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IT industry lobbies for extended tax holiday – MSN India TechnologyIT Industry has every justification in asking for a tax holiday. Possibly there is no industry that can be compared to IT industry in so far as revenue generation for the country is concerned.The view point raised by National Association of Software and Service Companies that this forms only a big setback if as an alternative they are required to shift to Special economic zones (SEZs) for the purposes of relaxations in tax. It infact deserves special consideration in view of the fact that computer technology has not only a giant organ for revenue generation, it has worked as an iconoclast in replacing the most dagmatically followed systems of business with the one that works like magic so far as the work is concerned. This work in technological field has brought a tremendous change in social culture too. But for computers, India was not tobe what it is today.Right from schools to office and business computers are most dominant a factor and at times it appears as if the world is to stop if they are not there. Undoubtely the demand so raised for necessary tax holiday must be granted to secure and maintain the required balance of progress both on economic and social front.

IT industry lobbies for extended tax holiday – MSN India Technology

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