The way the words travel

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The words we use while talking or while writing are not necessarily the same as was their origin. Words assume different shapes and shades according to their usage from generation to generation and also from place to place. The saying that appropriately holds good on this goes like Kos kos par paani badle chaar kos par vani meaning that properties of water change after every kos (around 2KM distance) and the language undergoes a transformation after ever 4 kos (around 7KM distance). There are instances where the very original meaning of the word changes to a different sense of expression. Emperor Shahjehan who was a great contributor in Urdu language then in use talked of ‘havish’ which means ‘lust’. This usage got converted to ‘haus’ mainly in rural areas which is used to convey ‘fondness’. Fondness is somewhat quite opposite to ‘haus’. It is very popular amongst people to talk telling say ‘I am very fond of it’ or like ‘I am fond of history based films’. Contrary to this if some one says ‘ havish is for films’ unless ofcourse he says ‘my havish is for blue films. Such a situation is not confined to a particular language or two, it applies to all the languages in the world be it English, Latin, French, German, Hindi or Sanskrit. Dictionaries are supposed to be an authentic source of interpreting word meanings with their correct spellings but they too have to fall in lilne with the ongoing conversions adopting the latest mode of usage in their list of words. Every thing in Universe is subject to change and so are the words.

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2 thoughts on “The way the words travel

  1. Each word has a story of its own


  2. Very well said.


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