Too callous a treatment !

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It is too long a period for an under trial to have spent 60 years in jail and this is what happend to Machang Lalung who was 80 years old when he died recently. He was released on bail some time back when he could spend some time with his family before his death. He had to spend 60 years period in jail and for the administration it was not a matter important enough for any attention. Human Rights Commision took up the case and only then it could become possible for Lalung to be released on bail and come out of jail but what about the precious years of life just wasted and spoiled. Who can compensate him or his family for the damage and loss he had to suffer. Thanks to media who championed his cause and only then the administration came out of their slumber. How pitiable. Imprisoned in 1946 by the British colonialists for some petty dispute in his village he was sent to Guahati jail in the prime of his youth from where he could come out as an old and fragile a person virtually incapable of doing any thing. If the informations collected and brought to the viewers on TV and published in the news papers are to be relied upon, they are actually to be relied upon, such cases are many where government treats the undertrials so callously that they are not allowed to be heard by the people outside. Law is OK, necessary course of the Law has to be followed but such a course no where prescribed that once an undertrial is put into jail he is not tobe allowed to come out or speak out his grievance to others. It is too heinous a crime for pardon and infact the people responsible for causing prisoners the tortures and indignation deserve severe punishment and actually it is they who must be in jail for a longest possible terms. Callous they are and naturally they are those who can’t expect people to pardon them for such ghastly acts they committed against the persons who had not done any thing which warrranted a jail term for as long as 60 years. Down with such satanic elements.

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