Gandhi’s staunch follower from my village

Mahatma Gandhi was great and it is not like he was just politically great. The love and affection from the people he enjoyed was the kind of an extra ordinary phenomenon in the sense that he was not feared, he was only respected. My uncle Awadhesh Dutt Awasthi who was then in government service spent much of time in close association with Mahatma Gandhi at his Sabarmati Ashram. He was infact an all timer with the Mahatma. Small gatherings purely on personal footings used to be organised in the Ashram quite in an indigenous manner where Bapu, as the Mahatma was affectionately called by every  body, made it compulsory to all the people present there to sing some song, quote a joke or recite a poem. My uncle was a sober type and had no fancy for jokes nor he ever found himself good at singing. He was in a dilemma finding it difficult to work out some remedy. Intelligent and sharp witted as he was, he instantly composed something at his own and read it out like this –

Gori gori gori kahein London ka tanian -London hilaye det Bharat ka banian

Gandhi Ji had a heartful laugh but instantly stopped my uncle not recite this as it somewhat sounded otherwise for the British.

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3 thoughts on “Gandhi’s staunch follower from my village

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