Unsung and unhonoured!

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Once a great hero and an eminent parliamentarian, Feroz Gandhi lies burried in a desolate place in Mamfordganj locality of Allahabad in totally an abandoned order with none to bother that the man lying burried there is the one who once belonged to a top level political scenario in the country. His reputation as an eloquent parliamentarian was the recognition he had earned at his own with his talent and work and the myth that he got fame just because he was the son inlaw of Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru and the husband of Indira Gandhi is not correct. Infact there was a stage when this father inlaw-son inlaw duo was not on good terms at times with no speaking terms. Feroz Gandhi was quite an independent type of a man and never relished getting pampered. He also didn’t relish his reputation and popularity being attributed to the factor that he was Pt Nehru’s son inlaw or Indira Gandhi’s husband after romance between the two culminated into their marriage. The opinion held by many that Feroz was arrogant and also extravagant both at family and public level which at a later stage became the cause of differences between the two may not be correct as this by itself is not supposed to be a cause enough for a relationship assuming negatively graver proportions. Last days of his life were the days passed in seclusion. He was admitted to hospital, he died. His death was mourned by the whole nation and ofcourse bereaved most were the two -Pt Nehru, the Prime Minister of India and Indira Gandhi,then the would be Prime Minister of the country. The loss in his death was taken as a colossal one and the shock wave on that count continued for several days every where. Based on parsi customs, he was burried in Parsi Cemetery at Allahabad where his grave lies in shambles apparently with no trace of any sign that the man who lies burried there was once the heart throb of tens of thousands and that he was the one who was a role model in many ways for his followers. Difficult to understand that why the political party which he belonged to or the present administration is so highly indifferent to keeping atleast his grave intact?

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2 thoughts on “Unsung and unhonoured!

  1. People are ungrateful.


  2. It is common problem with men in politics


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