Does the Law differ from individual to individual?

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U.P.Chief Minister Mayawati getting a clean chit in disproportionate assets case as from the Incometax authorities appears to have more meanings beyond just a simple exoneration. The ground that gifts received out of ‘veneration and personal esteem’ are legitimate ones obviously denoting that they can’t be termed otherwise.Her bank accounts with credit balance beyond 7 crores of rupees were frozen by the authorities getting fully convinced primarily that it was a clear case of disproportionate assets acquired illegitimately.Law was followed, the Law that was to finally convict her. Laws then and the Laws now are the same. Changing law is not a matter so trifling that it could be changed any time but the via media adopted for the purpose is ‘interpretation’ which can vary from individual to individual and from situation to situation. Political situation when she was booked as an offender of law and the one that started to obtain afterwards, more particularly after she took over as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, is visibly clear to all and it leads one to conclude that not the law but political placement of the concerned individual counts. It is this very type of change in scenario that is capable of changing ‘bribes’ to ‘gifts’. It is difficult to think of any gratification including bribes where they can’t be named ‘gifts’. One who bribes the other can always very conveniently say that it was done not as a matter of any pressure or compulsion but purely ‘love and affection’ based transaction. Commodities are sold for money, workers are paid for their labour, money lenders get interest from borrowers and much beyond all this there are people who have nothing tangible with them to sell but still get money. It is this very money that is defined as ‘bribe’ when the concerned individual lacks the required equations for the purpose. When political equations normalise, the definers of law start terming the bribe as ‘gift’. Possibly this is exactly what has happened. The relaxations so granted by redifining the earlier provisions may not end here only, they may further be extended to many other so called political stalwarts like Lalu Yadav in Bihar or many a Lalus elsewhere. Politics has its own way of spelling out their terms always in a manner that suit them irrespective of the repercussions it may cause to the society as a whole. Are not we a great democracy in the world?

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