Victory for Narendra Modi !

The guess was correct and Narendra Modi securing a much near two third majority to form his government in Gujarat is all set to get sworn in as Chief Minister of his state on 27th of this month.NarendraModi He was targetted from all sides

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but he had guts enough to emerge victorious despite all odds.This victory has given him much bigger a stature both in the State and his national party BJP. This victory is also to give a bigger edge to his party as a whole in organising the party workers in a broader sense of unity as the party has otherwise been going through turmoils within on account of factional dissentions growing out of proportions for quite some time.We the people in country earnestly urge upon the great stalwart as Modi is to rise above factionalism for which he is very often criticised and broaden his vision for humanity as a whole without confining himself to some coterie or the other.He is charishmatic, he is energetic even at the stage of an advancing age,he is effective with a capacity to work for longer hours in a day and he is the one who has great organising capacity.He is quite above board and his honesty and integrity as against many of the political leaders is unquestionable.With these characterastics he can work wonders for the country if he moves beyond his otherwise an image of a stiff necked puritanic often resorting to sectional barriers. We wish him all the best.

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