Economical Mobile phones for aam aadmi?

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Going through the news containing an announcement made by the Union Labour Minister Oscar Fernandes that a cheaper rate mobile shall be made available to the farmers say in the range of Rs.500/. Near to that certain companies like Reliance are already supplying it moderately priced but if what the Minister has indicated comes true this shall certainly be a mobile for an aam aadmi in the real sense. Farmers are now no more confined to their work in the dogmatically followed traditional systems in agriculture and they quite feel that they are the ones who are in dire need of contacting different channels and the people. The use of the so pronounced cheaper device is not tobe confined to the farmers alone and is likely to be taken advantage of equally by others in low economic group. Mobile phones are no more any sort of a luxury item and they have assumed the significance to the extent of becoming an integral part of the routine activities for all. It’s a different matter that their usage leads to several ills but that is a matter as to how the machine is used. Not only machines, there is an ill side attached to any kind of apparatus or any tool that goes the wrong side if not utilised properly. Health hazards, spams and abuse containing messages all can well be taken care of if the users and in the case youngsters their parents apply due precautions. Any thing the science produces has to have both good and bad side but it can’t be blamed on that count as this problem lies with the consumers and not the machine.MobilePhone

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  1. This one is really geautiful


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