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Coaching being a parallel forum to impart eduction, the system is much in vogue dominantly every where. Coaching in colleges on a regular footing is more or less of a secondary type where certain syllabus is prescribed for students and they are required to complete it within some limited frame of time  in an statistical order. Even in junior level classes at the primary stage, the teachers’ role is confined to transfer the total workload of the students to their parents who are required to see to it that the work so allotted is fully attended to at home.Career coaching is an entirely different a matter. Students opting for some career education have necessarily to go for outside channels for the purpose away from their college or school as there they just can’t get what they actually

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need to nourish their prospects for some job. Such a situation gives coaching community a hey day to foster their business. There are many a coaching centers that guarantee an immediate employment for the students who join them obviously on an exhorbitant rate of fee. It is a scene when they conduct classed -the teacher sits in a corner of his room, the crowd of  students stretches onward to the road outside his hoouse to hear their teacher on a loudspeaker on the basis of which they prepare their notes. The rules of the coaching centers don’t permit any student to have  an individual interaction with the teacher.During last ten years there has been a mushroom grown of such centres throughout the city and they are thriving their business like big business magnates. Certain attempts to curb their activities by the administration were initiated only to get flopped.Every time the people in the locality create hue and cry against the jams and the nuisance caused to the public, some measures are initiated but soon they are stopped with some political leader or the other intervening in the matter. Like many an areas of corruption prevalent in the system, this too is a potential danger for peace and security of the people in general.

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