Professional looters:

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Anti social elements like robbers are no more just lay men, they are very much technical hands performing their job with skill and dexterity. They have their training programmes to cope with their requirements selecting their gangmen only after a rigorous test for the purpose. Many of them are conversant with computers using one of its latest and the best feature of ‘mapping’ that helps them in locating areas which are more likely to give them business. Their team has a regular schedule of moving from place to place in search of their potential areas and people to be targetted in a phased manner. Just the other day a retired bank executive in town was their victim. The couple (himself and his wife) was on a routine outing and when they returned they found their house open with normal house hold material scattered. The valuables worth lakhs of rupees including cash and jewellery were all taken away by the robbers. Most surprising feature of the act was  that all this happened in broad day light say around 2pm when there was no dearth of passersby and the public of the locality took the robbers as normal visitors to the house as they had come well dressed and in a status car. Some of them talked to the lacals much in a most gentlemanly manner leaving no hint of their nefarious role. The victims are obviously now running helter skelter including approach to police where they are sure not to get any relief as majority of police fellows are connivers with the gangsters, robbers, thieves and pickpockets. They call it their art of liason with all kinds of people.None is safe, none has any protector.

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