A pilot study on dialysis:

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Researchers in London could ultimately make it to develop an artificial kidney imparting great relief to kidney patients who otherwise are quite often required to undergo a most rigorous schedule of dialysis continuing for hours together. The researchers deserve cudos for such a meaningful machine brought to help the kidney patients. One can wear this as a routine apparatus and be on outings for several hours. Normal usage till now experimented ranges upto 8 hours. The ultimate goal of the doctors is to make it possible that the machine is used for longer hours altogether doing away with the need for the patients to be hooked up to a fixed haemodialysis machine in some hospital/nursing home. Further aim of the doctors is to provide much more convenient implantable device that quite matches the role of an otherwise healthy kidney. This blood cleaning device is undoubtely a great boon to those who suffer from chronic kidney disease and since it is a wearable alternative it is sure to help the people not only in their day today routine but much more than that for required outings. Medical science has boonfully developed at a big dimension and this addition when finally available to the people throughout the world is a most laudable step in that direction.

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  1. It is a real boon for kidney patients


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