What a method to practice non-violence ?

Practicing non-violence is a noble mission and they are really great who do so. Injuring none, causing no violence to any human, animals,birds or even other creatures on earth including those not visible but very much present in the air is the kind of approach made to see that none is harmed in any manner whatsoever.Corckedup It was Lord Budha, Mahabir Swami or even Mahatma Gandhi, they all preached non-non-violence and practiced it too honestly with their heart and soul. One of the great 8 principles of Budhism being Ahinsa, it became so popular not only in India but in several other countries of the world, rather in certain countries it was much bigger in a measure that the place of its origin itself. Principle of non-violence is a common feature both amongs followers of Lord Budha and those of Mahabir Swami who practice Jainism. Their way of pursuit are ofcourse quite different. Bhikshus in Budhism are always required to adhere to the norms of behaviour that  does not cause any pain or harm to any one. Same thing is done by the Jainism followers who go a stip further to keep their mouth covered with a piece of paper as they believe that even while breathing there insects who enter in the norstrils of persons and in a way it amounts to killing them. Possibly it is too much on the part of those who persue this doctrine in such a stiff measure. You cover your mouth or don’t, the insects are there all over somewhere themselves biting the other living beings and somewhere getting bitten by others. Such a natural phenomenon is not the type tobe eliminated as it is Law of the Nature after all. Persuing a faith in a logical order may not permit such a typical style but suffering as some people do from a dogmatically outmoded an approach, they are the ones sticking to these rituals blindly.


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