Hail Christmas:

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 Christmas tree trip 07 024

Yes, season of e-greetings is here and the world is fully engrossed in it sending and exchanging Christmas greetings. Greetings continue the whole year otherwise on some festive occasion or the other and thanks to pressent days technological development that has made the job much easier.Think of the days when it was too cumbersome a job to communicate the greetings.People had necessarily to personally call upon one another to convey their messages or at the most exchange them on a piece of paper which factor was limited only to those who literate enough for the purpose because of a severe lack of proper eduction system those days. If we go by what authors like Kalidas has written in his ‘Meghdoot’, the lover Yeksha used to send his love message to his beloved yakshabhariya through clouds that moved from place to place. Now that every thing is changed, mostly changed for the better, things are damn easy and contact with any one in the world is possible just on a click. Not Germany alone as mentioned in the instant reference of MSN news but throughout the world pleasantries and what not are possible to be exchanged and shared and at times it appears as if this is the one major job people all around are to attend prioritising it on the top particularly on occasions of special importance. Computers and mobiles are peoples best friends and rightly so as there is no other device that powerful in the matters of communicational requirement. Merry Christmas to all.

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