Bliss of ignorance

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Knowing a thing and not knowing it at all are phenominally two different factors but both have a capacity to give satisfaction, satisfaction to one who is knowledgeable and satisfaction to one who has no knowledge at all. There is lot to learn when you travel places from one location to other deriving informations both geographically and environmentally besides the social levels. Those who travel and have seen places and met different people do possess a thrilling experience to share with others. On the other hand there are people who did not move out of their village and never saw a city but they too do not lack the very realisation that they are much away from unnecessarily deriving knowledge on different counts which results into mental tension. I know some such persons who never had left their home on an outing and obviously they are the people who are conveniently without any worry which might have been caused to them had they known many a things about others. The great poet Tulsidas wrote Sabse bade hain moorh jinahin na vyapi jagat gati meaning thereby that those who are not to bother about acquiring knowledge on any count from outside are quite free of any sort of uneasiness. You go to interiors in remote areas, come across persons who are destitutes suffering from hunger and naturally develop a serious anxiety on that count which is always likely to take a turn of discomfort to you. You are unaware of such a situation, you are mentally all free with no sort of any strain on your mind. It ofcourse doesn’t justify ignoring the people who are in difficulty but situationally this is what matters from tension point of view. While touring in Orissa, I was told numerous stories on poverty stricken people in Kalahandi where for days together men, women and children in a family had to depend on tree leaves as their food. Such a version kept hovering around my mind for days together.Desirable or otherwise, the very fact that keeping ignorant of an unpleasant scenario enables a person to remain blissfully out of a worry can not be denied.

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