Remembering G.P.Sippy

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An era in himself, one of the movie moghals G.P.Sippy is no more which is a colossal loss not only for the film industry but otherwise also for the whole country. He was all along a creative mind capable enough to take lead in different directions. Starting his career as an advocate, trying his hand on business and finally settling down at film making, his was a role superb in whatever job he took up. It was quite relevant when Dilip Kumar called him a ‘leader’ as after all he was the one who always played a leading role in every field of activity.Cooperative societies did exist in places like Gujarat but it was just in a limited measure suffering as the movement did from a complex that they are meant only for economically weak people.Sippy proved this concept as wrong by taking a lead by starting one himself in a posh area at Mumbai. He was nothing like a politician but was certainly the one who kept the interest of the country uppermost in his mind and it was in pursuance of this mission that he established a party known as National Party as an instrument to herald the national level issues with emphasis on people’s interest which factor is hardly seen in present day politicians.He made many a films and even that most popular TV serial ‘Buniyaad’. His masterpiece ‘Sholay’ created history was the landmark even though its very theme sounded negative. There are several even today not prepared to attribute the lead role to Amitabh Bachhan, Sanjiv Kumar or Dharmendra but to Amjad Khan who played a monstrous dacoit becoming subject matter of folklores. Amjad Khan’s was  more or less a maiden role in this film but he could make it to look heroic. Hundreds of ads on TV are there full mimics on Gabbar. An attempted venture to give Sholay a new ultra modern venture on the part of Ram Gopal Verma has been a trial invain. Amitabh Bachhan, otherwise a badshaah and a heavyweight amongst all the actors, could hardly do any thing worth a record. If it was some body else in place of Amitabh Bachhan, the result for him could have been just catastrophic. Sippy has to be remembered on many counts and ‘Sholay’ alone is itself enough to keep laurels for him for generations to come.

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  1. Sippy was great


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