She could make it !

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Yeh, she could make it to near the top in tennis and it was after all Sania Mirza to become number one Tennis Star in Asia. She got such a covetous position as she very much deserved it and had worked so hard to emerge as a real shining star in sports. Significance of such an event is further doubled as she happens to be a woman.Sania Mirza Right from the time she started her career as a sportswoman, she had to get confronted with all types of controversies like on her dress, her free sort of life, her pictures. There were people who wanted her to be a woman in purdah conveniently forgetting as to how she could do that while playing game in different fields of sport. She got laurels from all quarters as she fully proved herself to be a great woman of India crediting the country with a rare sort of recognition as a woman. Getting tired of criticism from different quarters, she had once decided to call tennis a day withdrawing herself from sports. Imagine how damaging it could have been, if implemented, for the country -the country could have been just deprived of the great laurels and glory she brought to it which in itself would have been a colossal loss to the nation and to the people of the country. She has energy, capacity and requisite potential to attain further glories not only for herself but for the country and the people of the country as a whole.

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2 thoughts on “She could make it !

  1. Sania is a great tennis star who deserves all praise from all sides


  2. A real champion


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