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Money is the need and so it has been right from the days it replaced barter system used during Paleolithic age for acquiring articles of use by exchanging a commodity for another commodity like to purchase a cow one had to offer say some thing like four goats for a cow or a buffalow or some thing else.In the current scenario money is much more a dominant factor in all respects. Taste for a materialistic style of living is a common choice -be it a poor, a rich or an extra rich.It is money that forms a top factorBankNote_4001-Money  in the matters of crime and various anti social activities.Hard earned money and  money earned through nefarious measures are quite a matter of contrast. Much more satisfied is the one who earns his livelihood by hard labour as against the one who grabs money through corruption, lootings,kidnappings who all the time suffers from uneasiness and a feeling of guility. It is a hawker in the streets or a Mukesh Ambani, much depends as to in what manner they earn money.Mukesh Ambani, now a richest man on the top of the world is undoubtedly the one who could make it to be the richest in global scenario has earned whatever he has to day by sheer labour and hard work and such a process started right from the days of his father Dhirubhai Ambani who could manage a sum of Rs.5,000/ somehow to start his business and that was the beginning to make his son capable of generating a revenue to the tune of 14Crore every hour.He is quite eligible to be called a role model for others particularly those who earn a lot but do so at the cost of others applying dishonest methods for the purpose.

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