Robberies in Railways!

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Criminals have no ethics except that they acquire money at any cost.Dacoits entering a train passing through Jhansi Division of Indian Railways only the other day depriving passengers of their cash and jewellery killing in the process a lady from Russia -her fault being that she didn’t take the attack on the fellow travellers obediently and offered resistance. She was a foreigner from Russia journeying alongwith her husband. Loots in trains, and almost everywhere in India, are a routine matter. Looters are much more advanced in their trade these days strictly adhering to their princeple that their business has to succeed come what may. Their best harvest being the railways where they conveniently get their victims compacted in place. Their network is fool proof capable as they are to take everyone from police to administration into confidence. Railway police force, a complete group of them, was present in the bogey but theirs was most gentlemanly a behaviour with the dacoits allowing them full freedom to do any thing they liked from looting to killing. Ladies from foreign countries visiting to India visit the country like men do but they are not safe. Most often there are reports about these women visitors being raped, looted and harrassed. Administration as usual remains in slumber at the most some minister of the concerned ministry announcing as a ritual some committee of enquiry to look into the matter. Nothing tangible happens. There is hardly any instance where ever there is any punishment awarded to the miscreants. Incidents where foreign visitors are involved warrant some action on urgency footing as it is a matter of country’s image and reputation.

Dacoits behaving as rapists or killers is a known feature of their activity but worse than that is the attitude of the people who are salaried for the protection of the people and theirs is always a role of mere onlookers connivers as they are themselves in robberies and all kinds of lootings and grabbings. Money is more important to robbers than image of the Nation and money is equally important to those who are running the government and what is more common between the two is the feature that both are parasites. Thousands and thousands of the people martyred themselves for the freedom and honour of the country that is history but what’s now happening is just the reverse of it and there are people who have no goal but to feed them fat at the cost of the public.

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