company Garden at Kanpur by the then British rulers. Now that a new startling version of the history has come to light that he was not hanged at all and lived long years of life after the incident, the entire history connection with the movement has taken entirely a new turn. It is also said that it was some one else who was hanged in place of Tantiya Tope. Whosoever might that man have been, he was certainly a great martyr for the reason that he died for the cause of the country and that he opted to save Tantiya Tope by disguising himself as such. The battle Tantiya Tope fought for the country and the tortures he had to undergo in the process in the hands of the British are the great parts of the history which factor none can erase. It looks satisfying that he survived the death sentence disappearing obliviously to remote places but how come the historians were ignorant of such a reality till now. The local history of Kanpur contains volumes on this subject mentioning him as a great martyr. Memoral Well in Company Garden of Kanpur and the big banyan tree by which he is said to have been hanged silently wear a testimony to this. History is truth and only truth on facts it is said but when there are clashes in describing the events it certainly causes suspicions on facts. After all history relating to mutiny in India is not a matter of thousands of years, it is spread over between two centuries and this should not be difficult to ascertain necessary factual reality.

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3 thoughts on “Was he really not hanged ?

  1. Important disclosure


  2. gyanendra alias piyush May 7, 2008 — 2:49 pm

    salute to that anonymous soldier


  3. Can it be a fact or it is just a story


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