Where women are (not) respected!

Her name is Smriti, Smriti Agnihotri, currently in police custody at Luckow where she had gone to meet the Chief Minister Mayawati for redressal of her problems but she was sent to police station instead. Her father died and over stricken by his sad demise her mother too breathed her last. It is her maternal uncle who is taking the advantage of her parents being no more and none else left to take care of her and her two teenager younger brothers. There is no trace of her one of the two brothers. He might possibly have been kidnapped. She has been running from pillar to post to trace the boy but failed and reached Lucknow all the way from her village in Jhansi to seek help from the Chief Minister who too like big bullies in politics didn’t give her an appointment. Instead of getting a chance to meet the Chief Minister, she was forced to get lodged in a police station. On what charges? There is none to explain this and now it is a matter of months that she is there. Her father had a house of his own and also cash besides his bank balance to the tune of around 35 lacs. This property and cash is the cause of the tortures she is getting from her maternal uncle who wants her to hand over both the house and the cash to him. He has already forcefully occupied the house. There are people talking of womens welfare, there are forums boasting to be the champions of womens cause, there is government machinery with certain special cells for the protection of ladies. Where are they? They possibly are not for the common women suffering on one count or the other crying and running from one pillar to another post. The forums

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meant for women never lack in crying at the top of their voice when it is the day observed as ‘Womens Day’ but are normally found only reluctant when it comes to extending a tangible help to them. Love India as the  slogan says ‘We love our India’, but why love an India where there is no love for the women folk? India was once known for always extending due respect to women with the saying ‘..Yatra nariyastu poojyante, ramante tatra devta.’ meaning thereby that where women are respected, gods are found there. Unfourtunately the fact remains that it is very much in this country that women most often are treated as objects for ‘use’ or say misuse and they are not respected. Talking of loving such an India looks nothing more than a political ritual.

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1 thought on “Where women are (not) respected!

  1. Country like India has already a great tradition of respecting ladies


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