Only an appeasement:

Grants by governments both at the Center and State are a welcome gesture if truely done in public interest but in many of the cases this is something which hardly happens.An announcement was recently made that

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Madarssas/Maktabs are to be given necessary grants with the implied condition that they should adhere to the provision of hoisting the national flag in their premises on Independence Day and also on Republic Day. How funny? Something that is already mandatory in terms of the Constitution applicable to all in the country should not be supposed to be secured by offering some gratifications mobilising the volunteers. One who is an Indian national is bound by the mandatory provisions and this can’t be an issue where persons are to be offered allurements for the purpose.Infact it amounts to an insult to the country unless the whole country is bifurcated in two parts -the one that follows the national ethics as a rule and the other one that takes it optional. Optionality in such matters obviously means a handle to those who are for doing away with the practice of hoisting national flag flagrantly violating not only the national ethics but the very rules framed for the purpose. Political leaders and the authorities initating such measures are undoubtedly the ones who are fully aware of certain pockets not observing the rules or the laws but, afraid as they always remain on this count, they prefer to shirk away from taking any action against them. Hoisting national flag particularly during national events and functions is not just a ritual, it is something to be most religiously adhered to by all nationals of the country irrespective of caste or creed. Offering bribes by way of different offers to violaters of the rules should be put to task for awarding some price to those who act offensive to the dignity of the nation.Those initiating such measures of allurement are in a way themselves guilty of violating the law. All nations in the world have their flags to represent their image, their pride and so does India. Any Indian national like others in all the countries can in no circumstances take liberties of opting to show any kind of disregard to the flag of the Nation nor should any body in the system be allowed to extend offers in some name or the other impliedly appeasing certain vote banks.

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  1. Well narrated


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