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The current cultural revolution all over the world has it that writing scenario is fast switching over to blogging, blogging on all matters, be it serious writing, publishing ads or playing online games. Access to any website promoted by the sponsorers instantly shows thousands of posts as if the entire world is writing with their blogs as a tool for the purpose. I too have been feeling so enthusiastic about it considering it as the most powerful weapon so far as the expressions are concerned. Satisfying to the maximum with utility orientation, this tool hardly has any match. I have number of websites on varying types. Keeping and maintaining a bigger number of blogs is a task in itself and sounds so cumbersome at times but the very mechanism involved in the process continues tobe interesting and self satisfying coupled with some financial benefits too. I believe in following the rules but many a times, I do admit, I miserably fail to adhere to them in the matters of blogging. Every sponsorer has most voluminous a package of rules which a blogger has to accept before embarking the task to blog. Rules of one sponsorer are most often conflicting with those of others and it is hardly possible for a blogger to meticulously follow the discipline. Even if the working is quite within the frame of the rules, it is not necessary that there is no problem left as many a times a blogger is confronted with hidden clashes amongst the sponsorers. Rules permit a blogger to write for different sponsorers on the same blog but this is something which becomes the root cause for the problem. In practical terms possibly no owners/sponsorers are prepared to tolerate others on the same site. Situations like this are a matter of embarassment to the bloggers who find it too difficult to freely concentrate on writing. The problem assumes much graver proportions when it is found that the sponsorer are normally not prepared to enter into any correspondence on individual areas of difficulty. They never lag behind in  most vociferously claiming that they are always prepared to extend all support to individual bloggers but factually it doesn’t hold good at all. They either don’t reply the queries or, if at all they do so, it is an answer curt and blunt. How nice it would be if those who manage the field for blogging behave more realistically without causing any embarassing situation to the bloggers.

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  1. Does it really happen like this


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