Daniel comes to judgement:

Law is blind When Shakespeare talked of ‘Daniel comes to judgement’ in his Merchant of Venice, it was obviously a great welcome to a fair judgement which otherwise might have enabled Shylock to manage his plans against Antonio. That was the past but as history repeats in many a ways, it very much repeats in the matters of laws of the land. The land mark observation made by the Supreme Court on Raj Thakeray rejecting his ‘son of the soil’ theory duly meets the cry of millions of people particulary from North India whom he branded as outsiders. Divide the people and rule them is much old a theme which was adopted by Britishers to impose their rule in India. The very theory adopted by Raj Thakeray to get his pound of flesh by creating a barrier between people and people is by all means a matter of condemnation as it can no where justify forcing boundaries for the people of the country irrespective of the fact as to which part of India they belong to. ‘Amchi Mumbai’ is alright if the slogan is used to indicate love for the State of Maharashtra like it can be done for any State in the country but if this very slogan is directed with a prejudice against others, none can appreciate it except ofcourse those suffering from a political motive trying to grind their axe against the ones who don’t fit into their system of political connivance. Such an instance looks like falling in line with the family tradition of Raj Thakeray whose uncle Bal Thakeray did the same thing during seventies of the last century instigating Maharashtrians against South Indians. At times it appears that if there is no Court to adopt drastic postures against this kind of ill doers, they can possibly bring a doom to the country annihilating the very fabric of democracy based on a healthy mutual respect amongst the entire population. Dr Radhakrishnan’s observation that Indian democracy is ‘..unity in diversity’ and that it has to be viewed as such by all the citizens as a whole without any discrimination failing which the very citadel of solidarity is bound to get shaken.

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  1. What a judgement


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