Intensity of love

Count Leo Tolstoy, when asked about what was most powerful thing that dominates the mind, said that there is nothing more compellingly dominating than love. Not only humans, even animals and birds have the same propensity to get their instinct forming faculties extraordinarily dominated. This is an area where rationale element miserably fails. After Mathew Arnold had a setback in love when his till then love mate married some one else, his family members failed in all their efforts to convince him for marriage with some other girl. He was so deeply engrossed and overtaken by love pangs that he refused to budge an inch from his stand not to marry any one else as his first love was the last love for him. Feeling abandoned and fully overtaken by the pangs of seclusion, he was to go away long distances from the town to some rural surroundings where he used to talk in the air adopting a feeling as if his love mate was there with him. Such a monologue was at times loud enough to attract passersby. In the desolate area as it was, he used to move from one point to other, stretch his hands as if trying to embrace the girl he loved and cry –

In the void air

Towards thee

My strained arms

Are cast

Intensity of love on the part of all lovers has all along been the same every where in the world. As love knows no boundaries nor it can tolerate any obstruction, lovers in all ages have been the same with only minor variation. Love is pure, it is serene, it is divine and naturally the intensity of it is only supposed tobe mightier than a thunder storm.

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2 thoughts on “Intensity of love

  1. Very good.


  2. Very inspiring.


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