In the name of security:

There is nothing to deny that those who hold important positions in office or even otherwise have always a security risk and such persons do need necessary cover for their safety and protection. The question that arises in this context is whether security protection so extended to them is in all cases need based. Possibly in large number of cases it is not. In contrast to real honest need it is seen that many a heavyweights go for it as status symbol. When asked by the then Home Minister Sardar Ballabh Bhai Patel, the first Prime Minister of the country the great Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru, refused to accept any security telling that he being a people’s representative there was no justification for him to seek security other than the people themselves.The Home Minister however did make necessary arrangements providing him the required security cover but it was just in a moderate measure and there was nothing like any show or grandeur in it. Now that things have undergone a tremendous change on moral and ethical values, an MLA,MP or even a corporator asks for protection all at the cost of public money. In many cases such a demand is artificial and aimed at enhancing the grandeur of the concerned representative.So dishonest an approach? I know a case where a Member of Parliament manipulated a false attack on him by some unknown persons making out a case of larger security for him and surprisingly it took no time for the administration to accept his request. Presently he has around 2 dozens of security personnel to protect him and his family.This one is not a solitary case as there are thousands of such instances throughout the country particularly in Northern part of it where corruption is already so rampant out of proportions.There are reports that the security staff so provided to the individual socalled VIPs is used for the purpose of terrorising the opponents. Lot many areas of corruption flourishing in the country, misuse of security is not a solitary one to be talked about and future of the country just hangs in the balance.

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