Methodical routine counts:

Living pattern the people adopt for themselves is most salient a factor to determine the course of life. If an articulated and disciplined art of living is followed, it is just possible for the people to get rid of numerous problems they may otherwise be confronted with from time to time. True, there is nothing like a shortcut to overcoming all the problems but it is well nigh feasible to reduce their degree of intensity by realising them in real perspective and direct the routine behavioural pattern accordingly. Like it happens in many cases, there are persons who remain quite inclined to resort to immediate medication. Someone developing some kind of anxiety on some minor counts opting for drugs can better try a brief course of relaxing modes of exercise or yoga that is capable of eliciting enough relief of lasting nature without any side effects. Such a measure is no difficult a task, it is rather more simple and easy to follow. Intake of drug, besides being a cost factor, makes the user addicted to it if there are repetitions in a bigger measure. Similarly there are many who go for a sumptuous food in repetition and they resort to taking some anti digestion drugs to overcome it. Why go for such a heavy intake of food that necesitates dependence on medicines. This is something which can very easily be avoided. Life is precious and so is health and there is no reason to waste them just because of a sort of lusty taste for food or it could be any thing. There are men who are unable to look after their family because of financial stringency but there is no dearth of those from amongst them who are drunkards to the extent that they manage borrowings for the purpose causing innumerable hardships to the family members. Why intake of wine is that necessary? These are the questions related to the way one opts to direct his activities. Men by virtue of their being men are by nature capable of leading a life of discipline for which nothing but some amount of will is the need.

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3 thoughts on “Methodical routine counts:

  1. very systematic and interesting




  3. Yes it counts


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