Hospitallity with hardly any parallel

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Element of hospitality differs from person to person, from place to place and from country to country. With a vast amount of travellings I had a chance to closely see how variations on this count work from one geographical location to another coupled with situational changes. Visiting interiors of Nepal on a bicycle alongwith my brother we were received so well by the village folks both men and women and they were the ones who didn’t allow us to leave the place unless we took some eatables provided by them. On my visit to Tokyo in Japan with an associate of mine, we had a real taste of hospitality right after we landed at the airport to proceed to hotel where it was all with so much of cordiality and a sense of kinship that thrilled us. While leaving hotel after a few days, we had a hearty send off given by the receptionists on the counters bowing their heads with a tender courtesy gesture moving backward with folded hands. It was something full of love and affection. During the days we stayed there, we thought of visiting Disneyland wilfully refusing to depend on official vehicle and other arrangements which was from the view point to more closely see the place with a personal touch. We forgot the route and got much confused on opting alternatives. A passerby with a bag in his hand was going somewhere on foot and realising that we were in difficulty he instantly turned back to our rescue. He not only gave us a local route map but took both of us to the nearest railway station, bought train tickets for us asking a friend of his to accompany us to the destination. Realising that he might have had some important work to attend which he ignored to help us, we felt so moved and still now whenever I think of the incident I feel overwhelmed within myself bowing my head to such a great phenomenon of hospitality which people in Tokyo possess.

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  1. Great hospitality


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