They too have a right to live !

Not human beings alone, animals,birds and even small creatures including insects are born on earth to lead a life for themselves. Killing them, bringing them to the point of extinction is infact a sin human beings are in the habit of committing always thinking as if they are superiors in comparison to others on this earth.IMG_7294 This is not honest on their pa

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rt as they have no business to interfere with the life of others. If they can live and enjoy life, all others who are given a chance to live in this world have equally a right to survive. It is pastime and entertainment for the humans to kill enjoying it like they are doing some thing very great. Why don’t they think that if they themselves are attacked and killed how it is tobe taken by their family. Poaching is a pleasure for many and additionally it is resorted to by poachers as a big business by mafias for whom there is nothing tobe cared for excepting their own pleasure and enjoyment. General Cariappa once shooted a deer down while going on a shikaar and hearing groans of the animal he became nervous. As an army chief he was supposed to have anough of courage to face such a scene but he could not for the reason that he suffered from a feeling of guilt, the feeling that is inherent in any human being once he commits a crime or the very propensity to see life in others was more dominant compared to his pleasure killing.He decided to turn a vegetarian and never go for hunting any more.Abraham Lincoln too had the smae type of experience when Elephant-02he hunted a pig. He too took a decision not to resort to such killings that moment onwards.Elephants are known for being more sensitive compared to humans and their loyaly to their mahauts continues to be the subject matter of stories for the children even today.Poachers are in a killing spree and in the process they have dragged this specie to a stage where it is on the verge of extinction. As a matter of stutter of groans, Shakespeare once talked of ‘…as flies are to wanton the boys, so are we to Gods and they kill us for their sport..’. Why flies to wanton the boys? Flies too have a life. Killing them can’t be supposed to be any one’s pastime. Life means life for all and humans are naturally not vested with any special priviledge to take away the life of others.

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