Merit is something never tobe compromised:

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Many an items are there in the market which are easily purchasable and every one does it to the extent his pocket permits. Merit is much different a phenomenon which one just honestly can’t afford to purchase in an open market howsoever best he tries. People in politics are however an exception as they are the kind who can manage any thing like if some body doesn’t fit into a job on merit pattern, there is a readily available device to reserve the post(s) for a particular category. This is not honest. Social justice is the need for every society but merit is an element which should not be compromised for the purpose as there are ample ways to bring upliftment to different low level layers of people both financially and otherwise. Sam Petroda, the head of Rashtriya Gyan Aayog opined the other day that it is unfair to force reservation in educational institutions for the simple reason that it only downgrades the merit. Opportunities must be offered for different caders of the society to get necessary education and training for a career building. These opportunities are a must no doubt for all those who have acquired necessary skill for the job not only by way of hard labour put in by them but more than that on the basis of the merit the candidates possessed. Reserve the scope to learn and get educated, don’t reserve them by artifically adding extra marks to the candidates simply because they belong to a particular caste or creed.

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1 thought on “Merit is something never tobe compromised:

  1. This is correct.Merit is important above every thing


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