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Something that was in the offing is now coming to surface and the New Year, the year 2008, is giving a knock. This being the date of birth of Christmas Jesus Christ, the day is chosen as the starting point for the new year. Many hold a view that it is actually not the exact birth day of Christ and it was just fixed on the basis of a rough calculation much after his death. Environmentally too this season is considered tobe the best one and for that reason full bloom festivities are there all around. After all it is the new year, the next one, that is to start. No dearth of events in any year minor or major. No dearth is supposed to be there obviously in 2008. Astrologers, Pundits and even some scientists say that this shall be a bad year for the world as a whole.Some of them calculated it somewhat differently telling that India may be an exception if there is some thing catastrophical occuring for the reason that India is a country commanding spiritual values to combat any crisis. Difficult to say that these calculations are fool proof but none can be stopped from giving opinion(s). Bidding adieu the current year departing, the New Year is to set in and like that it has been happening for tens of thousands times, a sequence that is unending. The festivities, the jubilations and the

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gaieties taking place in a big measure on this occasion are denotive of the fact that what comes in received well and welcome and what goes out is just ignored. This is the law of nature and habit of the mankind. Present and present alone counts. Why bother for the past or why worry for the future? If present is OK, all is OK. The approach sounds selfish but that is undeniably the truth. Possibly this is my weakness that whenever there is a sight of much more fun and festivity, I am invariably reminded of those who suffer from poverty and hunger. Is it not that they too hanker to enjoy their life? They certainly do but they are the ones who can’t afford festivities. Why can’t money wasted in an exhorbitant measure towards indulging into frenzy of fun and pleasure, or some part of it, be diverted for some food to hungry, the destitutes? This is what Lord Buddha preached, this is what was heralded by Vivekanand in foreign countries but the world continues the way people want and they obviously want money to secure pleasures for themselves. Why should they strain their mind or cause any tension to themselves simply because there are people in trouble suffering from hunger? Year after year the world moves on with rich enjoying and the poor suffering. If one’s wish counts, I feel like wishing the entire world, irrespective of their being rich or poor, to have peace with rich contributing to help the poor and the poor acknowledging it. Best of goodwishes for the NEW YEAR to the humanity as a whole on earth.

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