Is the law really blind?

No wonder that there is no any positive sort of progress in the incident of Nithari killings during the last one year.Police and the agencies involved for the purpose are notoriously well known for not doing any thing in any tangible order be it a case of rape, killing or child abuse. Clean chit having already been given to Pandher, the monster, in 10 out of 11 cases filed against him is in itself a proof how seriously it was taken up by the investigating channels. Only one case left out which is awaiting finalisation, or say awaiting an additional clean chit, is of a minor order with the charge (say ‘allegation’ in legal term) that he woed and allured women for sex and the way the things are going on one can easily conclude as to what could be the outcome. If there is no case against him in the offence so committed by him in 10 matters, why should there be any possibility of convicting him in the last remaining one? No notice taken to ghastly killings preceded by rape. None to bother about the families who lost their loved ones -children,women running helter skelter knocking several doors for some justice. Law could be blind it is said but what people in the country can tangibly see is that the masters incharge of justice givers forum are nearly virtually blind monsterously ignoring the brazen truth.

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2 thoughts on “Is the law really blind?

  1. Guilty should be punished and punished fully


  2. Law is ofcourse blind


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