Citizens and the priviledged citizens:

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It’s a routine media coverage that some cover of some kind for protection and safety of the VVIPs or VIPs is added to them. The latest being the SPG cover demanded for U.P.Chief Minister Mayawati. There is no dearth of the grounds for the purpose.Law and order situation, threats from terrorists and even threats from political opponents. The categories recognized for the purpose are the Prime Minister, ex Prime Ministers. Exceptions were made in cases of Sonia Gandhi and the members of her close family. The proposed new addition in the case of Mayawati may in all likelihood be agreed upon by the Government not so much for the reasons of security and protection but for political reasons. Even ordinary MLAs or MPs are treated as VVIPs from their safety point of view. Needless to say that security measures so provided to many are used more for personal reasons than a real need based ground. Many an instances are there where stories of some attack or the other on individuals claiming eligibility for official protection are concocted to secure more amount of it to get highly equipped for a better show of grandeur.

What about the common man? Is there any channel to bother about their safety or the safety of their families? The answer is obviously ‘no’ if the amount of insecurity they are experiencing is taken into view.Loot, arson, kidnapping, train robberies and manhandlings for hafta wasooli are the order of the day. Our country is not that poor now. Thanks to technological developments which have made India capable enough to meet the basic needs of the people including security but it appears that revenue channels so acquired are diverted in bulk measures towards welfare, comfort, safety and grandeur of the so called VIPs. Which are the industries the MLAs and MPs are running to earn their wages as employees. None of the sort. On the contrary they are the people who raise hue and cry every now and then for increase in their monthly emoluments and perquisites and surprisingly such enhancements when proposed are only unanimous and approved instantly. Why don’t they realise that those who work hard in the fields to feed the nation or those who work in factories and offices need attention in similar manner. In fact they need it more.

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