Train accidents?

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Used as a common mode of transport, trains in India or say throughout the world are a most popular vehicle for the people to travel places. As applicable to all aspects of utility areas, trains too are cared for by the powers that be only to the extent they serve the purpose of a vote catching device. Somewhere some relaxation in fares, somewhere some increase in parcels despatch rate and granting relief to the victims of every now and then occuring accidents, there is hardly any thing speaking of some real benefit and advantage to the passengers. As on record, somewhere some accident occurred and the then Railway Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri offered to resign during the time Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru was the Prime Minister of India which fact is just in contrast to what is happening now where the Rail Minister only talks like a joker passing some whimsical remark and says assertively that he is not going to resign, why should he, he asks. Railway Minister has the priviledge of travelling to any part of the country in a special train exclusively spared for him. What is the justification? India is yet to grow presperous enough to bear such burdens and why the Minister can’t have patience to wait till then. Why should he waste so much money by travelling in a special saloon accompanied by his family and henchmen. Overall it costs the country crores of rupees which can otherwise be saved to be spent in public interest. Why should he go for satisfying himself with the grandeur of travelling like maharajas in the past who used to own their own  trains. The victim passengers suffering from some mishap or accident do get some relief but that normally happens after so much of hue and cry on that count. Economic condition of the country demands that the Minister has to behave himself in public interest taking real measures to see that such ghastly accidents do not recur and that he travells need based and in a normal manner as against in a royal order.

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