Let there be some grace in opposition:

UPA Government is in power having different bogeys of heavy weights in politics to rule the country.There are people,there are politicians and there is Parliament,the supreme forum for taking national level decisions and law making.Yet the question remains as to who are the people that can truly and faithfully lead the cause of the massesPolitics. Politics of opportunism is all pervading and whatever are the issues it is invariably reflected in all dealings.True, there should be opposition but this has to be healthy one away from any prejudices. With due apologies to various political parties, I take the liberty to point out that many of them just raise a point of order to be or remain in lime light nurturing some vested interest or the other many a times.Be it a question on nuclear deal or Russia China Shanghai group, the speakers rub their nose on championing the points that suit their own viewpoints and not so much the people of the country. Approach wise same was the position during the time NDA was in power.The entire focuss is mostly on how to grab the power or, if already in power, how to keep it further.If welfare of the country is the basis, dogmatism oriented approach based on opportunism would’nt do. In this era of technological developments, the country needs a broad spectrum of dealings in matters of public interest.Issues raised, there are scenes in Parliament with exchange of hot words followed at times by manhandling with each other in many cases creating the whole atmosphere uproarious. After some time the dust settles, some VVIP arranges a sumptuous lunch party where all join, talk pleasantries and enjoy followed by a decision the next or say a few days later that necessary modalities have since been worked out to resolve the dispute with necessary understanding reached in the matter. Dissentions evaporate and things get normal as if there was nothing like any principle or conviction involved on the subject. This is a sheer blackmail and a full scale exploitation of the position they otherwise occupy as peoples representatives.

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