Dons den

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Criminal activities are now no more confined to mafias operating in different places, they are more practiced by miscreants clad in a sophisticated apparel. What has happened in Mumbai recently or say is still happening is the act of the people who otherwise thoroughly wear the look of gentlement. Raj Thakarey venomously speaks against the people from other parts of the country instigating his followers to let loose a terror striken atmosphere in the city and even outside. The goons have a hey day making all sorts of a loot on the innocent people like taxi drivers and sellers of eatables on the road side. Thousands of people working in large number of offices depend on them for their working lunch, a frugal one. They are not rich persons, they work hard, supply food to employees in offices and this way they earn their livelihood for themselves and their families. They are doing no harm to the city, they rather serve it with their service to a big size of working class. How come Raj Thakarey or any one else can brand them as outsiders. Mumbai is the place which was ruled from time to time in the past by rulers of different dynasties including Portugese. Whose empire is it today? Is it that those claiming Mumbai as theirs only are the original ones who discovered it and except them there was none else living there? Mumbai is rich, it is so prosperous as contributiion made by businessmen and workers consisting of different sections of people locally and equally from outside who should be recognized and respected for the services they rendered in making the city so big. After all Mumbai was not that rich initially, it grew to bigger proportions only afterwards as hard labour put in and sacrifice made by people from different parts of the country. Now that a coterie of certain big bullies joining together are trying to play a role the aggressors from outside used to do when they raided the city in the past, it is only unfortunate that divisive forces are rampantly shattering the cosmopolitan fabric of the culture forcing bifurcations amongst the people which cult of approach is bound to prove catastrophic for all in days to come. Those behind such a colossal damage are infact dons of worst order and are on an aggression spree with the sole aim of making the city as their exclusive den. Posterities are not going to grant them any pardon for the devastations so caused by them.

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  1. What a den


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